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Am I Too Old to Do Keto? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I’m Violet remember we make
these videos to help everyone to understand information that’s going
around the net and also just to talk about things that we think would be
helpful for people when they’re trying to do a kid Johnny lifestyle so what do
we have today okay so today we’re gonna answer
Martha’s Martha Aris questions I have tried keto but I got a headache so bad
that I couldn’t stand it how can I avoid this because I would like to try again
second please talk about women that is older I’m not menopause yet but I’m 53
years of age is it good for women my age I do intermittent fasting and I watch my
carbs but I have not made to keep it yet so she basically cannot stay home keto
so so first thing bad addicts well actually the I would the first
thing I would go to is in a minute fasting has been around for a long time
and actually I heard about intermittent fasting before I heard about keto so I
guess it just tells you like it’s a bit more popular I would say and it’s a bit
more accepted as an idea because fasting first of all is religious wise there’s a
lot of religions that fast and like for for medical appointments we
often need to fast fasting is not a strange idea but here’s the thing
fasting when you’re doing the standard American diet is really difficult I
actually look at these as two separate things so this is this is violet having
now gotten to the point where I have fasted from medical reasons like the
doctor wants to take a blood test or something and you can’t eat while I was
doing the standard Canadian diet and I have fasted doing a ketogenic lifestyle
so the first thing that I would say Tamar thha is can we put down fasting
for a second and focus on keto only because when you pick it up later it’s
gonna be so much easier cuz honestly fasting what doing a kids lifestyle
almost doesn’t feel like you’re fasting whereas when I did it for medical
reasons back then oh wow like it’s so much harder so that’s the first thing I
would say is I would I would talk with that first your
gonna make your life easier and I think you would agree with me faceting since
you’ve been Kido is easier than for any medical anytime you’ve ever had to not
eat right do you agree but like I’m kind of under now like are the edex caused by
maybe her starting herself trying to fast on the understand like still having
carbs like in her system or are these like carbs withdrawal for from trying
keto then like well I think you sue again I’m treating it like two different
things because I feel like it’s two different ideas that she’s putting in
into this so so you didn’t you wouldn’t actually recommend or we wouldn’t
recommend fasting at the beginning of switching to the keto unless you’re
really good at it so okay so there’s a caveat if you are really good at fasting
so so there are some people because they fast regularly so now I’m talking about
and actually my chiropractor falls into one of these people he’s the standard a
Canadian diet and yet he fasts intermittently and I will say as he has
said over and over how hard it is so he has a hard time with it but he still
does it so here’s the thing is that if you are ready fasting so Martha you need
I’m asking you now to evaluate your situation if you’re already fasting and
you’re used to the difficulty that you engage while you fast then what I would
suggest to you would be the fast for whatever is the longest period of time
that you could fast so what is your longest period deal do you fast for 24
hours is can you do that can you fast for 48 hours I would put myself too fast
for the longest can you fast for 18 hours I mean I don’t know your longest
period is I’m saying do whatever your longest period is but then when you
resume eating do not resume eating carbs so resume if you’re doing a 48 hour fast
I’m gonna say this out loud you should be resuming starting with some kind of
bone broth or something easy for your stomach to to manage followed by
increasingly more dense foods right like let’s not shock our system and put
ourselves in a refeed syndrome situation so I’m assuming that if you’re already
intermittent fasting you’re doing these safety precautions okay so I’m say
but I’m gonna say it out loud for everyone else who’s watching this if
you’ve never fasted before of course you should be doing this with some kind of
supervision I’m saying that out loud I’m not a doctor I’m not suggesting that
people do this I’m saying this is what I would do if I was already used to
intermittent fasting I would do my longest period that I possibly could and
then when I resumed eating I would keep the carbs under 20 grams why fasting is
one of the fastest ways to get into ketosis right your body has no choice
but to go for the fat that’s on you to keep your life that’s what’s gonna do
right it’s normal it’s part of our evolution that’s how come we survived as
long as we have so that’s the angle that I would do there is I would focus my
attention on so if you can manage it do the longest fast that you know you can
manage easily so like without making yourself go crazy and then when I
resumed eating keep those carbs low the second thing now we’re gonna go to
the headaches so cancel you yeah yeah yeah basically like also if I think it
would be more important to switch over to keto then like focus on the fasting
basically just eat when you’re hungry like if you can if you can like extend
the previous machine – she’s still burning standard American diet like I’m
alive and this is what I’m saying like if you’re gonna go the keto route I
wouldn’t even look at extending anything I would just focus my attention on
eating my three meals a day I would allow myself that yeah low carb yeah but
she wants a try keto again so that’s what I’m saying if you are gonna do Kido
so the peasant the root you’re gonna do cuz this is where I’m giving the two
options if you’re doing if you’re good at fasting even though you’re not doing
keto if you’re good at it I would do that fast and then when I resumed I
would jump right into keto 20 grams or less and I would just go forward like
that however if you find the fasting difficult and you’re gonna do the keto
root then I would do three meals a day I would start there three meals a day
really low carb so for my day I have to be under 20 grams but I would start with
3 meals a day because it’s going to be satisfying in
terms of eating and not feeling like I miss like missing anything but also
I will know for sure I will make it between my meals and I won’t need a
snack so talking about what you’re saying that whole idea of don’t don’t
raise those insulin if you don’t need to write by that’s the whole idea and eat
only when you’re hungry right but allowing myself again it’s getting into
ketosis that’s the most hardened is the hardest part and the most important part
right and so I do feel like if if you can align yourself with this idea that
I’m gonna plan those three meals so that I know that my grams are under 20 so
that means having a scale weighing the food knowing how much I can have of
everything that I’m choosing keeping it under 20 dr. Westman has made it very
clear most people if you keep your to your grams of carbs under 20 you will
get into ketosis and if you happen to be one of those few people that doesn’t by
keeping your grams at 20 or less you’re gonna see it it’s gonna be very obvious
to you okay I didn’t get in go down to 15 right is but if you’re you can only
know that if you’re measuring right so what can you keep keep your eyes I mean
like keep your if if because you’re talking about three meals a day we don’t
know the information if she if she already hears that three meals a day if
she if she already keep breaking this skip breakfast and like keep skipping
breakfast know do you want to fly is my assumption is that if you are not doing
keto chances is that you’re probably you know struggling there right and and you
know what at the end of the day I’ll just be out be very transparent so when
I started doing academic lifestyle before that I was doing a standard
Canadian diet which is some the same as an American head and I was doing two
meals a day and when I started I did three meals keto ok why because first of
all that was the instruction I got so I followed instructions but the thing that
was interesting is that it did allow me because I was having three meals a day
it did allow me to know with certainty I was gonna make it right because even
though I was having two meals a day it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t having snacks
between right because I was doing a standard Canadian diet by
opening that range a little bit but having three meals I knew I was gonna
make it because I was eating three things and I’m still eating three things
it’s just that the timing was a little different it kind of gave a bit of
comfort to me to know that I’m gonna make it you know obviously because
you’ve tried this before mmm there’s a possibility that your it won’t take you
long to get back to two if you’re already at two mm-hmm okay right it’s
not that I’m saying you have to stay there I’m saying start there and see how
you feel the most important part of this is the planning knowing what I’m gonna
eat for breakfast lunch and supper so knowing what carbs are in there so that
I can make sure that in my total day I’m under 20 is the most important part of
that now there was another point yet excite it’s not let’s talk about the
direction addicts like if it’s like maybe probably like withdrawal symptoms
or it could be I oh so you so here’s the thing there’s so many elements that come
into play when you’re talking about a ketogenic lifestyle so you’re talking
about the withdrawal now that’s that sugar withdrawal right the the dopamine
hit that we get the endorphin rush that we get when we eat car be things and we
all engage that over the course of our life because we didn’t know that that’s
what was happening so yes that’s part of it I’ve since learned that your salt
intake is very important in that so here’s the interesting thing
I feel like the chasing of sugar that we have when we eat a ketogenic lifestyle
and we’ve pulled out that and so that that kind of like yes there’s a part of
that you get this physiological reaction and then you have you know the headaches
the sweats the shakes the all those classic symptoms of a drug addict mm-hmm
those are for me for sure signs of with of withdrawal right but then there’s
also this element of salt and how soft can help us somehow and I don’t know I
don’t know chemically why this happens if you increase your salt
it minimizes these symptoms now part of me wonders if it’s because carbohydrates
of cold water and so when you don’t eat them you’re
losing salt so maybe is that part of what causes the addictive reaction I
don’t know yeah but you don’t like I think it’s worth it to make clear that
you don’t necessarily increase result because when you switch to a standard
American diet standard Canadian diet to a ketogenic lifestyle you actually drop
all the salt that’s in the processed food that’s so so all all people’s going
to their doctors and like telling them I’ll keep your salt low basically if you
go on a keto lifestyle you you you actually eliminate a bunch of the salt
that’s in the processed food so you need to replace that song yeah
with better salt but like so that’s an interesting point I wasn’t thinking
about that that’s true because for example if I think about myself like how
many processors was i eating just because I hate to cook so it’s like a
lot of my foodless process so of course yeah that’s true like there’s a lot of
salt that that we stop eating just naturally stop eating and then when
we’re in this situation we have to replace it so you’re right
so it’s not even like I’m doing a high salt it’s just I’m going back to the
amount of salt so so again this comes to that question mark there’s part of it
that’s the withdrawal because sugar does engage the in the dopamine system it
does engage the endorphin system but then you also have that by not eating
processed foods I’ve dropped dramatically my salt and so I’m gonna
say something now every single cell in our body engages the sodium potassium
pump right it’s what helps chemical reactions to happen and right so there’s
that that balance that has to happen between sodium and potassium if I don’t
have enough sodium am I gonna feel horrible absolutely you’re gonna have no
energy you’re getting so all the symptoms that you again this is kind of
why it’s hard for me to say for sure it’s only withdrawal after like getting
information from doctors and realizing yeah there’s also the sodium-potassium
situation you need a certain amount of sodium in your system to survive and and
and function correctly so what’s that right there’s that other element that’s
happening right so thank you for reminding me about that side to actually
forgotten about that piece of the puzzle okay so
yeah other element in that in a comment that I do find very interesting like
people that are older is it no no I’m not so okay but it’s probably even
better for older people because like we move this we don’t do as much like
probably Kido is is better suited for older people than teens even or young
adults because like but young about so it depends so but but basically is is
Kido better for a certain age group or not at all
so here’s the thing and and this is okay we come into the world in ketosis mmm
babies come into the world in ketosis right and breast milk at the very
beginning it’s mostly fat so you know like I can do that you can so at the
very beginning like our our our life is about ketosis and then of course we
start introducing other things and of course even the breast milk does become
more carbee why because we’re trying to grow the child right if you think about
it it starts off more ketogenic the breast milk and then it becomes more
carbee you’re trying to grow a child quickly what’s the best way you give us
some carbs right so this is this is Mother Nature being super smart and
understanding carbohydrates here’s the thing I could even take that forward
into the kids life right you want your kid to grow you want your kid to be
strong and tall and whatever does it make sense to limit carbs probably not
necessary kids run around and move so much that they’re gonna use that energy
the question is how far forward into their future do we have to do it in the
truth is we don’t even have to do it our body makes carbohydrates so here’s what
I find cool when you look back at our ancestry and we look at the fruits and
vegetables that were available back a thousand years ago they didn’t look like
the fruits and vegetables we have today there’s a lot of genetic engineering
that’s gone into an apple looking the way it looks today like our watermelon
looking the way it looks today I’ve banana looking the way it looks today so
when we look at it from that perspective what our kids have been eating the
amount sugar that they’re eating today even if
they were running around eating picking berries and he mmm not at all right like
not at all it would have been a completely different situation but would
they even have been eating those things as soon as they have teeth they would
have been eating what mom and dad were eating which was whatever animal we took
down nose to tail mmm right they had been eating the same thing raw but but
this is the truth right they would I don’t know when we started using fire to
cook things but I hope it was early but you know that we know what I mean like
the truth is is that we would not have been having that much sure so do I think
it’s safe for kids to do even from a very young age personally I think it’s a
fact like if you look back your daughter and my son they didn’t like oh like when
there were two three years old like I had like a piece of birthday cake where
my son was like taking off all the icing and so shit even hurts like my
daughter’s first piece of her own birthday cake so so she didn’t eat any
cake her first piece I think she was like five years old mhm like the first
time she actually tasted it I said okay I’m I need something like before that I
bought a cake for other people so it’s just reality like she was always more
vegetable orient that she was always more like non tasting sweet foods
oriented right like now part of it is because I I did have a role like until
four years old she was not allowed to have any candy like quote unquote candy
no soda no candy till four years old so that was a rule that I had but she
didn’t like fruit she didn’t like like it like to get her to eat any fruit was
a struggle but put up a vegetable in front of her she was happy um salad in
front of her she was happy again like my little niece and she and that rule did
not my sister did not have the rule of no candy for my little niece and even
today at eight years old she still loves vegetables she like I said if you give
her cucumber she’s happy so I think all of our kids when we actually pay
attention do you remember the first time you put something sweet in your kid spit
in your mouth cuz I remember my daughter’s reaction she actually she
actually did that like she had a physical like back-up reaction
to the sugar that I put in her mouth and that was and I never did it again like
like that was I can’t remember what it was I think some ice cream maybe or
something and I was like you know what if you want it you’re gonna come get it
from me I’m not being that to you again but and it was years before she started
eating those things even after I lifted that she can’t have any after like it
like I said she was five years old the first time she tasted cake like
willingly mmm and at her birthday I was letting her she wanted I would have
given it to her on her birthday and she still didn’t not interested yeah so that
being said is it good bad for let’s say our our age group I think you know
here’s the thing the doctors sorry no no your doctors have mentioned that our
bodies actually functioned better mmm when we fuel it with that yeah like
we actually function better our brains are sharp like we’re more
able to be concentrated and beyond on focused on tasks we are more efficient
in the use of the so the food we eat is produced into chemical energy which is
what our body needs more efficiently when we eat fat for fuel versus carbs
for fuel and even they said okay this is an interesting one that I I’ve learned
recently is that like people who are having metabolic issues so for example
if you happen to have a failing heart in those last few days that you’re alive
your heart is actually using ketones to keep itself from shutting down like and
the same thing they found with people who have like Alzheimer’s and etc when
when you look at it if you are able to get them to have ketones so when you
give MCT oil etc and like they function better like their brain actually kind of
kicks back on and allows them to function a bit so you know even though
we can’t read them we can’t undo the damage unfortunately I wish we could
once you’re in an Alzheimer situation like but at least we can and stave off
further damage by helping them have ketones so we’re actually more efficient
yeah so Nolan whether you’re 53 60 65 I’ll be better it’s actually not even
that is no problem is in Korea from everything that I’m reading it’s
encouraging and what can we say even to young adults that like wanted or are
considering it like I probably would say like don’t wait to be in a problematic
situation before changing your lifestyle that’s the thing because that the 20s
the 30s late early thirties like I know I wasn’t like paying much attention to
what I was eating and it got me like to consider it that forty five so so if I
knew what to do can I be the example my knee started
hurting me I was in my 20s hmm right my cousin her knees like we’re
giving out on her she was teenager I remember her first surgery I think she
was still a teenager her first surgery on her knees solely ignore I honestly
believe I mean again Caribbean right rice rice rice and more rice like that’s
what we eat so do I feel like yeah we put ourselves in the situation doing
like eating that way of course if I would have known at 20 that taking
carbohydrates out of my life would have led to me feeling the way I feel today
consider and it’s when I think about this I’m so happy I consider that I feel
better today than I did when I was 26 right I can run up the stairs I can run
down the stairs you wouldn’t think of that be a thing right I couldn’t run
down the stairs because what I learned after doing it sometimes is that my
knees would give out I would fall down mister running down what you think is
easier my knees would give out so I have to stop running down the stairs so
stairs I had to walk all the time just to make sure that I didn’t end up
killing myself in the stair oka so it’s just weird a like I don’t I know you
didn’t have many joint issues so you don’t you can’t really relate to this
but I’m sure all the people out there with joint issues can relate to what I’m
saying it’s like Canadian fries fries fries that well I was eating but like a
joint issue but like a weight problem eventually that’s for sure and and
relatively early on and my as soon as I stopped like going to to school like
University where I was doing a lot of sport
my first job like in the first two years I gained domini how many pounds like
that because you weren’t moving around yeah I was no yeah not moving around it
not as much like new job you want to be like you might be performing a job so
you make longer hours yeah gained a lot of weight actually yeah I mean obviously
I gained weight too but I feel like that wasn’t the thing that Bobby I still say
this till this day if my hip had not started bothering me I would still be
the same way I would not have made any investigation of like how to get because
my weight wasn’t bothering me like I’m being very transparent like I I’m more
interested in being able to do things than looking a certain way like my whole
life was around activities I mean like even when you met me if you think about
it like it was always like I want to do this I want to let’s go do this like
that’s how I that’s how my mind works like I like to do stuff I like to make
memories with my kids you know like so it’s like when we when we’re out doing
something like I feel good like I feel like okay that was a good day like she’s
gonna look back and remember that and be like yeah my mom took me there my mom
did that with me or you know so I didn’t care but sorry I’ve made a very very
transplant I didn’t care I really didn’t care I was all about doing things yeah
and as long as my body’s gonna let me do something I was gonna do it yeah for me
like like what like I I saw you go like with your keto lifestyle I was looking
at my my pressure probably like pre-diabetic too so so yeah metallic
syndrome so yeah but like if your yeah if you’re in your trees and you’re
watching this make the switch now we’ll make a change now is that it should be
about being healthy this is the next little point like we we try to eat fruit
because we’re being told it’s healthy even though like you know so we do
things because we’re told it’s healthy that are hurting us when there are
things that we actually could be doing that are healthy that will help us to
live a much like healthier stronger like our bodies function better and so yeah
we should be focusing our attention on doing the thing that’s gonna help us to
go into our future feeling really good mm-hmm right and
it’s amazing to me like I have zero interest in working out but then as I’ve
gotten to this state then feel like okay maybe I could work out something that’s
on the I mean I do it sometimes I’m not gonna say I’m perfect at doing it every
single penny when I’m in a good routine um in a good routine it’s still like and
then if I get out of routine I’m out of routine but it’s at least something
that’s in my mind and I kind of keep going back to it and I keep doing it and
I’m talking about actually working out with weights which is not an enjoyable
thing for me but at the same time when I do what I feel good and that’s the thing
you live a keto lifestyle you feel good and then you start doing other things
and you wait wait this feels good and it kind of encourages them to go back and
do it some more because you just feel good after you’ve done it so do I need
your right do we need to be sick to do what’s gonna help us to feel good no we
don’t right as you eat like it’s just a matter of understanding that I would
have more energy and I slept more I should sleep more I’d have more energy
if I eat better I sleep better mm-hmm so do I think 53 is too old no I don’t
think there’s any age limit on eating properly and this is properly so that’s
the other part too is like I understand if you’re trying to feed a large number
of people that you need to be efficient with your feeding so then grains becomes
like a really efficient way to keep everybody alive I’ve said this in other
videos it’s like it’s a really efficient way of keeping everybody alive is it the
best way to keep everybody healthy right so the government its focus is keeping
everybody alive and I understand that I would love them to level up and focus on
keeping everybody healthy mm-hmm are they in a position to do that right now
maybe not will they be in the position to do that at some point I hope so right
I hope that we get to that part but 53 is not too old it isn’t about the
age it’s about either setting yourself up so I’m gonna do keitel this way and
be like very in in our experience that headache that you’re talking about for
most people so all the people that I’ve talked to through this process two days
now I’ve never seen it last more than two
days have you heard of anybody where it lasts more than two days no so see it’s
it’s a serious headache I’m not gonna lie when it hit me who mine only lasted
a day thank goodness but it wouldn’t hit me
whoa and let’s put this in context I am a person that grew up with migraines in
my especially in my teen years that lasted days with an S hmm
the spots the lights have to be in a dark room like I grew up with that and
this headache was serious then it reminds me of those days so it’s not
like I’m not gonna pretend that it’s not a big headache it’s a headache if you
happen to get the level that I got some people I’ve also talked through this and
they had nothing no headache at all again what I’ve learned salt yeah
salt issues I did was not oh I wasn’t resulting my food I didn’t know about
that we found out about that later okay I think when you did do it we had
we known about that or did you have the same situation where the salt I can’t
remember we didn’t know that information yet I know so you had my case no but in
my case why you tell me my temper was different I was but my rug was like my
Road was different like I slowly took things out I started with like called
the desert and all the sugary and then the rice and then like the rice and the
pastor at the same time and then the bread because like that was my my last
thing I was clinging on to but a further down the conversation I think you you
reply through Martha to to add a little bit more salt and fat during the first
week so our question is when you say eat more salt can you explain to me that to
me if you don’t mind and what types of fat when you say eat more during the
first week okay so we already talked about the salt
yeah um the interesting thing about fat so you talked about salt but like as a
replacement I was a replacement but we’re like where do you add it to like
if you you want to place it was like honestly anything yeah what do you like
rings like what do you like but I do like one might mean that I do eat
tomatoes like reasonable amount so sprinkle my tomato
my tomatoes in the salad coffee like personality can say personally I’d mind
to my coffee which is interesting when I was a little kid I used to see my
grandfather adding song to his coffee when I was a little kid and so like when
I started to figure out like I was on I figure where am I gonna add my salt to
because I realized I wasn’t getting enough that I remembered that and you
know what it tastes great so now I understand why he used to do it actually
tastes really good but yeah I add salt to my coffee I add salt obviously to my
avocado and I salt to any meat that I’m eating so the places you can add salt or
rather obvious just regular places that would normally add salt the type of salt
can be important you want to at least look for the cleanest possible salt that
you can get so I’m saying the cleanest possible saw in every country and every
province or state or where like wherever you happen to live has a different salt
available what I’m gonna say I’m not gonna say one particular salt versus
another what I’m gonna say is do your investigation and choose the salt that
doesn’t that has the least amount of extra garbage in it so no plastics or
like poor quality minerals or things like you want to go for a salt that has
good quality minerals and a good amount of salt so sodium in it right so it’s
it’s that and the interesting thing about salt also is at some places at
iodine so it depends on where your table salt is coming from if it’s coming from
a mine cause mines were put there thousands of years ago so if they’re
inside the earth that’s from thousands of years ago they don’t have contact
with our ocean because so our current ocean has so much plastic floating
around and we’ve been all warned about BPA’s and and there’s other types of BP
bla bla bla so bps ISM so there’s not just one
companies will say oh there’s no bpa but then there’s the other ones that are
just as harmful to us so it’s about finding a
the salt is coming from a mine rather than the ocean or the sea or the you
know like so if you have on your continent a salt mine you’re probably
better off to get yourself from there and so the thing about iodine just to
add to that is that iodine is added to salt your ability to use it is not so
well iodine is added to salt but then it can evaporate out of salt apparently and
this is something I recently learned so why would they we need iodine in our in
our bodies oh yeah we have the companies or adding iodine because because we need
it yes and so but basically like years ago we were not getting enough and it
was a problem they started adding it to salt but the problem now is that salt
sits on shelves for so long before it gets to us that you don’t have the
concentration that you used to have so the better thing for you to do is to eat
eggs to eat fish you’re gonna have more salt sorry you’re gonna have more iodine
access than if you then if you okay second part of the question yeah what
what types of fat when you say more during the first week okay so I mean
because meats so instead of your lean your your your lean ground beef or lean
ground pork just go with the medium medium fat medium yeah so that’s one
that’s one direction so I and I think that for the majority of us because we
are doing regular store meats that’s where we’re gonna get our fat from now
it doesn’t mean that that’s the only place you can get your bathroom so
depends on what you want to do so I mean just like preface this by saying this is
what you want to do if I buy a cut of meat that typically would have a lot of
fat on it and it’s lean chances are that that was a grass-fed animal right so
grass-fed animals tend to have less fat on them in those cases then adding fat
to that meat will be important but the fat that’s actually on it is better
quality so we’re always trying to do that balance between grain fed animals
your grain is what we’re trying to avoid it so grain fed
eating grain so the fattest grain base so whatever they eat is what we eat so
if you can do better quality grasp it and then re-add the fat then you’re
talking about using grass-fed butter on it or using coconut oil avocado oil or
whatever to just you know add it back if you’re gonna cook it and then pour some
olive oil on top of it and don’t cook the olive oil but put it on top of it so
there’s different ways that you can add fat back if you’d go for the leaner cuts
of grocery store meats because those ones tend to be grain fed and then add
the fat back right so the important thing is but you know what again if
you’re just starting eating a fatty cut of meat from the grocery store is better
than nothing right like we’re always looking at what was I doing five minutes
ago what I’m doing today but is as you move forward and you level up then it’s
like kind of important to to look at like what’s happening so if you have
access that’s the other thing that’s kind of cool most people don’t realize
that if you have access to a farm and you buy directly sometimes the meat now
I mean sometimes a lot of the time the meat is much more economic than buying
it from the grocery store so that’s another thing is like look around you
and see if the farms around you actually sell directly to the public because
again if they cut out the middleman they make more money if you go through our
own sources of fat like on a day like on the daily basis avocados that’s for sure
so I’ve got those are good choice a good fatty Choice fatty and healthy choice
the dressing in our salad so we do we do like good Caesar dressing yeah if you
make it yourself then you can control the fat that you put in and it’s easy to
make so it’s really easy to make so you can control the fat you can use avocado
you can use olive if you don’t like Caesar dressing then just like olive oil
with a tiny bit of vinegar balsamic vinegar with spices that’s that’s pretty
good I know Costco has an avocado dressing avocado lime dressing that’s
not to corby actually you know it’s really and it tastes good I do like it
sometimes on my member I think I’m not sure you read your
labels and make sure that the oil is all dressing is a good quality oil like
because taking the carbohydrates out is part of the story the other thing that
makes keto very healthy is that you’re using good quality oils because poor
quality oils also cause inflammation just to say that habla I saw a video
like I think it was a YouTube video out to make your perfect eggs or like it was
like and I need something ways to cut heggs but like the the the way they did
scrambled eggs towards the end of your cooking you had a little bit of butter
and I tried out the other day was delicious like it was really really
really good it changed completely the taste of eggs like in a good way so also
that we’re talking about cream cheese I think one of our viewer like talked
about cream cheese that could be a good source of a good source of fat cheese in
general like like just she chews like the less carpet cheese so they’re good
yeah I think the important thing the important thing is yeah the important
thing just to make sure we understand in the question it was in the first week
yeah because we’re only adding a little extra fat in the first week to get us
through that process of becoming allowing our body to adapt to ketogenic
lifestyle after the first week we don’t need to add extra fat because yeah right
it’s coming from here so Martha that was a very interesting comment I’m really
happy that we were able to answer those questions everybody who’s made it this
far thank you my wellness warriors I know you’re here if you’re not already
subscribed please subscribe I make these videos with Patrick every week and I
also have my own video that I put up once a week on Mondays for those people
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patreon at I want to thank you so much for joining us
on Mind-Blowing Health and Wellness Pat Chat edition can’t wait to
talk to you guys in the next video see you next time

Randall Smitham



  1. Brian P. Posted on September 12, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Totally agree, keto makes fasting easy. Once you tap into your fat stores, fasting is way easier. Keto really breaks carb cravings. The headaches sound like keto “flu” during the conversion to keto adaptation. After about two weeks, you will notice a lot of changes. I used to get headaches fairly regularly on the SAD, I very rarely get them now on a low carb or keto diet. You may need extra salt on keto as you will lose a lot of water weight (carbs make you retain water) and with the water loss, you will also lose salt. Not much, but don’t cut way back on it, salt to taste.

  2. Deb Janik Posted on September 12, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Violet, no disrespect but you need to let Patrick talk more lol
    I am not judging because let me tell you I do the same thing. I believe it is because our mind moves so fast it is on to the answer before the question is finished.
    Love your videos and am so very grateful for your knowledge and sharing.
    I am a huge fan so no disrespect meant.

  3. Ka S Posted on September 12, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    Thank you for this. Very useful and interesting. I have a question about Veterans starting “Keto”… especially seniors who are Veterans… any cautions or tips?

  4. Audra Fuller Posted on September 12, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    I have to say is it normally I love these videos, but the cohost got talked over the entire time and I felt like his point was the same but the way he was putting it made a lot more sense. It definitely seem like he got trounced on quite a bit

  5. TeamDaveAndMon Posted on September 12, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Great video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. gayle crisp Posted on September 12, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    As a 61 year old woman, I wholeheartedly agree that doing a keto diet as an older adult is healthy. I started my keto journey at age 58.
    I use Redmond RealSalt ( from a salt mine in Utah) and before that I used Himalayan Pink salt. I am so happy that I can easily purchase grassfed meats in my grocery store, and that it is often on sale too. Great video

  7. dorje chang Posted on September 12, 2019 at 5:28 pm

    Excellent advise from the start. I too have been fasting for many years. During my years on the standard American Diet fasting was difficult. Later when I was an a Vegan diet fasting was almost impossible and an incredible mind game. Now that I am on a HFLC diet fasting is so easy that I don't even think about it and now set my watch to remind me of when to eat.  so, easy!

  8. Solowolf Posted on September 12, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    I've been involved in intermittent fasting and bodyweight exercising over 35 yrs, thanks to uncle Sam's army. As a young soldier we worked long hours, often in horrific field conditions, that we would involuntarily fast until an opportunity to eat. With gyms also out of reach we were made to do body strength and conditioning exercises. Back then, young and cocky, I thought that way of life sucked, However, now as a 57 y.o., man, I still live that lifestyle, only of course with better nutritional options (I order grass fed, grass finished beef via butcher box) (organic low carb veggies). My carb intake is and has always been low, so i suppose that makes me keto as well. What I do know, is I look 15 years younger than my age. Have unlimited energy, vitality and lean, strong muscles. My body is surprisingly agile (even Im surprised how much at my age). I really attribute this to, good genetics of course, combined with a low consumption, healthy lifestyle. I hope to encourage others as we all age gracefully.