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Amazon Prime Pantry – Keto Friendly Products Review – Low Carb and Sugar Free Products

all right yeah hey there it’s Steve from
SeriousKeto.com and with me today I
have Courtney his daughter my daughter
we’re gonna do a little review of some
product from Amazon Prime pantry this
all started because I wanted to get some
low sugar or no sugar added ketchup and
couldn’t find any at my grocery store so
I got out onto Amazon and the only way
Amazon offered the no sugar added Heinz
is through prime pantry so we want up
getting a number of different things
that seemed keto friendly we have some
pork rinds we have the ketchup a couple
of Atkin bars and some sugar-free syrup
now the reason I have courting with us
is because alright just like it or love
she loves sugar she can give the sugar
lovers perspective on some of these
things does it taste anything like
normal for that reason we’re actually
gonna pit the ketchup and the syrup
versus the real deal so what do you want
to start with the pork rinds whilst each
I donate let’s take them to the
microwave big microwave for 1-2 minutes
alright have you have read down pork
rind before
so the price on these is $13.48 for 18
of these packs there’s essentially zero
carbs to them I don’t like them a lot
more than pork rinds you know that you
buy in a bag it’s they felt a lot more
fresh and they’re warm right out of the
microwave and it’s kind of fun here in
that little crackling type of noise so I
would call these a win these are a solid
purchase next up ketchup and you’re not
a ketchup family okay so this will be
fun we went from one product that
Courtney was not able to really offer an
opinion on because she never had to
another one that she doesn’t like so
we’re actually gonna pit this against
regular ketchup as well you are not me
because I’m not gonna have that extra
sugar so you’ve got you’ve got both some
of the reals ketchup is red and the fake
ketchup we’re not calling it fake it’s
just so it also looks like perhaps a
little runny ER or you just maybe a
little and catch up with squirt juice at
the beginning all right so why don’t you
taste the the standard stuff first
okay just ketchup right yeah so then
oops I made a big mess here already you
want this one it’s got more ketchup and
less squirt
which one’s tan here I think I almost
actually do prefer that no sugar one
it’s solid I think it’s more tomato we
yeah I’m trying to site if this means
any more sweetener the no sugar added
okay and that’s from a sugar family this
is two dollars and thirty six cents per
bottle out on Amazon Prime pantry and
yeah from my perspective it is uh it’s a
perfect substitute for a regular ketchup
you know to me I kind of like the fact
that it’s a little less sweet and that’s
a little bit more tomato flavor so I
think we’re two for two that is a win
next we are going to try out a couple of
Atkins bars which one do you want to do
first window peanut butter pretzel yeah
alright what do we have here we have 18
total carbs 7 fiber 7 glycerin which
gives us 4 grams of net carbs
all right pick the pointy one here
picking the big one I’m trying to you
know I don’t burn up all my neck cards
today our reviews
and then it tastes like a protein bar
but like good yeah I would say sort of
the same thing I really like the once
you get done with the bite but yeah
peanut butter aftertaste that lingers
yeah that’s really good I mean the
aftertaste on this but there is a point
sort of in the middle where something
yeah some tasted a little bit bitter a
little bit synthetic these are decent
six dollars and 98 cents for a box of
five so from a you know an overall bar
perspective like if you’re taking this
as a protein bar I don’t think that’s
super expensive I don’t know for sure
that I would buy this again because it
really seems like a snack rather than a
meal and I don’t snack all that much so
I don’t know this is this is an iffy if
you like to snack and you’re looking for
something to tide you over you could do
a lot worse than this
I’m gonna put this on sort of a you make
your own decision tastes good but I’m
not sure that I would necessarily eat a
bunch of these next we have the Atkins
indulge chocolate coconut bar 2 grams
neck harbor more than the other one
get the coconut but it’s coconut oil I
like this this reminds me of a Mullins
bar different wormholes no go home enjoy
us the almond on top yeah which creates
a mound yet it’s not called a my own
ethnicity regular coconut one is a mound
so it’s kind of nice we have almond joy
but obviously it’s not sweet well and
without an almond yeah which would make
it a mouse I like I like Almond Joy and
mounds bars but they’re just I kind of
feel like they’re crust or not my teeth
with sugar this has got a lot cleaner
flavor but I see what you’re saying to
about having I think the consistency the
fact that you’re not getting that chew
out of it that you get from raw coconut
it lends itself to more of that coconut
oil taste you’re talking about that
it’s so good I wouldn’t have a problem
eating this instead of I like this to me
this is maybe like a some might have for
dessert after our meal if you put it in
the freezer I bet that would be good I
would get it some that crunch worth the
try these Atkins coconut bars are five
dollars and forty eight cents on Amazon
and I’m gonna call this I like these
these are good I don’t know that I would
eat a ton of home again because I don’t
tend a snack and I don’t tend to have a
dessert a whole lot maybe it’s a fat
bomb substitute at the end of the day
when you’re trying to you know hit all
your macros this could be a good one so
I’m gonna give this a thumbs up lastly
we’re going to try out some maple syrup
this log cabin is the one that came from
Amazon Prime pantry what do we have
there for carbs total eight eight of
which seven is sugar alcohol so probably
wind up counting this as about three or
four net carbs per serving you know I’ve
had a lot of people suggest that you
take your sugar alcohol and take half
the amount of carbs from that we’ve also
got this store-bought carries sugar free
sixth so that takes you into that range
and then for Cortney her baseline this
is her favorite the Kirkland brand from
Costco what do we have there for
carbohydrates 5454 a lot of carbs there
so uh I’ll let you start out so you can
get your baseline with the regular maple
syrup great now you used to use like
what was the Stephanie’s Jemima Aunt
Jemima which is all corn syrup yeah what
do you like better I like this better
because it’s a little thinner it’s not
so heavy
okay but I still like sweet it is okay
next the log cabin
it’s very mapley yeah good yeah I could
if you put this on a waffle for me I
wouldn’t be able to tell you that this
was sugar-free Wow
yeah crate deep Mikey no food all right
let’s try out the carries this is some I
never heard of these guys but this is
what they added the grocery store it’s
not nearly as mapley as the log cabin
yeah but it almost tastes a little bit
buttery it’s not horrible yeah
but I think I think if we would have had
that first we would have went oh this is
pretty decent but after having the log
cabin that kind of set the bar big big
thumbs up on the log cabin yeah price on
Amazon Prime pantry for that is three
dollars and 56 cents for this bottle I’m
not a huge sort of pancake and waffle
sort of eater so this is gonna last me a
long time so on the whole this was not a
bad run from Amazon Prime pantry these
were kind of the only though keto
products that I really saw out there if
you know of some keto friendly products
that are on Amazon Prime pantry please
follow up in the comment section below
we’d love to hear a bottom and thanks
Courtney for joining me on this maybe
next time we can do a review of sugar
substitutes or Costco products all right
thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. Percipiant LLC Posted on May 14, 2019 at 12:06 am

    Thanks for the heads up on the Log Cabin. I used to use maple syrup when making maple cured bacon, but haven't done it since going keto. This is great news!

  2. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes Posted on May 28, 2019 at 3:00 am

    I can’t believe that Courtney grew up so much in four years. It’s great seeing you two together again. You both look happy and healthy and I’m looking forward to more great videos like this one.

  3. Constance Dunlap Posted on August 18, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    New subbie.. looking forward to seeing all the vids

  4. Constance Dunlap Posted on August 18, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    I have never seen microwave pork skins 🤔

  5. Stephanie D Posted on August 22, 2019 at 4:15 am

    I buy that same ketchup at Walmart. 😊

  6. w kipp Posted on September 7, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    Those pork rinds have maltodextrin in the ingredients list, known to elevate blood sugar. Have you been able to find any microwave pork rinds with “cleaner” ingredients?

  7. Crystal Barnes Posted on September 7, 2019 at 11:47 pm

    I just came back to watch your earlier videos… "I'm not a big pancake or waffle eater." Oh boy, just wait… 🙂