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welcome to the blending with Henry show [Music] before we get started if you guys would like to be notified when I put up new videos please press the bell icon after you press the subscribe button this will send you YouTube alerts when I upload new content thank you so much now let’s get blending with Henry. is it air is it aer or is it heir? Will the real air please stand up? but what is air okay you guys want advisements inform me about this product I knew it was an aerating product now I just was a bit skeptical at first now just when I thought the Vitamix did a lot of things the air dis container was definitely missing in their product line I kid you not now the aer dis container does four things and it doesn’t well whipping foaming muddling and emulsifying it sells for 144 ninety-five and it’s compatible with all full-sized Vitamix machines it’s compatible with legacy machines like the 6300 and the 750 it’s also compatible with the 780 touch screen if you have one of the Vitamix the set series machines it’s fully compatible with that as well so I’m sure you want to know how it works and if it’s a gimmick because I’m sure that’s on your mind let me show you the aer disc container performs a cyclonic action or a tornado effect just like other Vitamix containers now the difference is it’s not using blades but rather a circular disc with holes that pull down liquids to create air for emulsifying foaming whipping and muddling. now this is how a standard Vitamix container with blades performs notice how much more than yellow water is being agitated you guys now this is because the blades are designed to pulverizing the ingredients to blend rather than to create air. the aer disc comes complete with a recipe book with easy recipes now it also comes with a tamper but I didn’t find a necessary need for it now it may look like a duck. okay now the aer container resembles Vitamix’s new self detect 48oz containers such as the wet and dry blades now it’s the same 48oz container but they perform different functions the aer disc is well built now it’s thick and blunt and very safe for easy cleaning now as always vitamins uses metal gears and a heavy-duty retainer nut now if you have a Vitamix ascent such as the a 3500 or a legacy Vitamix such as the pro 750 the aer disc is fully compatible let me show you. now for the ascent it actually works with the self detect features [Music] [Music] with your own creativity you guys you can make a lot of recipes with the aer disc container now for example Aioli, hollandaise sauce lemonade you can also make some tasty bar recipes too such as the citrus whiskey sour, Manhattan or the blackberry mojito now guess which ones I’m choosing? yeah the mayonnaise. my local cafe recently started serving these foam iced coffees called fog. I wasn’t sure what was the point when I tried one I loved it now of course I made one for you guys using the aer dis container now you actually get a bold coffee flavor with this light and delicious due to the aerating function so first I’m gonna start off making a chocolate foam topping I’m using the Vitamix ascent so I’m pouring in coconut milk and it has to be very cold you guys, very cold now I’m adding a premium chocolate sauce I’m gonna snap my lid in place I’m gonna go ahead and touch the start button and I’m gonna slowly wrap it up to speed six [Music] now look how smooth and creamy that turned out this is a perfect chocolate topping for our coffee alright to make our coffee fog I’m going to pour in some French press coffee ice cubes, snap my lid in place I’m going to go ahead and touch the start button I’m going to wrap it up to the highest speed [Music] [Music] now you guys hear the ice spinning around that’s because the aer disc circulates the ice to make the coffee cold rather than incorporate it and water down the coffee. now this is especially important you guys if you’re making alcoholic drinks okay so what you’re seeing here looks to be simply foam now which it is but it’s a bold flavor of coffee and it’s light now after a few minutes it starts returning to liquid form which is even better as it blends in with the foam [Music] now I’m topping it off with our whipped chocolate foam made from the coconut milk and since we’re adding milk dairy-free this serves as the cream in our coffee [Music] I’m garnishing it with premium chocolate sauce and now I’m adding a festive straw that match the color of the coffee and there you go the cold brew coffee fog it’s simply coffee made with the Vitamix aer dis container you’ve got a try it. my local cafe also has these fruit infusions made into a fog they’re fine but they’re just made with fruit flavored syrups I’m gonna show you how to make a muddle with fresh strawberries and fresh mango and when I try this the first time I was blown away you guys simply blown away now what I tasted was fresh juice and the fruit was still intact. so I’m gonna start off with coconut water I love coconut water it’s hydrating it has a nice subtle flavor granulated sugar, 2 large strawberries quartered, fresh mango slices, and some ice. I snap my lid in plac.e then we’re gonna go ahead and touch the start button I’m going to ramp it up to the highest speed [Music] [Music] and once again you guys hear the ice moving around the aer disc circulates the ice just to keep the drink cold. notice how the ice is still intact and chunks of fresh fruit are pouring right into the glass and it really smells great. another mango chunk and now I’m gonna garnish the top with a slice of fresh strawberry and I’m going to add a couple of festive straws to match the color of the drink and there you go a strawberry mango fog now this technique is called muddle it extracts the essential flavors of the fruit without pureeing. it’s so great you have got to try it now you guys can also make some delicious lemonade with this technique as well and you won’t need to squeeze lemons or use lemon juice now it may well be the best lemonade you ever had now you guys I do live a dairy-free life but I know many of you out there love dairy based whipped cream it is delicious after all okay now so I’m going to show you how to make whipped cream in seconds and create a simple strawberry parfait so first we’re going to turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar. if you have the Vitamix ascent you can use the 8 ounce Bowl like you see here this took a matter of a few seconds to make and it’s a perfect powder yeah it looks like something else but it’s not coca-cola. I’m also gonna make some graham cracker crumbs from graham crackers [Laughter] to make the whipped cream I’m going to pour in one cup of heavy whipping cream it’s also very important that it’s very cold I’m gonna put in a couple of tablespoons of our powdered sugar that we made it in the Vitamix 8 ounce bowl and a teaspoon or so of vanilla extract I’m gonna snap my lid in place. I’m gonna go ahead and touch the start button and I’m going to ramp it up to speed six very slowly notice how the mixture became completely solid that’s when it’s finished I’m going to remove the lid and I’m going to show you guys that came on nice and perfect it’s very firm. alright this is an overhead shot so you can see how well it came out it just took under 15 seconds I’m piping the whipped cream onto the strawberries, now be nice you guys I am not artistic okay I’m not a chef so it’s not a little bit perfect as long as it tastes good right that’s all that matters now I’m gonna have a few more strawberries and you really can’t have too many strawberries right you guys I mean I really love strawberries yeah and now I’m gonna garnish it with the graham cracker crumbs we made earlier then I’m gonna add a whole graham cracker It’s looking good right and then a spoon of course it’s looking better okay and there you go strawberries and cream parfait you guys ready for the finale what will it be? French fries! now the best part of the blending with Henry show is I get to eat the food now you can’t make french fries in the Vitamix of course but I did make the egg free garlic Aioli dip for the fries in the Vitamix Aer Disc container let me show you how to do it now the first ingredient is aquafaba it’s a fancy word for the juice drained from garbanzo beans, apple cider vinegar Dijon mustard kosher salt lemon juice since the aer disc doesn’t break down whole garlic I’m using garlic puree we’re gonna snap my lid in place I’m gonna start on low to incorporate the ingredients now I’m going to remove the lid plug and then I’m going to start pouring in very slowly light olive oil. it’s important to add the olive oil slowly for proper emulsification I’m going to increase the speed as I add in the olive oil continue increasing until you get to speed six continue adding the olive oil very slowly until you completely emptied it which is usually one full cup notice how the Aioli dip is starting to form so what is Aioli? well the short answer is it’s a garlic mayonnaise but there’s so much more to it than that and it’s got much more of a history it’s actually the best thing I have ever had to dip my fries in. the perfect emulsion and it smells great you guys really does and it only took just a little over one minute okay we’re gonna pipe this into the container and I think I’m doing a little better job this time what do you think you guys okay and the garlic smells fantastic I’ve got my hand-cut Yukon Gold fries and Aioli dip, now I’m ready to watch the Warriors beat the Caves now Vitamix may not like that they’re in Cleveland but I live in the bay I do wish you guys were here to join me so if you’re a vitamix owner should you invest in the Aer Disc container? well it’s one hundred and forty four ninety five and some of the recipes can be made in your standard Vitamix container but the muddle feature alone being able to make these refreshing drinks so easily in my opinion is worth the price of admission for making foams and whipped recipes and also excels over the standard Vitamix container and I found speed six to be the sweet spot for emulsifying and making whipped cream it does take a small learning curve you guys but once you try it you may love it as much as I do all right you guys thanks for watching the blending with Henry show now if you like this video please press the like button and please subscribe and hit that Bell icon for future video updates if you’d like to order the Vitamix err dis container click the link below the video it helps to support blending with Henry thank you as always now we’ll see you all next time

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