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6 More Chaffle Variations Tested – All From Viewer Submissions

hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we are going to try
out some more suggestions from viewer
comments on my next level chaffle video
but before we get started if you enjoy
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so as I said I received a lot of
suggestions and requests for things to
try out with the chaffle some of the
ingredients that we’re going to use in
this video today are sort of on the
fringe of what you might expect to find
in a regular keto pantry some of them
are a little pricey too so I’ll be your
guinea pig I’ll try them out I’ll let
you know if they’re worth your time and
money the first thing we’re gonna try
out is what is the difference between
xanthan gum and vital wheat gluten in
terms of the texture and taste shouldn’t
have any impact on taste but in terms of
texture on the chaffle now what I find
interesting these are both bags of Bob’s
Red Mill serving size is a quarter of a
cup the solder bag it said that there
was four total grams of carbohydrates
one gram of fiber 0 grams of sugar this
newer bag says 6 grams of carbohydrate 0
grams of dietary fiber 1 gram of total
sugar so I’m not sure what the
discrepancy is the thing is we are going
to be using a very small amount we’re
just going to be using one third of a
teaspoon so the overall carb impact is
negligible regardless we’re also going
to be using one third of a teaspoon of
santen gum and both of these are going
to be mixed into the standard cha phille
mixture so that would be one egg and one
half cup of mozzarella we are however
going to mix the xanthan gum with the
mozzarella before we add the egg to it
just because of its tendency to clump
the vital wheat gluten truffle the
xanthan gum chaffle first the vital
wheat gluten chaffle that had almost no
impact at all I think it’s a little bit
more moist on the inside
but certainly not worth adding so you
can scratch that off your chaffle to-do
now the xanthan gum chaffle again really
no impact on the chapel whatsoever so
there’s another user comment down you do
not need to add xanthan gum to your
chaffle the next two user suggestions
we’re going to try I think will have an
impact on flavor the first is going to
be adding one tablespoon of psyllium
husk to our base mixture the second will
be adding 1/2 tablespoon of nutritional
the psyllium husk chaffle looks like the
cheese kind of sink to the bottom on
that one and the vital wheat gluten
chaffle silly musk so the psyllium husk
gave the chafa a crispy exterior and a
chewier interior so depending on how
you’re gonna use it this may also be
very good as a bun and the nutritional
yeast chaffle okay we’ve got a winner
right there that really brings forward a
cheesy flavor it kind of reminds me of
the the cheese powder you sprinkle on
popcorn it’s a really good flavor I need
to have another bite definitely the
cheesiest chaffle I have made so far and
given that I’m a Wisconsinite that’s
about the biggest compliment you can
give something the final chaffle
recommendation I got and I don’t believe
this person actually tried it out they
just wanted me to try it out was to add
sour cream and yeast to the chaffle they
didn’t specify how much so I’m just
gonna kind of shotgun this a little bit
I’m gonna do that for one chaffle for
the other chaffle since sour cream is
somewhat acidic I’m gonna add a little
bit of baking soda and see if we get any
extra lift
I got a feeling this one’s gonna be a
mess because I’m splitting a batch I’m
just gonna add an eighth of a teaspoon
of baking soda
both of these took a little bit longer
to cook probably because of the
additional moisture see it’s still
steaming and we are at 7 minutes in but
I’m tired of waiting so first we have
the sour cream and yeast chaffle and the
sour cream yeast and baking soda chaffle
now this one is a lot more dark which
isn’t surprising because baking soda
changes the pH and thus makes baked goods
darker you can also see that the baking
soda one caused some leakage and I’m
aware that putting the yeast in this
chaffle isn’t going to affect the rise at
all it’s purely therefore the yeasty
flavor first the sour cream in yeast
chaffle without the baking soda very
– it’s almost hmm taste it I don’t know
that I really pick up on much of the
yeast flavor but I will tell you this is
the cheesiest gooiest chaffle that I’ve made
so far this is the sort of thing I think
might be interesting maybe cutting into
slices spritzing with a little cooking
spray and throwing in the airfryer for a
minute or two and see if you could get
sort of like mozzarella sticks out of it
now the same chaffle with the addition of
the baking soda this is not a win
this tastes like regret this has a
simultaneously very eggy taste as well
as sort of an alkaline taste and you
know I get that it would taste a little
bit alkaline from the addition of the
baking soda
I didn’t think an eighth of a teaspoon
would make it that much it did nothing
to improve upon the texture and only
cost harm to the taste so don’t ever do
that so quick summary what did we learn
we learned that adding vital wheat
gluten or xanthan gum did nothing to
improve the chaffle in terms of taste or
texture adding the psyllium husk created
a really interesting contrast and
texture because the outsides of the
chaffle were crispy and the inside was a
little softer and chewier than previous
chaffles so that one might come in good
on a sandwich depending on what you’re
making the nutritional yeast chaffle
if you like cheese that is great
it seems to be sort of a cheese
amplifier I think this would be a really
interesting ingredient if we were using
a cheese that had more of a flavor
profile to it than mozzarella so if it
was a cheddar or a Swiss or you know
something a little bit more robust but
definitely I can strongly recommend
nutritional yeast in your chaffle if
you’re looking for a cheese each awful
the sour cream and yeast chaffle I I’m
not sure if the yeast was of benefit at
all it certainly didn’t add anything I
think to the flavor but adding the sour
cream gave the inside a really cheesy
gooey mozzarella stick sort of texture
that I think is great this would be
awesome for dunking in marinara do not
add baking soda that is a fail so I know
this video was a little bit more along
the lines of cooking science I guess if
you made it this far you’ve enjoyed it
for the next chaffle video I’m going to
try out some of the full-fledged chaffle recipes that people submitted in my
comments so we’re done with the base
chaffle we’re gonna start looking at
things like the pizza chaffle the Oreo
chaffle etc and wherever I use someone’s
idea all
make sure to give them credit or whoever
posted the comment first if multiple
people come up with the same idea I’ll
be looking both at the next level
chaffles original video as well as any
comments you put on this video thanks
for watching

Randall Smitham



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  6. John Kearns Posted on September 3, 2019 at 6:12 pm

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    In a similar vein, I've added beef gelatin to many a baked good and, after giving it time to rest, it made the batter significantly thicker and gave it a thicker, chewier texture to the final product as well. For something with just a single egg, I might add 1/3-1/2 Tbsp of gelatin if it's something you think you'd want to try.

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    Next question: While I will always try to keep my videos under 10 minutes, would you like to see more frequent (and shorter) videos highlighting just one or two chaffles, or do you prefer longer videos that have 5-6 chaffle variations? Thanks for your input!

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    Nice Experiment! Thank you for testing these out for us!

    Here's my favorite Chaffle recipe (so far) – I make a baking mix of the following;
    2T Coconut flour
    2T Oat Fiber
    2 T Whole Psyllium
    2T Isopure (whey)
    2T Nutritional yeast2T Erythritol
    1/2 C Ground Pork rinds
    1T Collagen (Great Lakes Red)
    1T Baking Powder
    1/2t Pink salt

    I mix this together and keep it in a jar.  Then I take 3 tablespoons and mix it with 1/4 cup of egg whites to make a basic mix. You can do a lot with this.
    As I posted before, I use the Sargento Ultra Thin sliced cheese when making my chaffles. Lay a slice on the hot iron, top with the baking mix and top with another slice – 3-4 minutes does the job. Crispy on the outside, soft in the center. 

    Pizza Chaffle –  add to the mixture, ground sausage, sweet peppers, onions (all precooked) chopped pepperoni and Italian seasonings. The Sargento Ultra Thin provolone is wonderful with it – lay the cheese down first, then the mix (you can flatten it out first) then top with another slice. 3-4 minutes – they are wonderful.

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