March 30, 2020
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oh these wings are so good and I can’t
believe how easy it is to make them I have a few chicken wings on my website
and these are by far the easiest one to make and it’s crispy salty and sour
all in one bite in this video we’re gonna make easy air fire Thai
chicken wings with a killer Isan style dipping sauce made gluten and
grain free we’re gonna marinate the chicken wings with about 2 TSP of fish
sauce for 10 minutes total remember to flip the first site after 5
minutes it’s very important now listen don’t walk away thinking you can take a
nap or walk your talk that would be a mistake why because if you marinate
the wings for too long they will have a fishy taste you wanna give them just a
little flavor boost but not too much after you give them a quick marinade pat
dry the wings and sprinkle with little white pepper and this is optional a
little cumin powder on both sides spray the rack with a little coconut or olive
oil so they are less likely to stick place the wings in the basket over the
rack give a little space in between so they can crisps up nicely set at 400
Fahrenheit for 10 minutes first side and 10 minutes flip side simple right? Now
the real flavor comes with this killer Thai style dipping sauce
some people call it Isan-style spicy meat dipping sauce others call it Thai
dried chili dipping sauce it’s salty and sour and seriously it’s the best dipping
sauce of meat! Finely mince some shallots and
cilantro squeeze some fresh lime juice, add your
fish sauce, dry red pepper flakes, and sweeten it with monk fruit sweetener if
you’re on keto or use apple juice if Whole30 Friends you can find a
recipe on my blog but please don’t be too hung up on the exact measurements trust your taste buds if not sour enough add more lime juice not sweet enough and most sweeteners the predominant flavor should be Saudi and sour trust me the sauce work so well with wings and grilled meat. Now the last ingredient for
hot dipping sauce that we’re going to modify from the traditional recipe is
the toasted sticky rice powder now I recipes for people who are sensitive to
gluten or can’t have grainI or wheat so to mimic the roasted rice powder what I
found the closest texture and flavor are raw cashews with hemp seeds. Dry roast over medium-low heat for 3 to 4 minutes stir and toss
them often hanging. Use a pesto and mortar or grind them in a small food processor
they smell naughty delicious and add crunch and texture to the sauce oh look
at that golden crispy wings and it’s not deep fried now this is how you eat you’re gonna
have that dipping sauce nearby you dip and eat and you dip again and eat just
repeat. It’s so flavorful and very healthy I can’t believe how much you favor can
pack in thes mini wings look how juicy it is and it’s sour and salty, packed with so
much flavor so now friends go have fun and get that crispy chicken wings and
that killer Thai dipping sauce a try you’re gonna love it
leave a comment below and let me know what you think my name is ChihYu Smith from I Heart Umami you can find a recipe in the
description box below also check out more of my Asia- inspired Paleo recipes
here thanks so much for watching I will see
you next week

Randall Smitham