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Adrenal Fatigue Causes Cravings for High Protein and Fat Diet

Craving for fatty foods and foods high in
protein is a common finding in people with adrenal fatigue. This is Dr.Lam, founder of
DrLam.com. Here we are going to talk about the reason
why this happens. Now those people with adrenal fatigue normally have underlying metabolic
problems. I’m talking about those people in advanced stages, not in the early stages;
because in the early stages there are practically no symptoms and most people are able to plow
through their day ok. They can have terrible diet and still feel good. Now this is not the case if you start to have
advanced adrenal fatigue because your body’s ability to produce energy is compromised if
you don’t have the perfect balance. Now, most people in advanced adrenal fatigue
as I said earlier, have carbohydrate metabolic imbalances. They cannot take too much carbohydrate
and they cannot take too little carbohydrate. Oftentimes their body will tell them and they
automatically switch to a higher protein and fat. Why? Because these compounds, the proteins
and fat, have a slower release of sugar, so they stay in the blood and the effectiveness
of sugar release tends to be longer. So, most people in advanced adrenal fatigue
have reactive hypoglycemia where they feel tired and they have irritability two hours
after they eat, three hours after they eat. They cannot last five or six hours. But having
more protein which releases the sugar slowly will let them have the ability to go longer,
maybe four hours or so. So the body understands that. The body is
smart enough and the body automatically will gear you towards that direction. So some people
will come in and say yes i cannot tolerate carbohydrates, but I like protein, I like
meat, or I like fat. And that is a way that the body is telling you; but they don’t necessarily
understand what is going on. Now, unfortunately with the society, sometimes
healthy eating is equated to less protein, more vegetarian, etc. But you know you can
get protein from both vegetarian sources as well as animal sources; but often times this
is missed. The important thing to understand is that protein and fat are important components
of our daily diet. They are not necessarily bad. Animal protein is also not that bad provided
that you know how to use it properly. Heat can destroy protein and change the structure
and same thing with the fat, but if you eat, for example, eggs that are very good in protein
and very good in cholesterol, that can actually sustain the body much faster, much longer,
than just regular carbohydrates, especially the longer part. The fast part not as much
because some of the carbohydrates can give you instant release, especially refined carbohydrates. But most people in adrenal fatigue, they are
not on a diet high in refined carbohydrates because they have learned their lessons. They
might eat a lot of salad, which is complex carbohydrates, but there is a tendency to
eat a little more protein than normal, which is good for the body to sustain the sugar.
They may eat more fat, which is also good to help the body sustain a more steady blood
sugar. So in that respect, when a person feels a
need for more protein and high fat diet, it’s actually a sign and a symptom of metabolic
imbalance that is associated with adrenal fatigue. Not 100%, but it’s something you
can look into. It’s a subtle sign, and you combine it with the rest of the clinical picture
and you should be clear. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. For more
information on this topic, head over to DrLam.com where I have written over a thousand articles
to help educate people. You can also call me at 626-571-1234 for more information on
Adrenal Fatigue and how to navigate it. Finally, if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe
to my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

Randall Smitham



  1. Linda Ola Posted on March 26, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    My body craving fat terribly so do I need too keep high fat and protein