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Adley Muscles vs Hidden Bigfoot (Eat Watermelon to Win lol)

(upbeat techno music) – Bet you can’t hit me because I’m fast. (laughing) I’m fast. – [Adley] I got a fireball. – A fireball? What’s a fireball? You’re trapped forever. I’ve got your feet. (laughing) – Do a high five. – A high five? Okay.
– Yeah (laughing) – Hey! You tricked me! You get back here. (laughing) Give me that ball. I’m gonna get you with the ball. (laughing) I’m gonna drop it. (laughing) Hmm, where is she? I see some fingers! I’m gonna. – [Adley] Time to open the door. – [Shaun] Okay. I can’t you’re holding it. – No! (laughing) – Watch out, I’m gonna steamroll you. Don’t steamroll me. – Daddy, I’m gonna hit you. I’m gonna hit you. – Oh, I’m gonna hit you. I’ve got a fireball. (blows) Hot, hot, hot. Come in here, I have a candy. I have three chocolates. (laughing) I have a fireball. Hey! You have a helmet. I can’t even get you. – [Adley] I’m an astronaut. – You’re an astronaut? She’s an astronaut, look. (thumps) Can’t even hit her.
– Hey! Are we ready to film the vlog? – No, this is the vlog we’re filming. – Oh, we’re filming this? – [Adley] Yeah. – Yeah, we’ve just been wrestling. Watch. (growls) (screams) Steamroll her! – [Jenny] This is dangerous. – [Shawn] Steamroll her. – I’m a lava monster! – [Shaun ] A lava monster? – [Jenny] No! – No, a lava monster! (laughing) Hi, everybody. – Hi, everybody.
– Hi. – Welcome to our vlog today. We are gonna have the, best day ever.
– Best day ever. – A booger. – I knew you were going to say that. – A booger. – Ew. – Ew. – That was the most disgusting
start to a vlog in the world. Let’s get her a napkin! – This is gross. – Gross, BRB. Adley! (screaming) – [Adley] Back to the vlog. We’re back! (screaming) – We took care of the booger,
and we washed our hands. – Let’s play hide and
seek in the basement. (crickets chirping) – We play a lot of hide and seek, Adley. – That’s her favorite. (babbling) – What if we play the strongest man in the world contest ’cause guess what? Adley’s been eating a lot of watermelon. – Oh yeah, show em your muscles. (pops) – [Shaun] Oh my gosh, they’re
like full of watermelon. (chuckling) And look how strong she is. Go lift something. Oh the vlog? – [Jenny] Whoa. – [Shaun] Let’s go upstairs and have a heavy lifting contest. – ‘Kay. – [Shaun] Okay, what are you gonna lift? – It’s upstairs. – [Shaun] ‘Kay, let’s go. – [Jenny] Show them what we had to do. – We had to find stuff with these buckets. – [Shaun] And we found gold. – [Adley] Yeah! – [Shaun] then we ate the
gold, but we kept the wrappers. – Look, there’s gold inside. Tiny, tiny buckets! – [Shaun] And those
are all the trick gold. That’s not real gold. It’s just tricks. – [Jenny] Yeah, he tricked them. – And he made a mess. – Basically, you gotta
go watch Adley’s video because a leprechaun came and made a mess of our whole house. – I’m so excited to watch that video. – I know me too, that’s
gonna be a fun one. Should we lift stuff now? We gotta show them your
watermelon muscles. You’re gonna lift that? What the heck? (grunts) Whoa! That’s way strong. I’m not even strong. Look how small my muscles are. (grunts) Wait, do you know who’s really strong? – Huh? – The strongest person in the whole world? – [Adley] No. – Bigfoot. – Uh da, da Dad? It’s bigfoot! – Aww. – [Shaun] Do you think you’re
stronger than big foot? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Should we test it? – Yeah. – Alright, let’s see who’s
stronger, Adley or Bigfoot? Who’s gonna be Bigfoot me or you? Where’s the Bigfoot gloves from our video? – I don’t know. I’d have to find them. – [Shaun] Let’s find them. – [Woman] I know where they are. – Where are they at? Yes. These are gonna make me as
strong as bigfoot pretty much. Mmm-hmm. Oh, I got claws. (hisses) (growls) ‘Kay, let’s see if I can lift it up. Who do you guys think is stronger? Adley or Bigfoot? Here’s Adley.
(grunts) Ooh, that’s pretty strong. (grunts) Let’s see if we can lift the table. One, two, three.
(grunts) We did it! – Bigfoot claw! – [Shaun] Claw! What else should we try and lift? – Try to scratch me! – [Shaun] Here let’s see
if you’re a strong Bigfoot. – This is heavy for me to do. (laughing) (grunts) – [Shaun] Whoa! Hey Mom, watch this! – [Jenny] Oh my! (grunts) You’re so tough. – Think you can lift the chair? – No, I can’t. – Maybe, if you eat watermelon. This is what’s been
making her strong, guys. Try and lift it first. Okay, now eat watermelon, and see if you can lift it bigger. (laughs) This is like a science experiment, guys. – Holy cow!
– Whoa! – That was pretty big, right? We were eating cereal this morning, and I’m like what kind
of cereal do you want? She’s like “Watermelon!” She’s on a watermelon kick. How much watermelon have you eaten in the past couple of days? That much? Let’s see how strong Jenny is, guys. – I lift my twenty pound baby. Adley’s thirty pounds,
let’s see if I can lift her. (grunts) – All the way to the ceiling! (screaming) (babbling) Touch. We got a lot of cleaning to do. And then I gotta go to work. So you gotta eat watermelon,
stronger and clean faster. – This is my watermelon! – You’re obsessed with watermelon. Nick, it was a fun Adley video. By the way, Jenny’s been
telling me about this keto pizza thing, we gotta try it. Keto pizza tonight, deal?
– [Jenny] Yeah – [Shaun] What are you doing tonight? – Making keto pizza! – Alright, keto pizza! If you watch these vlogs to
learn how to make keto pizza, you finally watched the right
one ’cause it’s happening. We’re gonna clean up,
go to the Space Station. And I have a surprise
at the Space Station. It showed up yesterday, but I was like I’m gonna wait for the vlog
to open this one, so Go! (upbeat motivational music) All right, we are outta here. See you later, alligator. – I poke you, guys. – [Jenny] Hey. – Hey, don’t poke the vlog! Hey. Babe, love your guts, mwah. – Bye. – That was fun playing this morning. Okay, here’s a flashback for you vlog. Nick at 1.5, who remembers
what he looks like? Think about it, think about it. He had a huge beard. Who remembers this Nick? Pop up a big picture. Nope, pop it up next to him right now. (pops) Bearded Nick versus now Nick. Yeah, that’s a change right there. And he started eating
healthy and exercising. Haven’t you lost like 20, 30 pounds? – 35 pounds. – That’s insane. Good. Hey. High fives for Nick in the comments. Officially going to Space Station now. Let’s go. This, this is our surprise, guys. Mail time boys! We got office surprises. – Okay. – Okay. – [Shaun] Uh-huh, you eating
a little crustable there? – Uh yeah. – [Shaun] Your mom pack that for you? – Maybe. – [Shaun] That’s cute. Oh yeah. – Yes, I like that. – [Shaun] It’s like 1.5 days right here. – It’s been a while. – [Shaun] You ready? – [Man] Yeah.
– Branson? – I don’t think I’ve ever
been a part of that plan. – You never. Pass that camera back back here. You can open the first box. Phew! Go for it, right here. That was a good clap. Some claps in the chat. (claps) Do you guys even know what this is? I know what this is,
and I’m really excited. – Oh, this one’s from Fully, dude. – Yeah. Our office is like one giant Fully family. The daddy desk. We got angsty teenager desk. (laughs) The baby bear desk. And now we’ve got the, uh. You know what, you gotta
open it, it’s a surprise. I’m not gonna tell you. – [Branson] Oh, what is this? – [Man] Wait, what? – [Shaun] I know, right. It doesn’t look like an office supply. – [Branson] I’m confused. – [Shaun] Yeah, this is
half the fun right here. This goes right here I think. Hang with me. – [Man] Whoa, look at this. No! No, dude, this is one of
those balancing things. – [Shaun] Yes! Do you think I can get a Shonduras one? Promo, like my own deck. All right, I gotta check this out. – [Man] Let’s see, let’s see. – You ready for this? So, you get on the pad here. (thud)
Boomp. (beeping)
Email, spin it. (beeping)
Another email, spin back. Oh, what’s up? Someone’s at my door? Let’s go. Hey.
– Yup. Did I hear mail time? (screaming) – That was actually really weird. I just said that when
someone was at that door. (laughing) I was like wait. – I didn’t hear that. – Wait no, we do actually
need a knife though. Yo, dude, check this out, look at this. Oh, I’m working, then
someone’s at the door. Woop, flip around. – [Man] I think that’s
actually so stiff dude. (mumbles) – I think it. Hold on, let me get some
facts here for you people, but I think this is healthy,
like it strengthens your core. – Makes you more agile to think
while you’re standing there. – I love this, go for it. I’m so hyped on these. – [Halliday] Oh, it’s smooth. – Right. Wait, hold up. Let me come through the door. Hey, uh bills are time, time for bills. (laughs) I actually don’t know what this one is though.
– Let’s try this here. – Let’s open this one. – I really just came for this. – Did you guys know
Halliday’s a knife guy now? He has all these cool collectible knives. Him and Pete are like kin and
they’re like knife buddies. Hold on, let me show you. – [Halliday] Look at that. That’s a Spider Co. and that’s a Sebenza. – [Shaun] No idea what that means. – This is the strongest
knife, like this is titanium, but once you flip it out
this is as if it was a solid, you know, blade. – I have one, it’s not a
(mumbles), it’s a butter though. It’s a butter knife.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Really good for like spreading. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Man] I’ve heard of those. – Yeah. – [Man] Those are great too. – We gotta build it. This is like Legos. Do we even know what it is? It literally says right here. Kneeling chair. – [Man] Uh, what? – So it’s like a. – Oh wow. (laughter) (horse neighing) – Oh my gosh, that looks like
a massage chair or something. We’ve got a monduras. We got a metal guy. Now, we need a massage
person at the Space Station. – A masseuse. – Guys leave comments if you wanna be the
Space Station masseuse. Pretty much a joke, but you
can still leave your comments. Check this out. I found this present inside the box. And look, we made a modification. Now’ it’s faster.
(space noises) David, founder and CEO. David, you did a good job. I really like everything you guys do. A book, I like that. Oh, another book? Oh, I like this. It’s not parts, it’s just a cool book. This is gonna be a kneeling desk soon. David, I wanna meet you. I like all your Fully stuff
and thanks for the book. Kneeling desk coming soon. (upbeat music) Oh and then that goes up and down. – [Man] Yeah. – Okay. Let’s make it go down a little bit. Yeah, big old muscular legs, you know, because I skateboard. Does it shimmy down or go? Oh, it goes all the way. Okay, that was easy. A little product review for this thing. So far the review is easy. Oh. – Wait, what? – I like this, dude. – [Man] Totally. – Wow, this feels so good! This is insane. This stuff’s amazing.
– That looks comfortable. – [Shaun] Try this. – [Man] Oh my gosh, dude. – Spider hands. – Oh my gosh, dude,
– These are the best. those are the best. I don’t know if this is
making me more productive or less productive. (laughs) Actually, though.
– Right? – Yo, this is so comfortable. – [Man] Look at that posture too. – This is an actual problem though. I kinda just wanna stand at
my desk and play on that. That’s like all I wanna do right now, but I also got a kneeling
chair and I wanna kneel on it. But also like these have
been the go to for years, not years but a little close. – [Man] That tickles, dude. – Then also, we have our own fricken Space Station gaming chairs. Now, I’m not gonna say
they’re not comfortable. They definitely don’t have
the same physical support– – Hardened, ergonomic al. – That these have. – Ergonomical support
that these ones have. Here’s the problem
though, do you kneel desk, or do you comfy desk,
or do you slope desk? Yo, Trav, I got a problem
for you, get in here. – [Woman] Oh hi. – There’s Halliday’s wife. Okay, Morgan, check this out. We have an actual problem. Sit right here. – Oh, what is that? – Yeah, Trav, no. – [Man] Actually, just wait. – Your world is about to get complicated. – This chair. – Is that nice? – This is an ultrasound chair. – Yeah, it’s comfy, right? Would you rather sit there
or would you rather be like, ba-dum, I’m working, like
oh I gotta pay bills. Turn around, boom, pay your bills. And then, know when we go– – Definitely, definitely that. – More problem. – What is that?
– No, more problem. Get over here.
– Wait for it. – Please tell me this isn’t the most amazing chair
you’ve ever experienced. – [Man] Trust. – This is from Fully’s though? – Yeah. – [Man] You just have to sit in it. – Okay. – Roll you over to this desk. Pretend my name’s Shaun Halliday. – Okay. – [Man] Nice. – Is that nice?
– Yes. (laughter) – I do like it. – So here’s the problem, this is literally what we were just discussing. Do I float, do I kneel,
do I lounge, do I game? Like I have too many options. – Fully, yeah, Fully
coming in with the options. – Look at our office right now. Our office is actually 48% Fully. – [Man] I gotta stand on this. – Man, we got problems. – Try it. – Trav, it’s amazing. – It actually is really. – Oh my.
– Exactly. Now pretend my name is Bird. (laughter) – [Man] Trav, you’ve got some long legs. – [Shaun] Is that comfy
for you being tall? Honest answer. – Uh, yeah. I still feel like I’m
sitting up like properly. – [Shaun] Your posture, right? – This is comfy and
it’s comfy on the knees. – [Man] Yeah. – There you have it, Fully
brought us more problems. Now, we don’t know how to sit. Thanks a lot, Fully. – [Man] Geez, tall. – [Shaun] To the most
standingest people I know at their desks. – [Man] Oh. – [Shaun] I brought you guys a present. – Oh boy. – [Shaun] Open it together, like brothers. (bangs)
– Oh, is it broken? – [Shaun] It’s broken
now, that was your last. – Do you want me to get like a knife? – Why use a knife when you have hands? – Cause he wasn’t at 1.5 bro,
he doesn’t know the rules. – That’s true.
(laughs) – [Shaun] You gotta
punch it a couple times. (banging) – What is this? – [Shaun] This is your new best friend. These two are always standing. I’ve never seen them sitting. – It’s a float deck. From Fully? – [Shaun] This is actually amazing. You are going to love it. I don’t think you have to use it. – [Man] To protect the floor a little bit. – [Shaun] But I think it
just kind of makes it, you know, I don’t know what it does. – [Man] See it, cool looking. – [Man] Throw it down, give it a shot. – [Man] I wish I could have one. – [Shaun] Yeah, if you stood more you would have got one too, but I always see you sitting so just not part of the gift, sorry man. (laughter) You guys should work together. No! Brothers, don’t fight. Do it together, one on each side, lets go. – I was thinking like this. (laughter) – [Shaun] See, look at how much more work you guys are gonna get done. Oh, there goes my
harmonization for this video. (laughter) Marcos, I love this. Look at this vibe of your desk. – [Marcos] Thank you. Look at my jungle. – [Shaun] Oh wow, okay. – [Marcos] Marco’s peace
garden is what I call it. – That’s amazing. I feel like it’s a core workout. – Yes! I’ve been saying that all day. I think it’s like a core
thing, I don’t know. In the description I’ll put
like what this does for you, but I believe it helps your core. I will do my gut check, get it, gut check? – I think what I’m
feeling is a core workout, and then relief from my feet ’cause it feels like I’m floating, which I’m assuming is why
it’s called a float deck. – For me it’s more about
just having fun while I work. I don’t know what it does
beneficially, but I enjoy it. – It spices things up. – A kick flip? I don’t want to break it,
but I really wanna try. I’m just gonna try it once. – [Man] Three, two, one. – But look what I can. That’s really fun. You guys skate, or what? Do you guys float? – [Man] I float. – I’m a solo floater. – Thanks, see you man. – [Shaun] Anyways, you guys
share that and all get along. – [Man] Thanks Fully. – [Shaun] If you decide to stand some day. Yeah, you know what, say it again. – I’m Fully appreciative.
– Thanks Fully. – There you go. – You’re Fully appreciative,
but you said that. – [Shaun] There you go. If you ever decide to stand,
go ahead and give it a shot. – [Man] My core’s already (mumbles). – We’re going to the top. The glass conference center almost done. Killin’ it. Scott, killin’ it. This is going to be, I don’t know if we’ve talked about this, this is gonna be offices up here. We are going to expand
the office structure. A rope swing that goes
from there over to here, and then you land and if you
make it, you’re in your office. Right? – We’re not doing a rope swing. – [Shaun] Hey Halliday,
we actually had this idea. You know that rope bridge at the aquarium? – Yeah, yeah. (heavy electronic music) – [Shaun] Imagine that
rope bridge right there. It’s completely safe and that’s just how you get back and forth. And then for the real ballers,
we just have a rope swing and you just gotta. – You just go for it. Open the door! – [Shaun] Laptop in hand. – Open the door. – See the offices up here. I think we’ll blow out a window right here, so you can see in. We’re gonna put flooring
right here so it feels like the office extends and
you’re not in the warehouse. So what kind of decisions
are we making right now? – [Man] Where the windows
go, and where the doors go. – Windows and doors. Got some decisions to make. BRB. (upbeat music) Wow, this is exciting. I’m not gonna tell you
anything we just talked about. You’re just gonna have to keep
watching The Best Days Ever and see it happen, but good stuff. Amazingness. Gentlemen, killin’ it. Scott, you’re a wizard. Catch the vlog!
– Whoa! (nervous laughter) – [Shaun] Yes, that was full scared! – [Halliday] I didn’t
even know it was coming. – I’m more scared just like walking down a ladder than jumping. No lie, I should have just
jumped, ladders are scary. Alright, back to work. Told ya, pizza, healthy pizza. Chef Nick, chef Nick’s wife, chef my wife. Ah Nick, tell me about this pizza. Is that the dough? – Yep, it is made out of almond flour and mozzarella cheese. It’s the best dough ever. – It sounds healthy. Hi chef Niko. What are you eating puffs? Let’s see if he’ll eat
a puff off of the vlog. – [Jenny] Oh Dad, the vlog is dirty. No, no, no. – [Shaun] Eat a puff off the vlog. – [Jenny] No, no, no, no, no, no. – [Shaun] Do you want this puff? (gasps) Get it, get the puffs! Those are Keto puffs! – [Jenny] No they’re not.
(baby gurgles) – [Shaun] You need to lose weight. – Hey, he’s cute. – [Shaun] I’m just kidding. Lil-chunk. – [Jenny] My chubby, chub, chub. – [Nick] The best babies are fat babies. – I was gonna say, the best babies are fat babies. – It’s true. That is pizza dough. It’s gonna be an interesting experiment. I’ll uh keep you guys updated. – Experiment. – See the thing is, me and
Jenny have been trying to eat healthy lately, so Nick and
Elise are our healthy coaches. Step one, is Keto pizza. – Well, they are been raving about it, so. And I can’t eat a normal pizza. – [Shaun] Is it actually delicious? – I love it. It’s my favorite pizza. – [Shaun] Really? – Yeah. – I feel like I have the same
taste of pizza as Elise, so – [Elise] It’s good, it’s
just not normal pizza. – Yeah, it’s gonna be interesting. – It’s new Crystal Light stuff. – It’ll be interesting. I did like the Crystal Light stuff though. – And I’m just over here eating cereal so. And Cooper’s playing the floor is lava. (laughter) Good job, bud, you’re still alive. – [Elise] Nick just thinks
that it’s better than pizza. – [Shaun] What even is Keto? I just keep saying the word keto. Is it a diet? – [Both] Yeah. – [Shaun] What does it mean? – No carbs, no sugar. – That is a diet I’m not capable of, guys. – [Nick] Only a couple more minutes. – [Shaun] Deliciousness, look at that. – [Jenny] Um, they look good. – [Shaun] Does it look delicious? – Uh-huh. – [Jenny] Look, you can see ’em. (mumbles) – [Shaun] Cooper, no, no. – [Nick] You are too strong. – [Shaun] You’re so strong. The watermelon went everywhere. – [Jenny] I got it honey, you’re okay. – No, don’t put it in the trash. – Oh, I have more in the fridge. It’s dirty now. (laughter) She was gonna eat it off the floor. – I love how much she loves watermelon. I don’t know if she likes the taste or if she just the feeling
of getting big muscles. Either way, she’s a watermelon fan. How much do you like watermelon? – This many. – [Shaun] That many. When was the last time you ate watermelon? – Five days. – [Shaun] Wow. When was the last time
you brushed your teeth? (screeching) – Five days. – [Shaun] Wow, when was the
last time you breathed the air? – Five days. – [Shaun] When’s the
last time you went potty? – Five days. – [Shaun] When was the last
time you watched the vlog? – Five days. (gentle music) – [Shaun] Well geez, is it ready? – [Nick] It’s ready. – [Shaun] It’s ready! That actually looks delicious, okay. – [Jenny] Here we go. – [Shaun] First bite. – That is really good. – [Shaun] Promise? – [Jenny] Uh-huh. – [Shaun] I wanna try it. – [Jenny] Get your own! Get your own! (growls) (laughing) – Honest opinion, it’s good. I didn’t expect it, but this is good. Nick, master chef. Jenny’s like almost done over there. Adley, do you like your pizza? – Yeah. – [Shaun] How is it, on
a scale from one to ten? – Good. – Good. Okay, do you got everything? Bunny? – I need something else! The purse, and this, and this. – [Shaun] Adley, we’re just going to bed you don’t need everything. (mumbles) – And this. Hold on, one more thing, and this. – [Shaun] Okay, that’s plenty,
we’re just goin’ to bed. Say goodnight to the vlog. – [Adley] Goodnight. – Say goodnight. – Goodnight! – We’ll be back, we’re doing bed time. (child’s laughter) – The worm’s sliding down the stairs. Adley said she wanted to end the vlog. – Thanks for watching, bye! (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Man] You’re getting
a male, male pair team. They’re doing things that no other pair has dared to do.

Randall Smitham



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