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Adrenal Body Type, Cortisol & Belly Fat!

– The next body type
we’re gonna talk about is gonna be called the adrenal. Now the adrenal gland
sits on top of the kidney. Right here. You got two of them. Go ahead and put your
fingers on your adrenals. Now the adrenal gland is a stress gland. How many have ever
experienced stress before? Got one, two, three, four, five, six. Give me an example of
what stresses people out. Work, traffic, children, kids, husbands, being overweight, school, relationships, life, finances. Wow you guys can relate to that. How many have ever had a
stressful relationship before, at least once? Twice? Okay. We’ll stop right there. So the adrenal reacts and
adapts the body to stress. So if you pretend like you’re
being chased by a tiger, for the next 10 years, and how your body would react to that, that’s what happens with
the adrenals over time when it burns out. Well if you’re being chased by a tiger, you’re not gonna be able to sleep okay, you’re not gonna be able to reproduce, so you’re gonna have
problems with hormones, reproductive hormones, you’re gonna problems with digestion, you’re gonna have problems
with blood pressure and cholesterol and all these
other things with blood sugars cause you’re running on sugar. So I’m gonna go through all of them. But the adrenals regulate stress
and stress does accumulate. Yes you’re like a bucket. And you filled up. In fact, there is always some
stress that has occurred right before you started
developing a stubborn weight issue. Always. If you ask a person, they think it’s just calories right. Well if you take it back, when did you start gaining weight? What happened just before that? You’re gonna find that they had a baby, c-section, a surgery, a hysterectomy, tubal ligation, they got married, they got a divorce, all on that same date. No. No they have just a lot
of different stresses. I’ve had people even
as kids be overweight. And many times it comes
after an asthma attack, or a ear infection, or a throat infection, so many things that can
stress the body out. But stress does accumulate, and over time, you develop too many applications
on your desktop computer, which is your body. So all these things accumulate, and you’re just like a bucket of stress. Some people when we
measure the inside of you, are so jacked up, they can’t sleep, they can’t relax. So I would say probably the biggest thing that stresses people out are other people. Is that true? There’s certain personality
types that kind of get to you. You got the whiner, right, they’re like will you please help me, will you please help me. Do they ever accept your help? No. You just wanna like okay let
me push you down the stairs. Now do you want my help? (laughter) So it’s like you have whiners, you have the antagonistic
person who is rude. You have the real depressed
person that brings you down. You’ll give them a solution, they say no that will never work. Or you have those really happy people. That are always this happy. That doesn’t stress me out but sometimes it’s like if you’re depressed, you don’t really like these happy people. They’re just too positive all the time. But there’s one personality type that really gets on my nerves. And they call it the passive-aggressive. Called under miners. Now let me show you what they look like. So everyone look at me very
very hostile right now. You’re smiling. (laughter) Look at me very mean. Okay now smile. Hi nice to meet you. They’re gonna back stab you. (laughter) To your face, they told you they stood up for you. But they actually ruined your reputation. They love gossip. How many of you know anyone like that? They give you a compliment
but they follow it up with a sharp critical comment. They’ll say something like
hey that’s a nice jacket, was it on sale? I’m like who would ever say that? It’s like oh that’s a nice haircut. Did you get it at Cheap Cuts? My uncle, actually yes he was my uncle, he goes congratulations, you graduated as a chiropractor. Congratulations. Hey why didn’t you wanna
become a real doctor? (laughter) So you have people that
are bringing you up and people that are
bringing you down right? So those people they
bring you down covertly. So they’re very introverting. They’ll do something like this. Are you feeling okay? You look really tired. Are you sick? And you’re like I was
fine until you said that. So I do have a way of
getting back at these people. If you would like to know about that. Does anyone wanna know the technique? Okay just reverse the flow. Just do it back to them. Has that been growing for a while? (laughter) You don’t have anything on your face. They’ll be in the bathroom for hours looking at their face going
is there anything on here? Cause they’re introverting you. So ya. Okay. So let’s move onto
something less stressful. But if you’re in a relationship like that, or someone’s connected, and you’re trying to reason with them, don’t hold your breath. You can’t reason with them. That’s what frustrates you because you just want to get them to see. Can’t you see that you’re crazy? No they’re not gonna see that. They have to be right. They’d rather be right than successful. So you just better off
just ignoring them okay. So when the adrenal gland gets burnt out, your tolerance for stress goes down. You don’t tolerate people anymore. People get on your nerves. You become edgy. Especially incompetent people. People that make mistakes. You kinda like, you might react more
than you should right. You’re not going crazy okay. It’s the adrenals. Because the tolerance of stress, your ability to tolerate stress stuff, this kind of buffers it. So sometimes that buffer goes down and you’re just kind of
on edge all the time. The way you think. It’s not linear, it’s like popcorn thoughts
just coming in like this. Your memory starts. The adrenal affects the GPS of the brain. So it’s kinda like you’re
going down the stairs, you’re like what am I looking for again? Gotta back track. Okay. You’ll be talking to someone but you’re actually having another
conversation in your head. You might be waiting for
the person to stop talking so you can talk. Because you’re kind of thinking too fast, it’s going too fast. What you’re doing is you’re
solving problems 24/7. You can’t stop solving problems. In fact you can’t stop thinking. So with adrenal, they do a lot of thinking. Cause they’re in this survival mode. It’s called flight or fight mode. The problem with that, is it stirs up the adrenals even more. What they should be doing is
just turning off for at least, I don’t know, like a half hour a day. Go for a walk. Look at a tree, a bird, a cloud and just get space. Don’t get the headphones on and look at your computer all the time. How many of you sit in front of a computer more than five hours a day? Sixteen hours a day. Wow. What happens is that, it really kind of, the computers and everything kind of will stress your body too. Especially if you have the
computer right next to your body. I would try to get as
far away as possible. And even when you go to sleep at night make sure there’s no electrical
stuff right by your head. You got cell phones, you know all that stuff. I’m very sensitive to energies. And I can pick up, like I don’t like talking
on that cell phone. Somehow it just feels like
there’s a microwave on my brain. So I’m like okay I gotta go. That’s why everyone’s like
what’s your cell phone number? I never pick it up. Cause I don’t like that cell phone. So the adrenal. When the adrenal gets stressed, you can’t tolerate stress. And you start increasing hormones that are gonna cause belly fat. All right. So this is an adrenal body
type shape right here. The weight is right there. Now why is it in the belly primarily? Because your body’s in survival, and as stress mechanism, you’re gonna hold it around
the most important organs which happen to be in your midsection. Your body’s trying to survive. It’s trying to help you. It’s protecting you against starvation. That low-calorie diet
that you’re gonna go on. Ya. So it’s like gonna put it right here. How many sit ups will it
take to flatten that belly? It’s not gonna happen. Why? Because it’s coming from a hormone. Your problem is not your
weight it’s your hormones. You have to reduce that cortisol. The things that people do to lose weight end up destroying their metabolism. And their hormones. We don’t want to jack that up anymore so people take stimulants. You’re already stimulated. You don’t want to jack it up more. So it goes there. Now over time, instead of burning the
belly fat off as energy, it’s gonna burn off your leg muscles before it even touches that fat. In other words your body’s gonna use up your proteins in your thighs. So guess what that’s connected to? Your knees. That’s why you have a lot of
knee problems with adrenal. And you have a lot of collagen because all the glue that holds the
body together falls apart. So you have loose skin. It’s called pendulous abdomen
it kind of sags right here. And when you get up from a
seated position you kind of like. You’re getting up. Climbing is a problem. Your legs are heavier. Don’t worry it gets worse. So after these legs become dissolved, then your adrenals will
go after another muscle called the glutimus maximus. What muscle is that? Your behind. So what happens is not only
do we get thinner legs, and bigger trunk, but we get no butt. So you got no butt, no legs, all belly. You’ve seen people like that right? So you have something to look forward to. I’m just kidding. I’m telling you you gotta start now. Just preventing okay. I’ve had relatives that before menopause, oh my goodness waist like this, after, like that. So ya. So adrenal glands will
cause all sorts of problems with stress responses and it
affects their ability to sleep. Normally when you go to sleep at night, you’re supposed to go
through four waves of sleep. From a light sleep here, to a deep sleep here. Now down here, in the lower parts, this is called the delta
wave sleep right here. That’s where you burn 98% of all your fat. Not during the day. All the fat burning occurs right there. If you’re not sleeping, you’re not gonna burn fat. But in your mind, you’re thinking you’re wasting your time. I should be walking while I’m sleeping just to burn off those calories. So let’s talk about calories for a second. Yes exercise does burn calories. That’s true. But not necessarily fat calories. Let’s take a look at something. When a normal person exercises, they actually stress their body out. Okay sounds pretty interesting. But what all the benefit from
that exercise occurs in the recovery 14 hours to 24 hours later when you’re in the deep sleep. If you’re sleeping. If you let yourself recover. You ever hear that workout called the P90X or the Insanity workout? I normally see people at like
45 they start doing that. You ever see the videos
they have like 18 year olds. If you have low recovery, like low endurance, low fitness, and you do that something that high, you’re gonna hurt yourself. You’re gonna pull a hamstring. I see it all the time. My son, I took him to wrestling
practice and he’s like 16, 17, I was a wrestler in college, we go there, and all the fathers are around the mat. They’re standing around the
perimeter with their shoes off with their socks on
waiting to jump in there. Cause in their mind, they’re still 18. One guy breaks a rib, this guy he runs out, almost like had a heart attack. It was hilarious. So mentally you might still be 18, physically you may not
be quite that level. So it really, all the benefit occurs in the
recovery after the workout. So when you exercise, you stress your body and then
you’re supposed to recover. And that’s when you burn the fat. Not during the workout. If you don’t believe me, go workout three hours and
weigh yourself before and after. You’ll burn 900 calories, but no actual weight loss. Okay. So it’s all right here, if you can recover. Adrenal cases don’t recover that well. So they don’t adapt. So the exercise only is good is if you can change or adapt to it. So that’s really what we’re dealing with is how do you get your body to change from the things your doing it. How many found when you were 18 you could pretty much
eat anything you want? And really you could just
get away with it right? How many find you can’t
quite get away with it now? What is the difference? The difference is your metabolism. The rate. Your metabolism. Okay that’s really what’s broken. You really have to exercise based on your ability to recover from it. It’s better off for
adrenals if you go walking on a flat surface then
to get on that treadmill to burn off the calories. So the thing that people do, cut calories, starvation, exhaustive exercise is the exact thing that’s keeping that weight there. And they’re frustrated because
they’ve been taught that oh everyone knows that you
just have to exercise and diet. Oh really? Well those people that are saying that have never probably worked
with one person I bet. I’ve been there. In the field of weight loss for 25 years, I worked on 35,000 different people. I believe a patient, because I observe them. They’re eating good, and it’s still not working. They’re doing the treadmill
it’s still not working. So it really has to do with the internal. So we wanna adjust the workout
to your ability to adapt. THat’s why you can’t put
everyone in the same program. Everyone needs their own program. So with adrenal either
they can’t get to sleep cause they’re so wound
up and they can’t relax cause they’re thinking so much. Or they get up in the middle
of the night like two, and they’re more awake at two
then they are during the day. In fact right after lunch, or three o’clock they’re
just ready to go to sleep. So either they can’t get to sleep, they can’t stay asleep or the bladder, which actually is
controlled by the adrenal, has to eliminate. So they’re getting up urinating
several times a night. That’s adrenal. The best sleep for the
adrenal is a half hour before the alarm clock
goes off right there. Right when you finally get to sleep, that’s when you gotta get up. Can anyone relate to that? Ya. Don’t worry it gets worse. So we got the adrenal
will affect the sleep. Create an inability to
see change from a workout. And it also will affect your cognitive. It affects a lot of other things as well. It affects blood pressure. Ya that’s one of the
symptoms from the adrenal is high blood pressure. Especially of the top number the systolic before the diastolic. So always look at the top number. If the top number’s high, we know it’s adrenal. So because you lost
that recovery mechanism to kind of keep the pressure down. So you have blood pressure, we have blood sugar. Yes diabetes is a symptom of adrenal. Cause they control the sugars. Blood cholesterol is adrenal. Ya. Cholesterol is needed
to make adrenal hormones during stress. The more stress you go through, the more cholesterol you need to be able to build those hormones. And then you have all
allergies are adrenal, including this sinus. Low vitamin D levels are adrenal. I know your doctor’s
saying go take vitamin D you’re deficient, but they’re not asking why. Okay. Arthritis. All the itises. In fact anything connected
with inflammation is adrenal. Poor handwriting. That’s me. I could write the first part of the word, but the last part just
kind of gets all lost. So this means blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, allergies, vitamin D, inflammation and cognitive issues. Insomnia. Other than that you’re perfectly healthy. Now here is the problem. What happens is that the
medical system treats these. They don’t ask why. There’s no evaluation. What they’ll do is take that symptom, okay, these are symptoms. This is what symptom is. And then they make it the problem. Okay they confuse the
symptom with the problem. It’s like one of those obvious things I’m like is it just me? Why isn’t anyone asking this question? Cause if you asked your
doctor what caused this, what they’ll do is convert it to a very scientific complex name. Okay. You have lumbalgia. What does that mean? Low back pain. Oh okay. You have fibromyalgia. What does that mean? You’re hurting all over your body. You have plantar fasciitis. What does that mean? You got pain in the foot. You have dysdiadokinesis. Sounds pretty scientific. That means you can’t
do this with your body. You can’t rotate it back and forth. You have spondylolisthesis. What does that mean? You have a broken back. There’s all these labels. Post traumatic stress syndrome. Means you got some stress in your past. They have one now called non-compliance to treatment disorder. I’m serious. I’m not kidding. Non-compliance to treatment disorder. If you don’t do what the doctor says. I told my son that and he said, oh homie don’t play that. I said what does homie
don’t play that mean? He said that means I’m
not gonna do what you say. I’m like oh okay. Then you’re gonna get a
diagnosis from the doctor. Cause he’s gonna go you have non-compliance to treatment disorder. Well maybe you didn’t want the surgery. Maybe you wanted a second opinion. And they’ll put this label. They have a manic-depressive. What does that mean? It means that you’re happy and sad. What’s wrong with being happy you know? You have clinical depression. It could mean that you’re not sleeping. People that don’t sleep get depressed. So it’s just amazing. And then it’s treated with a poison. I’m sorry medication. My whole thought is that what’s
really missing in healthcare is the health part. I mean I don’t know. Sometimes I’m like did
I just think of that? Is that an original idea
or does everyone know that? I mean it’s bizarre there’s
no health in healthcare. It’s all disease care. There are underlying principles
to all subjects in life that are very high principles. That everything kind
of must revolve around. Okay. My whole principle in weight loss is getting healthy to lose weight. Not losing weight to get healthy. You have to focus on your health. Now that’s pretty powerful
because if you don’t know that, you’re very susceptible
to the next unhealthy diet that comes along, or a little gimmick that
might not be healthy. But if you look at it
from the viewpoint of, okay is that healthy, yes, okay that might work. Let’s just take the word food. How many of you eat food? Okay. Ya. How many of you never looked up the definition of the word food before? Okay I’m gonna tell you what it is. It’s that which is eaten to sustain life, provide energy and promote the
growth and repair of tissue. It comes from the Latin word
which means nourishment. Nutrients. So food is nutrients. That’s why we are supposed to eat it. We’re not supposed to eat
food for necessarily anything other than health and nutrients. So when you go into the grocery store, you can ask now, what am I in the mood for? No no no. Don’t ask that. Cause you’re gonna get a brownie. But if you say what can
get me more nutrition? What can I eat that has more nutrition? That’s very powerful. Because then you get
to stay out of trouble. I guarantee all the junk foods don’t have a lot of nutrition. They don’t. Other than synthetic vitamins. In politics you have underlying
principles that you use. Like I guess the principle in politics or the underlying senior
principle would be something like, don’t spend more than you have. Right. In the budget. Would that be kind of a smart
thing to get out of trouble? So I guess we don’t have
to worry about that one. Just being sarcastic. What about in the area
of health in general, or healthcare you have
to create your health. Can you imagine if we
just put 1% of the money we put in sick care or health care into just prevention or creating health. It’s over. It’s over. I mean prevention. The problem is the doctor’s will say okay let’s check in six months. Okay. And you keep coming back. Let’s check you. Let’s check you. Sorry to tell you this you have cancer. Get your stuff together
and we’re gonna do chemo. What was to be done to prevent it? What was done to create the health? There’s nothing. What are they gonna do? An aspirin a day? I had to get life insurance. Okay. I’m still struggling to figure out why my wife wanted me
to get life insurance. And so I go to the doctor. My cholesterol is 180. It’s pretty good. Doctor says well it’s normal but we’re gonna practice
some preventative medication. Well what? What are you talking about it’s normal. He goes I know but we’re just doing it on everyone right now. I’m like no thank you. No. So he goes no no I have a free sample. Lipitor. I’m like no that has side effects. He goes oh no you can’t
believe the articles. I’m like do you get a kickback? So the point is that there’s a
lot of corruption in the area of pharmaceuticals and drugs. You already know that. But the point is that you have to start creating your health, because the doctors just don’t know how. I train doctors. I trained over 2400 doctors. They’re not taught how
to get someone healthy. Other than the food pairment. Drink more water. Eat more fiber. It’s not significant. So you really have to learn
how to create health yourself. And start building up your health cause no one else is gonna do it for you. Cancer takes 20 years
to grow in your body. I mean all of you probably have some cancer cells in your body. It’s what you’re doing in your environment that’s countering that
right now to protect you. You literally, you have to create your health. Everyday. So I look at people a little differently. Like what I’ll do, when I’m listening to people, I’ll just dissect them
in half and I’ll go okay what are the things they’re
doing to create their health, and what are the things they’re doing to counter create their health. Cause doing nothing is
counter creating right. And it’s amazing. It makes it so simple. I’m like wow look at this. Many people don’t realize
that the cravings are a very simple nutrient
deficiency potassium. When you have low potassium, you will crave sugar. Guaranteed. When you get your daily
amount of potassium, you will not crave sugar. It’s that simple. How many of crave sugar? Okay. If I tell you what to do, would you do it to get rid
of cravings within 24 hours? Or actually 48 hours. Okay so do this thing right here. Normal amount of potassium we
need is 4700 milligrams a day. Now what food is high in potassium. Bananas right? That’s 400. Okay. How many bananas would it take? 12. 12 bananas right. So you’re not gonna do 12 bananas okay. So the amount of potassium
you need is so high, you don’t even realize it. There’s a lot of potassium. So what you can do, is you can have all the leafy greens. You would need seven cups, just seven cups it’s not hard, couple salads a day, and you will fulfill your
daily amount requirement for potassium. You will not have cravings. It’s wonderful to help
protect against diabetes. This right here because
when you have that potassium it helps stabilize your blood sugars. But how many of you really don’t consume seven cups of salad a day? Hardly anyone does. How the heck are you ever
gonna get your potassium? So this is the problem. Is we don’t really know what
foods have the right nutrients. And the soils are so depleted. If you wanted to get your basic
nutrients of trace minerals, okay those are the little minerals that you need in small amounts, in your food right now, with the soils the way they are, you would have to consume
27,000 calories of food. Ya. So that’s gonna be pretty hard isn’t it? That’s a lot of food eating everyday. So you’re gonna have to enhance
your diet with something, just make sure it’s the right nutrients, plant-based, you have to concentrate. But ya this is the problem is that people don’t know how to create health. And so it’s kinda crazy. So we have the adrenal. The problem with the adrenal
is you get fluid retention because all the
electrolytes are controlled, the sodium potassium is
controlled by the adrenal. In other words, when you have adrenal problems, you lose potassium. Your salts and all these things that keep the fluid moving are gone. So the fluid’s gonna pool in your ankles. When you press your ankle
and it leaves a little dent, that’s fluid retention. You shouldn’t have that. Okay. Go ahead and press your ankle and see if you have
any indentations there. Can you call 9-1-1? So fluid in the ankles is
purely a electrolyte problem because the adrenal it’s backing up fluid. So we have that we’re gonna have salt cravings for adrenal too. Salt cravings. That’s adrenal. Salt is the mineral that
recharges the battery. That’s why you need a little
chip at night when you go home, I mean just to recharge your
battery cause you’re drained. Most of you are like a car in the freeway, the battery’s dead and you’re
putting gas in the car. Why doesn’t this thing start? Now you’re pushing the car, it’s getting kinda heavy. So electrolytes. Fluid. Now how much water should you drink? Eight glasses right? Who told you that? They told you. Someday I’m gonna find out who they is because that is a myth. I still can’t find where do
you find this information. Only drink when you’re thirsty. Here’s what I found. The more water you drink, the more dehydrated you become. Why because it flushes
out the electrolytes that are supposed to hold the water there. There’s a condition right now that, I think it’s called hyponatremia, which is actually too much water. Which is flushing your
electrolytes and you can die. Die by drinking too much water. So drink when you’re thirsty. I have a machine. I measure fluid in the person’s body. Normally people that drink the most water are the most dehydrated. Don’t worry it gets worse. So they is everywhere, it’s nowhere. It’s like I don’t know who they is. So you have fluids, we have calcium. Calcium is controlled by the adrenal. Not just bone loss, not just muscle cramps, but you need calcium
to wind down at night. Without good adrenals, your calcium will deposit not in the bone, but on the bone. As arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, tartar on our teeth, cataracts, kidney stones, gallstones, bursitis, all the itises, and twitching in the
left eyelid right here. Ya that’s calcium. So again, what do people take? Calcium carbonate limestone. It’s in the One-A-Days. Anytime you get a vitamin
that’s prescribed, prescription at a pharmacy, oh my goodness, that’s like how low can you go. It’s just way off the deep end. It’s just gonna be rocks. You need plant-based minerals. This is how it works. The plant is supposed to
break down the minerals, like rocks in the earth, and absorb them into the plant, and make them easy to digest. The plant-based minerals
are 10,000 times smaller than rocks in metallic minerals. That you would get like sea salts. Ya 10,000 times smaller. So that would be the
equivalent to a golf ball to the Empire State Building. So you absorb these plant-based minerals. So much better. You ever find that when you eat food you don’t feel satisfied? Like it just doesn’t quite, even water just doesn’t satisfy you because the nutrients aren’t there. Why do you think you keep craving? So it’s a deficiency. So we have sinus problems. Oh that’s another diagnosis. Sleep apnea. What does that mean? It means that your sinuses are blocked. I mean it’s just amazing how
it’s gotten out of control. And so right now, the answer to healthcare is
not spending more money on it, it’s just to do more prevention. The whole philosophy is broken. But there’s no money in prevention. It’s too cheap. I mean it’s very cheap. In fact I can take every
one of your grocery bills and probably find $100
every two weeks of food that you could just switch
over to healthier food. And just take that and create health. It’s not that hard. It’s just choices of what
to eat in the grocery store. Why do I know this? Because I go in the grocery
store and I see what they have. It’s so bad. It’s amazing I’m like wow, people must be buying
that because it’s there. Trying to find food in the
grocery store is not easy. So we have adrenal. Any other question about
the adrenal body type. It’s kind of an interesting type. Snoring. Because the sinuses. There’s a nerve that goes
in the back of the sinuses that if the adrenal gland shrinks it because the cortisol and it
actually makes this thicker. So you’re like snoring. So we have adrenal. Now the other thing is that, of course my wife says that
sometimes I make that sound, and I’m like no I don’t. And she goes okay I’m gonna record you. I’m like okay you can prove it. So that’s adrenal.

Randall Smitham



  1. candyfliP Posted on January 17, 2019 at 4:07 pm

    I love dr.Berg!! I wish he was my doctor. I have adrenal body type. Everything he says is spott on. Now I am battling adrenal fatigue

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    I so identify with how the toxic passive aggressive people wear you down and stress you out. How's this for a line, from a lady I had met only once before at a music festival. "Hey, good to see you again. Wow, you are a much nicer person when you're sober!"

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    I have all the symptoms you mentioned, except high blood pressure. My bp has always been very low. Normal bp for me is 106/60. Does this mean I am not an adrenal body type?

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    Dr. Berg is a God!

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    Over 14-20 years of dealing with regular doctors, falling ever lower in health, I only found a solution with this new way of looking at how the body works and following the Moderate KETO+OMAD technique. Don't think I am ungrateful, modern medicine saved my life in the cancer battle but the aftereffects they left me to deal with alone~ THANK YOU DR. BERG!

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