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5 Sexy Date Night Looks For Any Age

If you’re looking for
date night outfit ideas,
I have you covered.
(smooth upbeat music)
Hi, ladies.
It’s Erin, and welcome back to my channel.
If you’re new here, hi, welcome.
I do upload two new videos every week,
every Wednesday and Sunday.
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Today, I wanna share date night looks,
date night outfit ideas.
This is one of those
areas where I feel like,
especially as we get older,
it gets a bit trickier.
You know, you sometimes feel like
you may be showing a little too much skin,
and you’re not feeling
as confident, maybe,
as you did in your 20s and 30s.
And so, I wanted to
put together some ideas
that you could wear for
date night at any age,
20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s.
And I’m gonna talk about modifications
that you can make if you want to.
So I want to give you
some formulas, some ideas
that will really help
you to look your best,
look super sexy and hot
on those date nights.
Hopefully, you’re going on, you know,
a date night a week or
maybe every other week.
I think, for my husband and I right now,
it’s probably more like once a month,
and that’s just because both of us
are traveling quite a bit.
I do think it’s really important,
and if you can carve out the time,
I would definitely make the time for it.
So let’s dive into the date night looks.
(smooth upbeat music)
This first look is definitely
one of my favorites.
I would call it my date
night outfit formula.
Basically, just a really cool top,
it’s nothing crazy.
It’s a one-shoulder top.
We’ve seen them time and time again.
But it’s a formula that
works for women at any age.
Showing off a little shoulder,
showing off a little
bit of the collarbone,
showing off a little bit of the chest,
it’s just gorgeous.
It’s really sexy,
but it feels covered and safe too.
I simply paired that
with a pair of high-rise
dark wash skinny jeans,
which you guys hear me
talk about ad nauseum
because it is one of those wardrobe basics
that you definitely should have.
In my case, I feel the higher the better,
but in your case, maybe you
like more of a mid-rise.
Something to consider is
the hemline of the top
and the top of the jean.
With a top like this by L’academie,
it’s a bit cropped,
so it really needs a
high-rise jean to pair with it
so that you’re not showing tummy.
So the high-rise jeans for
me are a must with this top,
but if you don’t want to
do, like, this crop top
with a high-rise jean,
you want to go with a mid-rise jean,
simply wear a top that
has a longer hemline,
no big deal.
But think about something about the top
that makes it more of a standout,
that makes it a bit sexier
like that one-shoulder silhouette.
It could be off-shoulder.
It could be halter neck.
It could be kind of a plunging front V.
You know, just something
that gives it that
little extra something special.
That sexy touch is what you want.
And then, on my feet, these
horribly uncomfortable heels
by Christian Louboutin.
These are the So Kate pumps.
I gotta tell you,
these are like a front door
to the car type of shoe.
You cannot walk long
distances in these at all.
They are gorgeous.
I love the way they look.
The way they feel is another story.
So that is something to consider.
If you want a more comfortable pump,
look at Vince Camuto.
They make some great pumps.
Sam Edelman makes some
decently comfortable pumps.
Also, Vince Camuto’s wife, Louise Et Cie,
makes some really nice
pumps that are comfortable.
(smooth upbeat music)
The next date night outfit option
is actually the dress
that I’m wearing right now
that really reminds me,
kind of throws me back to the
80s with the mesh overlay.
Mesh was huge in the 80s.
Mesh is back in style, on trend.
What I love about the mesh is
it feels like it adds
this, like, sporty, cool,
edgy, sexy vibe,
but it doesn’t feel crazy, you know.
Especially as an overlay,
it’s just a very subtle touch.
It adds some texture, depth, interest.
What I love about this dress is that
it is midi length.
It goes well past the knee,
which is a great length
for women as we get older.
And then, you’re just showing a little bit
of your collarbone and your shoulder,
again, a very sexy, beautiful
part of a woman’s body
no matter what the age.
And then, you’ve got this cool mesh,
kind of halter neckline.
You can pull the sides
up if you wanted to do
just more of a little cutout.
In this situation, what I would do
is wear a halter neck racerback bra.
There’s an amazing one by Soma,
and I will link that below.
So that’s kind of what you could do
with the bra situation.
Obviously, you could wear strapless.
Obviously, you could wear nipple covers.
But the most comfortable option would be
like a halter neck racerback bra.
I like it better like this.
On my feet with this dress,
just a pair of Vince Camuto booties
with that U-shape detail
cutout in the front.
You could do any kind of,
like, dressy booty with this,
but you could also go the route of pumps.
If you really feel like you can’t do heels
and you don’t want to do a booty either,
you can always go with a
dressy flat like these.
These are the Sam Edelman
pointed toe flats.
These are very comfortable,
but they’re also very dressy.
And so, that’s always an
option with these heeled looks.
So, like, the last look
with the one-shoulder top,
you could always throw these on.
The next look, you can throw these on.
Got me?
(smooth upbeat music)
The next look that I
want to share with you
is kind of my uniform,
and it’s also what I love to wear
living here in Telluride
where it is very casual.
This is a mountain resort town,
and people do not dress up.
So if I were to wear a dress
like I’m wearing right now,
even though I totally do, by the way.
I don’t care.
Like, I dress how I want to dress.
But I definitely stand
out in terms of dressiness
because people really do
dress much more casually.
So this would be a typical
outfit that I would wear
going out to dinner in
Telluride with my husband.
And that’s just a really pretty blazer.
This is that one that I got during the
Nordstrom sale that
sold out pretty quickly
by L’AGENCE in this beautiful blue color
and the shiny gold buttons.
I love it so much.
Again, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans,
really, really comfortable
and versatile mules
by Vince Camuto.
I did feature these on the blog.
I’ve worn these a ton.
I just brought them to San Diego with me.
I really love these shoes.
The color is called mushroom,
and it’s really just a lovely shade that
goes with so many things.
And then, under the blazer,
just a simple silky cami.
The heels with the cami, it gives it that
touch of sexiness for your date night.
But you feel covered.
You feel comfortable.
You feel elegant,
sophisticated, age appropriate.
This is a go-to for me, for sure.
(smooth upbeat music)
The next look I want to
show you is another go-to.
It actually is one of my
favorite looks of the year.
This top is definitely my
favorite top of the year.
It is under $100.
I think it’s $89.
It’s by WAYF.
It is absolutely stunning.
I love the lace.
I love the high neck.
I love the little puffed shoulder detail.
It’s just a beautiful top.
It has a little tie in the back.
It’s so, so feminine and pretty.
I love it.
And to give this look a
little bit of sexiness,
I just added some super sexy heels.
And that’s how I can really, like,
turn it up a notch, you know?
Any time you throw on a
pair of really sexy pumps,
it’s going to elevate the
whole look in terms of
dressiness, sexiness.
This top, by the way, runs true to size.
So I’m wearing a size small.
It comes with a cami
underneath in a nude tone.
It’s so nice.
You don’t have to worry about what to wear
underneath it, because it is see through.
It has the cami built in.
It really does make a difference
with the undergarments.
(smooth upbeat music)
The last date night look option
I wanted to share with you
is a striped jean look.
And this is one that I
also featured on the blog.
What I talked about on
the blog with these jeans
is how slimming they are.
These really do perform
a little magic trick
with the racing stripe down the side.
All of the jeans with the racing stripe,
or most of them,
the stripe isn’t straight down the leg.
It kind of tapers in,
which really does shave off an inch or two
of your thighs,
and I love that about the striped jean.
Like, it’s such a cool, again,
sporty, edgy, modern detail.
But then, it also has
that slimming effect,
which is really cool.
So with those jeans, I paired it with
a pair of Schutz shoes
with the lucite straps
across the top of the feet.
Again, just like modern, fresh, trendy,
interesting, different.
So these are comfortable.
Like, for heels, these are comfortable.
This is a very hot shoe right now.
It’s a very sexy shoe.
And then, on top, just a
simple waffle-knit black tee
by Free People.
And underneath that,
a Free People bralette
so that I could pull the
t-shirt down one shoulder
to show off that bralette a little bit.
And I think just doing
that gives the whole look
a little bit more sexiness
for your date night.
It really gives it that little extra pop.
So I really love doing that.
These bralettes are not
incredibly supportive,
so you may want to consider a bra
underneath your bralette.
Or if you’re, I would
say, a size C or lower,
you’re going to be just
fine with the bralette.
But I think if you’re, like,
in the D zone, E zone, F
and on up, you’re probably going to need
something else to support your chest.
Okay. So we’ve got the
one-shoulder top combo,
the black mesh dress,
the blazer date look,
the lace top,
and the striped jeans.
Those are five go-to
date night outfit ideas
for all of you at any age.
I hope that helps you guys.
As per usual, I will
put links to everything
in the description box,
along with time codes,
along with sizing information.
Do let me know if you guys
have any questions at all.
You can comment below.
By the way, just wanted to mention that
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Do you all like this top?
What jacket should I order,
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Like, any style question
that you might have,
you can ask it in the Hive.
And, also, what’s awesome is that you have
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So I hope you will sign up.
Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
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Thank you guys so much for watching.
I’ll see you next time.
Bye bye.
♪ Can’t wait to see you again ♪

Randall Smitham



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    Loved the black mesh dress. The top part of it is super flattering. Great date night options. My husband and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary in Lake Como Italy and I have used several of your tips for my outfits here and am feeling very stylish. Thanks for all your videos! Hugs, Joye

  82. Sharon Casey Posted on August 30, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Just bought that gorgeous white lace blouse! It will check off TWO boxes on my shopping list of items I need to fill in my wardrobe. Still need a go-to dress, go-to skirt, camel blazer, and the perfect cardigan sweater. I’m really enjoying subscribing to your videos and a video covering any of those items would be fantastic!