March 29, 2020
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Well, when it comes to treating diabetes it
really depends on what kind of diabetes one has. And, if one has type one diabetes the
treatment is usually that they have to take insulin for the most part for the rest of
their life. In treating diabetes with insulin, one generally takes insulin two to four times
a day. And, then as to make sure that the food that they’re eating is in line with the
insulin they’re taking. Now, if a person has type one and they’re on what we call a flexible
regimen then what they generally do is they count how many carbohydrates that they take.
And, then they have a ratio they go by to figure out how much insulin to take to cover
that carbohydrate. If the person has type two diabetes for example, the main focus of
treatment is on weight loss and activity. Because, they may reach a point where they
no longer need to take any kind of medication and the diabetes actually goes into remission.
So, with type two diabetes the treatment is usually diet and exercise with oral medication
if need be. And, with type one diabetes the treatment is the right amount of insulin matched
with the right amount of carbohydrate to maintain that person’s weight.

Randall Smitham