March 30, 2020
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Friends, due to less research done on the keto diet, it becomes difficult to say what will be the result of the keto diet. One thing is certain that the Keto diet is very restricted. That is why it becomes very difficult to get assured results in a keto diet. If you start a keto diet for the first time… You do make some mistakes. Because of these mistakes, you cannot successfully finish a keto diet. So let us know which mistakes people make during keto diet, which is necessary to stop. 1. Increase fat rapidly by cutting carbohydrates Most people immediately stop consuming carbohydrates in a keto diet. Now it happens that as soon as you stop carbohydrates in your diet immediately, your appetite increases and you may feel weakness. Due to this, you may start eating a high amount of fat, So obesity will be increased instead of decreasing. Do one thing, when you start a keto diet, do not stop carbohydrates completely. Gradually reduce carbohydrates and increase fat intake. By doing this, the balance of carbohydrates and fat in your body will remain and you will not feel much hunger. 2. Not drinking enough water in the keto diet We knew in the last chapter that… When you take a keto diet… There will be a lack of water and some electrolytes in the body. In such a situation, dehydration occurs. Excess removal of water from the body causes some problems in your body, such as … Constipation, fatigue, reduced blood pressure, restlessness, dizziness, mouth sores, skin dryness, etc … So it is important that when you take a keto diet, you should drink enough water. 3. Not taking enough salt in your food We all know that eating too much salt is not good for our health. But in the keto diet, we have to increase a little amount of salt in the food. In keto diet, there is a process of ketosis and in ketosis, the amount of sodium in our body starts decreasing. When the amount of sodium in the body starts decreasing, then the blood pressure decreases and it feels like dizziness. In such a situation, it is important that when you go for a keto diet, you should maintain a sufficient amount of salt in your food. 4. Not paying attention to your veggie intake Most vegetables contain carbohydrates. We believe that green vegetables are good and everyone can eat them. So what people do that they keep eating vegetables in keto diet too. I am not saying that green vegetables should not be eaten. Of course you should eat green vegetables, but keep a control on the amount of it in the keto diet. If you keep eating green vegetables on a regular basis even in the Keto diet, then the level of carbohydrates in your body increases instead of decreasing. So you have to pay special attention to your veggie intake. 5. Not preparing yourself for keto flu See, keto flu has been mentioned somewhere in every chapter and probably will be in the future chapters. This proves one thing that the condition of Keto Flu in the Keto Diet should not be ignored. In the initial days of Keto Diet, a condition of Keto Flu arises which causes problems like fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, body cramps etc, In such a situation, it is important to prepare yourself to fight the situation of Keto Flu during the Keto Diet. 6. Ignoring Omega 3 Fatty Acid Foods In keto diet, most people focus on dairy products like cheese, cream, panir etc, Omega 3 fatty acids containing food helps you fight against conditions like Keto Flu. So during keto diet, pay special attention to foods with omega 3 fatty acids. 7. Not consulting doctor and/or dietician Most of people start a keto diet without consulting a doctor and/or dietician. You may face some problems by starting a keto diet without thinking. In keto diet, you have to take into consideration your weight, your routine, if you are taking any medicines or not, your medical condition etc, Who can know this stuff better than a doctor So take special care of one thing that, before starting the keto diet, at the time of keto diet and after completion of keto diet please contact your doctor or dietician.

Randall Smitham