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7 Smoothie Freezer Packs | How To Meal Prep | A Sweet Pea Chef

Hey there. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef. And do you want to have a smoothie every morning,
but you just hate all the hassle of putting all the pieces together? If that sounds like you, we’re gonna be doing
seven smoothie freezer packs today that allow you to get all of it ready together ahead
of time so it’s just blend and go in the morning. So let’s get started. To make my smoothie freezer packs, I use a
1-quart Ziploc freezer bag. That way, I can have an individual portion
ready to go. But you can use any freezer-safe container
that you have. To make your smoothie freezer packs, the general
rule is that you’re gonna start with any of your dry ingredients, like rolled oats, chia
seeds, flaxseed meal, then you’re gonna top that with any spices. Like, you could be adding some cinnamon, nutmeg,
ginger, whatever, like that. Then top that with any fruit and veggies that
are gonna be your fresh produce that goes at the top. All right. So, first, let’s make a kiwi and kale smoothie
freezer pack. So, in a 1-quart Ziploc freezer bag, we’re
gonna add the flaxseed meal, fresh kale, peeled and diced kiwi, and the banana. Then press all the air out of the freezer
bag, and then we’re gonna seal it, and then toss it in the freezer. The way that I cut my bananas is I divide
them into quarters. I just do big chunks so that that way it’s
gonna be easier to blend later, because a long frozen banana is gonna be a little bit
more difficult than a bunch of smaller frozen chunks. That goes for any produce as well. Make sure to have them small so that it’s
easier to blend when it’s time to blend. Now, for our caramel apple oatmeal smoothie
freezer pack, we’re going to add some rolled oats to the bottom of our freezer bag, followed
by chia seeds, ground cinnamon, a diced apple, and six pitted dates. Then press the air out of that bag, seal it,
and then place it in the freezer to freeze for when you want to use it later. Make sure to label all of your freezer bags
as well. That way, you know exactly how many servings
and what smoothie it is that you’re gonna be making so that you don’t have any questions
when you go to grab a smoothie freezer pack from the fridge. Next, we’re gonna be making a pink power beet
smoothie freezer pack. So, in our 1-quart freezer Ziploc bag, we’re
gonna add our flaxseed meal, a small raw beet that’s been peeled and quartered, fresh strawberries,
and a banana. Just like the others, remove all the air from
the bag, seal it, and then place it in the freezer for later. For all these freezer packs, you can use fresh
or frozen fruits and veggies. I like to use fresh vegetables and fruits
in my fridge if I have them, because that way I know they will get put to good use and
they might not go bad in the fridge. Now, for my blueberry muffin smoothie freezer
pack, we’re gonna add some rolled oats to the bottom of our Ziploc bag, followed by
ground cinnamon, fresh blueberries, and a banana. Then press all the air out of this bag, and
then place it into the freezer. For this blueberry muffin smoothie, we’ll
actually be adding some Greek yogurt later when it’s time to blend. You could add that in now at this point and
then freeze, but it does get a little bit messy, so if you don’t mind, just add that
in later along with any liquids when you’re gonna be blending it. Now, to make a blackberry coconut fruit smoothie
freezer pack, we’re gonna add some fresh blackberries to the bottom of our freezer bag, followed
by half of a banana and some unsweetened coconut flakes. Then we’re gonna press all the air out of
the bag, seal it up nice, and then place it in the freezer. Also, for any of these fruit smoothie freezer
packs, you can add some protein powder, either in the freezer pack or later when it’s time
to blend. Adding some protein powder to these freezer
packs is gonna add a lot of protein, make it more of a meal rather than a lighter snack. So if you wanna do that, you can. Now, for our mango green smoothie freezer
pack, we’re gonna add some flaxseed meal to the bottom of our plastic bag, then we’re
gonna add some fresh baby spinach, diced mango, and half of a banana. Remove all the air from the bag, zip it up,
and then place it in the freezer for later. if stored properly, these freezer packs are
gonna last you at least a month, if not more. That way, you can do a whole bunch of extra
flavors and all sorts of goodies and have them ready to grab for up to a whole month,
and then you have all these tasty smoothies every morning. So awesome. To make our spiced pear smoothie freezer pack,
we’re gonna add some ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg to the bottom of our 1-quart size freezer
bag, followed by a diced pear and a half of a banana. Then press all the air out, zip it up, and
place it in the freezer. I think you’re getting the drift here. So, for all of these fruit smoothie freezer
packs, it’s great, because you can just add your milk of choice when you’re ready to blend
into the blender, followed by your freezer pack, and then add in any other additions,
like Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or raw honey to add to your smoothie. And then you blend, and you are good to go. All right, so now you know how you can use
a fruit smoothie freezer pack to prep ahead all these really great smoothies so you can
have a delicious breakfast every morning to kick off this new year well, and be healthy,
and just enjoy your food, and make things so much easier for you. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss our
new weekly recipe videos, and I will see you next time. See you later. Bye-bye.

Randall Smitham



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