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8 Secrets to Boost Testosterone for Men and Women

Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Nutrition Today. Today we are going to be talking about a topic
that we’ve really never covered before in depth, Jordan. And it’s secrets to help naturally balance
hormones, specifically low testosterone which is the big issue today, both in men along
with women. So you might even be surprised to hear about
this women, about low testosterone. Lots of times we hear about estrogen and we
hear about things such as progesterone, but not necessarily the importance of balancing
out those testosterone levels. So we’re going to dive into the best herbs,
essential oils, some other really unique supplements that are going to help you with this. So, Jordan talk about this, especially both
in men and women, but typically with women. I think women think, well maybe, they shouldn’t
have any testosterone. Talk about this hormone, testosterone, why
it is so important for men but also women. Jordan: Absolutely. Before we do, I want to point out that you’re
shirt matches the lettering perfectly, good job. Dr. Axe: Hey, thanks a lot. Jordan: Maybe tomorrow mine can. This is a huge topic. In fact, there has been a massive interest
in this topic that they call low T. In fact, Time magazine had a major article on andropause
which is the male version of menopause. So bottom line folks, there are low T clinics
cropping up everywhere. We know that the Suzanne Somers started with
her books, I think “The Sexy Years” which talked about bio identical hormones therapy
which centered on testosterone, anti-aging clinics, so many stars and starlets are boosting
their hormones. And testosterone is really, really key because
this is what it does for you. Now we know, obviously, it’s produced in the
testes for men, but it’s also produced in the pituitary gland and that’s how women have
testosterone. But bottom line is this, testosterone helps
you build muscle, it helps you burn body fat, it puts you in a good mood, right? It certainly increases reproductive function,
sexual function, etc, which is one of the biggest reasons why people use it. But it really creates youth. Many people believe that testosterone levels
as they dive, you have an increase in wrinkles, you certainly have an increase in that saggy
effect because you loose rapid muscle mass. And it is really important for so many other
things that when it comes to women, a lot of those symptoms that we ascribe to menopause,
we did a show on that recently where we talked about the hot flashes, the irritability, the
mood swings, the reproductive challenges, testosterone is one of the best things, or
it’s a hormone to help women sail through menopause. Your testosterone is rapidly decreasing, and
the reason being is that a lot of the hormone disruptors, the endocrine disruptors in our
environment are causing us to have low testosterone as is, and this is a big one, our increase
in cortisol. So we’re going to talk a little bit about
how DHEA plays a role in keeping testosterone, and levels good. And you know what else? The low fat craze caused a major plummeting
in testosterone. And here’s another one, the onset and large
use of statin drugs. So I actually met people that show me, “Oh,
I’m on a statin drug and my cholesterol is in the 90s.” If you of super low cholesterol due to statin
drugs, your testosterone is likely very low because sex hormones, androgens are made from
cholesterol and fats. But here’s the deal, if you want to boost
your energy, get in a better mood, build muscle, burn fat, improve reproductive and sexual
function, and sail through menopause, if you are of that age, you want to boost testosterone. And this is not a medicine. We’re not talking about bioidentical hormones. These are eight secrets to boost testosterone
for men and women, I bet you haven’t heard, but three of them. Dr. Axe: Yeah, absolutely. So as Jordan is saying, the balancing out
testosterone is key both for men and women. And Jordan, I know we see these commercials
all the time. If you watch ESPN, we’ve got Frank Thomas
on there, he’s always talking about it. And because, you know why, it’s actually the
most played. And I don’t know this for a fact, but I know
I watch a lot of ESPN, and I would say three times more than any other commercial I’ve
seen are those low testosterone ads for men on sports stations. I mean, obviously, this is an epidemic that’s
affecting a lot of men as Jordan’s talking about, especially. And so if you’re a woman watching, this affects
you, if you’re a man watching or if you’re a wife, and have a husband at home, this is
information that can really help transform their overall health. So hey, help us spread this word and have
a naturally bounced testosterone. Take a second right now, punch your Share
button, click your Like button, let’s help spread this word. So Jordan, let’s jump in. And by the way, Julie here, our Jackie Kurtsinger
just said she shared this. Awesome Jackie, thanks for being on mission
today. Jordan, I’ll talk about this first one here,
resistance training. So resistance training, this is really important
if you want to naturally get those testosterone levels up. We went through this as we talked about, especially
in the ’70s and ’80s this whole marathon running craze, low fat craze, two of the worst things
you can do for your testosterone levels. The best thing is lifting weights, getting
loads of healthy fats in the diet. So again, one of the best things you can do
is weight training. When you weight train, your body starts releasing
human growth hormone, healthy levels of testosterone. It really is a natural hormone balance or
so. So lifting weights, building muscle, it’s
a key thing to do. I know a lot of women, I remember Jordan,
I actually started off sort of my healthcare as a personal trainer. And a lot of the women would, I would have
them start doing weight training and typically always by the second session they would come
up to me and they’d say, “Hey, I really don’t want to look bulky, should I really be lifting
weights?” And I’d say, “Hey, you know what, this is
actually going to help you lean out and lose weight.” It’s not going to cause you to look bulky. Jordan: No, because women don’t have as much
testosterone, normally. But remember, it’s not about having a lot
of testosterone, it’s about having the right amount. And I believe that people over 30 today, particularly
over 40, have maybe about half the testosterone, the free testosterone that they should, and
there’s reasons for it, we’re going to get into it. But resistance training and interval training,
sprints, BurstFit as you developed, those all help to increase growth hormone and testosterone. When you’ve got that going, it’s a fountain
of youth. Dr. Axe: Yeah, absolutely. And another unique thing, Jordan, I read an
article, this was in a book actually, it was a book called, “The Okinawan diet,” and they
compared men in their over 100 Okinawa versus men in their 70s in the US, and they found
that men in Okinawa actually had doubled the levels of free testosterone than men in the
70s in North America. I mean it was quite a crazy, crazy difference
in free testosterone levels. So we know that again, there are other countries
doing some of the right things and again, resistance training can be big. Jordan, talk to us about number two here,
ashwagandha, and how this can help. And tell us about this herb and how it works. Jordan: Absolutely. Well, ashwagandha’s an adaptogen. And when we’re talking about testosterone,
we need to understand that there are two dynamic hormones in the body, cortisol which is released
by the adrenals. Cortisol is great for a fight or flight when
you’re in danger, but it also causes you to put weight around the midsection and causes
you to store fat, not sleep very well, imbalanced blood sugar and age, and get angry. DHEA is another hormone that should be in
balance with cortisol. So as DHEA goes up, cortisol goes down and
has an inverse effect. Ashwagandha has been shown to decrease cortisol,
increase DHEA, and dramatically increase free testosterone. So look for an ashwagandha extract and you’re
looking for a compound called withanolides. So you want ashwagandha root extract, it is
clinically studied and double blind, randomized clinical trials to boost free testosterone. It is awesome, it will destress you, you need
it. Bottom line, its really, really important. Dr. Axe: Yeah. And this is an herb that’s beneficial for
so many things as Jordan’s talking about. Adaptogen herbs help your body better adapt
and deal with stressors. And Jordan, I mean, all the time we talk about
diet here on the show, but we also talk about a lot of other lifestyle factors, not getting
enough sleep, and emotional stress. Emotional stress can really cause cortisol
to go up, can cause testosterone and human growth hormone to stay low in the body. We need to balance those things out. So again, adaptogens help your body deal with
stress. And if you also specifically have a thyroid
condition, we really believe that ashwagandha is one of the essential herbs for helping
specifically balance thyroid levels as well. And all of these hormones, we know, can be
interconnected and related. Jordan: And here’s one thing that’s important. None of these eight secrets are going to increase
testosterone beyond your normal range. When you take medication or bio identical
hormones, you need to be monitored because that will drive your levels past normal. Nothing here is a hormone, these are balancing
the body and influencing the hormones in a positive way. So if you’re out there saying, “Oh no, I don’t
want my testosterone to go up.” If you’re an athlete, none of these are banned
substances. This is naturally supporting the testosterone
that should already be there. Ashwagandha is a great one. Fenugreek seed, you mentioned the commercial
that we’re forced to watch all the time. Fenugreek seed has been clinically proven
to increase free testosterone, and it’s great for a lot of things. Fenugreek is an amazing seed/herb for your
gut, but it also boosts free testosterone and it does that due to something called an
anti aromatizing effect. So it lowers an enzyme called aroma taste
which inhibits estrogen which allows testosterone to go up, folks. Estrogens block testosterone. So if you block estrogens, you can increase
testosterone. You’re going to hear these different secrets
are going to balance and boost testosterone for different reasons. We’ve got concomitant GH increase. So growth hormone increase and lean body mass. So the more muscle you have, the more testosterone
you have, and vice versa. Ashwagandha lowers cortisol and increases
DHEA. And Fenugreek is an anti aromatase substance. So right there, that’s three unique ways to
boost testosterone, and there’s more coming. Dr. Axe: Yeah, absolutely. I love Fenugreek seed. You know, another unique use for that, Jordan,
of course, many people know this, but it’s for increasing breast milk supply, oftentimes
fenugreek is used for that. It’s also sometimes used as a digestive aid. So even can be good for the digestive system. So fenugreek are really a great herb for that. And these are things that can be done. Typically, ashwagandha’s done in a capsule
form as a supplement. Also fenugreek, you can do it as a supplement
but also oftentimes can to do it as an herbal tea as well. So it’s a great way to be getting that in
your diet. If you want to start off every morning, you
want to start doing a sort of a remedy for this, you can just do a little bit of lemon
juice and some water, some fenugreek, or even add that to something like a golden milk tea,
could be really beneficial. Jordan: And you can sprout fenugreek and have
fenugreek sprout, that is an awesome source of enzymes. Dr. Axe: Love it. Jordan, talk to us about truffle. This is something that might surprise some
people, but it might want to be one of the biggest heroes on this list. Jordan: Absolutely. So this is something that you’ve never heard
before. But truffle actually stimulates free testosterone
within the normal range just through inhalation. I don’t have time to tell you about this amazing
research, but through olfaction, similar to essential oils, a small amount of truffle
on the molecular scale increases free testosterone in men and women over 50 by up to 300%. And they had done a small pilot study that
showed women who were having menopausal issues. So the hot flashes, the irritability, the
dryness, they had an almost complete reduction. So all you have to do is smell it. I’m not talking about that synthetic truffle
oil. The real thing, it can be Black Diamond truffle
which we really like. We actually grow truffle in our fermentation
facility in California. All you do is smell it and it’s absolutely
amazing. And the results in animal and human studies
are phenomenal. Truffle has always been known as an aphrodisiac,
and now you might know why, because on the molecular level through olfaction, truffle
increases testosterone, improves lean body mass in men, and in women it reduces issues
for menopause. That’s worth the price of admission today
just for that information. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. Truffle, truffle can be fairly expensive. One of the things I do, Jordan, is I do truffle
salt on a daily basis and getting out salt, taking actually deep breaths in and out of
your sinuses. So again, looking out for a high quality truffle
salt can be incredible as well. So again, we know truffle’s a great food. And again, using it just like you would, as
Jordan said, essential oils. Maybe use them together can have some great
benefits. Jordan, I love truffles doing with a good
risotto in an Italian meal, but we know this is nature’s medicine as well. Jordan: Absolutely. It’s fantastic and you should definitely try
to get a hold of it if you can. Dr. Axe: So now, Jordan, truffle’s typically
thought of as part of the fungi family, what are any other mushrooms we don’t have on the
list that may help benefit any type of hormones? Jordan: Well, nothing is as close or even
close to truffle in terms of its straight testosterone increase. But both reishi and cordyceps are adaptogens. Reishi has been called the Himalayan Viagra. So there’s definitely something to it, both
of those can help to balance hormones similar to the way ashwagandha does. Dr. Axe: Awesome, love it. All right, let’s talk about Shilajit, Jordan. Go ahead. Jordan: This is a big one, and I can’t even
tell you exactly the mechanism here. But I recently read a study that Himalayan
Shilajit, this is really a substance that’s rich in organic minerals, fulvic and humic
acid, increased free testosterone by 20% in a double blind randomized clinical trial. So a shilajit in the right dosage, also probably
works with a fulvic and humic acid concentrate boost testosterone. Why? My guess is that it supplies a small amount
of trace minerals and helps remove heavy metals which somehow are interfering with testosterone
metabolism. So shilajit is a great heavy metal chelator
with it’s fulvic and humic acid. So this is, count them, the fourth, if not
fifth way to boost testosterone. If people did all these things, Josh, they
would really feel and look younger, stronger. Folks, we’re talking about an epidemic. Time magazine said that andropause or low
T, I think they actually called it manopause, that it’s going to be a $2 billion industry. Low T clinics, men and women who want to look
younger, less wrinkles, more muscle, less fat, less mood swings, more energy. I don’t know, sounds like an absolute winner
to me, that’s what testosterone balance is going to do. Remember, we’re talking about secrets where
they’re not going to increase your testosterone above normal, it’s all balancing. And it does so many other things, each of
these are great for other systems of the body. Dr. Axe: Yeah, Jordan. I love your thoughts on this. I had a friend of mine brought his father
over the other day, and I was giving him some consulting for his heart health. And he also said that he recently started
looking into or actually just started doing testosterone injections into his body and
I know I . . . this was years and years ago about how that actually may have a negative
effect on HDL cholesterol within the body. I mean, what are your thoughts on a lot of
these synthetic hormones that people are using today? Any side effects there that you know of? Jordan: Testosterone usage, either synthetic
or bio identical can cause issues and it does shut your body’s production down. So a lot of people are using pellet implants,
so we hear about that. We know people are doing injections and other
ways to get testosterone. You’ve got to monitor it with your physician
and your blood work. But the bottom line is, if you’re going to
start testosterone therapy that way, you pretty much have to be on it for life because you’re
going to blunt your own testosterone. All of these eight secrets will naturally
boost your testosterone and you’re not going to become sensitized to it, okay, you’re going
to continue to produce your own testosterone. In fact, this will augment that. So that’s really, really important. Dr. Axe: Yeah, that’s absolutely huge. Guys, as we’re talking about this information,
you know, this is stuff that Jordan and I really, this is some of the first time we’ve
ever trained anybody on this. And if you’re enjoying this live broadcast
right now or if any of this information has surprised you or you never heard of it before,
take a second right now and click the Wow button if you’re surprised by some of the
information you’re hearing on really how important testosterone is, both for men and women for
anti aging and for your overall health. Also take a minute now, again, if you’re on
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now and punch that Share button, and click that Love button if you’re loving this live
broadcast right now. So Jordan, minerals here, zinc, magnesium
and boron. Now, we know in the bodybuilding industry
years ago, they used to do ZMA on a regular basis. Now, I like your boron addition here better. Jordan: ZMB? Zinc, magnesium, aspartate, was what it was. So it was just a zinc, magnesium combo, and
the famous clinic who allegedly got Barry Bonds in some trouble, BALCO, promoted this
product. But Zinc deficiency, particularly in men,
causes a decrease in testosterone. Folks, this is so important because we didn’t
mention low testosterone also puts you at risk for cardiovascular disease, and even
cancers. Now, too much synthetic testosterone can also
put you at risk. But balancing your testosterone is critical,
and if you’re watching me, you need to care about this as much as getting good fats and
as much as digestion, it’s so important for everything you want. But you know, we’re deficient as a nation
in zinc, magnesium, and boron, period. Scientists believe that there’s about one
tenth of the boron in soil than there used to be. So that means in our food supply, we’re not
getting it. So magnesium is critical for hundreds, hundreds
of various enzymatic activities. So you want to consume magnesium rich foods,
take magnesium and use the magnesium oil as a topical. So with truffle, you can inhale it, magnesium
you can apply it. But zinc and boron, you have to get orally. Take more zinc, and with boron, this is also
an anti aromatase supplement. It also strengthens your bones. Women who have osteoporosis usually have low
testosterone. I keep forgetting all these great benefits,
but these three minerals, zinc, magnesium, and boron in the right form, fermented or
what I like to say, enzyme activated, is critical to maintain healthy testosterone. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. So if you’re a person out there and you know,
“Hey, my testosterone is off,” or again, you one of these symptoms, low sex drive is a
huge one. If you’re having severe menopausal symptoms,
osteopenia, osteoporosis, just weakness, fatigue, thinning hair, prostate issues is actually
a whole other one, a lot of those could be warning signs that you’re struggling with
low levels of testosterone there as well. So again, these are some things you want to
consider adding in. And Jordan, I know we have eight things on
the list, I know of a couple additions here that we’ll cover here at the end as well. The next one here is a grape skin and grape
seed. We know that muscadine in grapes, in fact,
Jordan, you’re going to the dentist today, right? Because of . . .
Jordan: Too many muscadine seed. Thanks for reminding me, great. Now, I’ll be in a bad mood so I’ll have to
boost my testosterone for the rest the trip because I have to get a composite filling
replaced. I just, I couldn’t help it, they’re so good. I love the skin and the seed because they
contain resveratrol and OPCs which are polyphenol antioxidants. And both of those are anti aromatizing. So that means that grape seed and grape skin
contains compounds that reduce estrogen in the body. So I got an email just recently from someone
who said, it was third hand, they said, “Hey, you know, Jordan Rubin, to a friend of mine,
get him this information.” That they’ve been studying nutrition a long
time and he said, “Jordan, we grew some grapes and we would make jam, jelly, all kinds of
stuff, and we’d have the seed and the skin left, we’d throw it away, but then I thought,
‘You know, there’s some good benefits here.'” So he dehydrated it and he put it in a powder,
and he said he used to wake up with enlarged prostate, three to five times a night, so
he started taking a teaspoon of just pulverized grape skin and seed. And then he went from three to five times
a night to one time a night. I believe it’s because he was dealing with
whether it’s environmental or what you would call endogenous or body-created estrogen. So now he’s blocked it and he’s doing much,
much better, that is so great. So eat grapes, muscadines are one of my favorites. There is another grape-like berry in Brazil
called jaboticaba that is awesome. So all of those are anti-aromatizing which
can preserve and even boost your testosterone. Really, really cool. We actually go and find grapes, biodynamic
in Northern California and ferment them, and use them. I make a little tea out of it as part of my
mish-mosh decoction. Dr. Axe: I love that. Tons of benefits there. And as Jordan is saying as well, just another
benefit, to talk about anti-cancer benefits of both of those compounds that are found
there in grape skin. Last one here, bone broth. We talk about this all of the time. But listen, this is so crucial to your overall
health. Most people are getting as Jordan has talked
about previously, as I talked about previously, way too many methionine type amino acids in
their body. And really not near enough of proline and
glycine, we know glycine is crucial for supporting the liver detoxification pathways. Proline is a crucial amino acid for really
repair of the body, whether it be collagen production, tightening and toning your skin,
helping support healthy inflammation levels in the body. Glutamine is really important as well, we
know, for the gut. And then hydroxyproline, very similar in terms
of proline, in terms of its benefits, we know it’s important. Then glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic
acid, Jordan, a lot of times people think about joint health with those. Those are also good for the gut, good for
the hormones. I really believe of all the things on this
list, if there’s something you should be doing every day for your entire life, I really believe
getting bone broth every single day is a most important action anyone could take. And getting more protein in the diet and these
types of amino acids, absolutely is great for building healthy lean tissue and muscles,
having a healthy inflammation response in the body. So bone broth is key as well. Jordan: It is. Now, this is somewhat anecdotal and also historical. So I spent last weekend studying some of the
fathers and mothers of medicine. And I found at least two, I believe it’s Pliny
the Elder and Maimonides. They both would recommend chicken soup or
bone broth for impotence and as an aphrodisiac. And now, this correlates with three testimonials
I received from people consuming bone broth where they said, “Well you know, my personal
training clients have all reported an increased sex drive.” Or you know, all the men and women, I got
that three, at first I thought it was a little bit of an anomaly but then I was doing a radio
interview, and the person who was using the bone broth said, “Well Jordan, and obviously
it also improves sexual and reproductive health.” So I didn’t put two and two together when
I did the historical research, I found that the fathers of medicine believed that these
poultry products can help increase what would appear to be arousal sexual function etc.
which would be reminiscent of testosterone increase. Now, there is no double blind clinical studies
on bone broth increasing testosterone. But anecdotal research and historical information
show that it’s a great anti-aging substance all around. So here’s the deal folks, we’re talking about
how to naturally boost testosterone. We’ve given you eight secrets that I bet half
of them you never heard of before. They are awesome for your heart, for your
mood, to build muscle, help you burn fat, feel younger, look younger, and help so many
areas of your body if you’ll only take this information. And do it. We haven’t talked about this before but everyone
watching needs this information. Even if you’re young, you need to know it
because most of the people that go to these low T clinics with belly fat, with lethargy,
mild depression, advanced aging, they did it too late. So we need to do it sooner and these eight
secrets are going to make a huge difference. And now, let’s give a quick recap for eight
secrets to boost testosterone for men and women. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. So we’ll start off here. Number one, resistance training. Remember, if you want to boost up human growth
hormone which by some, Jordan, is known as the anti-aging hormone is going to help with
testosterone as well, then do it weight lifting. Again, not long distance cardio, getting out
there and actually do weight training or burst training as well can be beneficial, those
two things, best types of exercises to naturally boost growth hormone. Jordan: Absolutely. Number two, an ashwagandha extract helps reduce
cortisol, increase DHEA which will help increase testosterone with a second mechanism. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. Next here is fenogreek seed. This is great. It’s actually been used for many different
things. It’s good for digestion, it’s good for lactation. But both for men and women, it has been shown
clinically studied to naturally boost testosterone levels. Jordan: And that’s kind of funny because one
of the biggest symptoms of men with low testosterone. I’m not going to say it because my kids are
watching. But let’s just say that if you’re a Seinfeld
fan, remember the episode the bro, the manzier, let’s just say that man, I think it’s called
gyno . . . Dr. Axe: Mastia. Jordan: Yeah, it’s, I think I got that wrong,
but basically it’s men having breasts that are a little too large and feminine shaped. That is a common symptom of andropause or
low T. Now everybody is grossed out, but either way fenogreek can help with that, no connection
to lactation. And number four, truffle. Just the inhalation of this powerful fungi
which is really a tuber melanospora can help increase testosterone and decrease issues
with menopause. Dr. Axe: Shilajit here, Himalayan substance
is actually found in the Himalayan Mountains. And I believe, Jordan, it is the decomposition
of, you know, different types of moss and other . . .
Jordan: And organic substances. Dr. Axe: And organic substances. And this is oftentimes called Nation’s multimineral,
it’s full of trace minerals, it’s been shown to help detoxify the body, it’s a great thing
to add in your diet, just a teaspoon a day. Jordan: Absolutely. Zinc, magnesium, and boron. We’re deficient in, and in both zinc and boron
or anti aromatizing which means they decrease excess estrogen that you get from the environment
or even your own body. These three minerals are very key to building
strong bones and muscle for men and women. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. Grape skin here is packed with OPC, it is
also packed with rezverotrol. These are two antioxidants that have tremendous
benefits for anti-aging, fighting cancer, but also for helping naturally increase testosterone
levels. Jordan: And last but not least, bone broth. If you look online at one of the bone broth
books, they have an interesting terminology about what it does. I’m not going to repeat here on the air. But anecdotal information and historical research
shows that bone broth is the ultimate anti-aging food and can even increase arousal, sexual
function, and help you stay younger longer. This program is so valuable, people are spending
thousands at some of these anti-aging clinics. You know the ad in the airplane magazine where
the 75-year-old guy is there, just looks ripped. I mean, it’s happening because people are
balancing their hormones, spending money, and they’re needing to do it with their doctor,
and they’re taking hormones that can shut off the body’s natural production. All these eight secrets will keep your body
functioning the way you need, you will be so thankful, men and women, and the men and
women in your life, when you feel better, look better, think better, and perform better. Dr. Axe: So Jordan, I think vitamin D is something
also that can be greatly beneficial for balancing hormones. We know vitamin D is often referred to not
just as a vitamin but as a pro hormone because it really supports hormone production in the
body, and it’s actually very close in terms of its, has a strong relationship to as we
talked about earlier, cholesterol. Low cholesterol, is it good? In fact, high cholesterol, I was reading another
study that actually said low cholesterol was correlated with lower lifespan if it got below
a certain rate. So these things are really important, 5,000
IUs of vitamin D every day, and if you’ve got tested and you’re low, probably closer
to 10,000 IUs a day of vitamin D3. Jordan, talk about intermittent fasting, and how that
might help. Jordan: I think that if you’re dealing with
excess cortisol, if you’re imbalanced in your insulin, glucagon or ghrelin and leptin, these
are hormones that control your appetite, I recommend intermittent fasting. What we’re doing is we’re resting our body,
recharging our enzymes, and it’s clinically proven to burn fat and boost growth hormone
and testosterone, so we’re excited about that. Dr. Axe: Yeah. As Jordan is talking about diet is really
key. You can do intermittent fasting. If that’s not for you, that’s okay as well,
you just really want to focus on getting a lot of clean and nutrient dense food in your
diet. But I want to specifically focus on the number
one super food for helping this out, is bone broth. Bone broth every day, maybe some bone broth
powder or protein every morning in a smoothie for breakfast, some bone broth soup for lunch,
but get lots of bone broth. Number two, get lots of healthy fats, wild
caught fish, avocado, maybe some almonds, get those healthy fats in the diet. And then also, get lots of veggies and fruits. And then herbs, lots of herbs, antioxidants. You do a diet like that, you’re going to take
your anti-aging hormones to a whole other level. Jordan: I just realized this, I’m doing all
bone broth today, and then when I get home, I saw that my wife defrosted a chicken to
make chicken soup for dinner. So bone broth all the day long. But it’s really, really great, can’t get enough
of it. So folks, go out there, live your best lives. I’m Jordan Rubin with Dr. Josh Axe. Dr. Axe: Thanks, guys. Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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