March 31, 2020
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Hi, my name is Becky Craigo and I live
in Beach, North Dakota. I run a keto food blog called I create keto recipes every day. I utilize Kiss My Keto products
in many of my recipes. I use the Kiss My Keto capsules with MCT oil in them I
take him to work with me, I put them in bulletproof teas and coffees. Sometimes I
just chew on them, they’re pretty great actually. The portability of them is
great. I also use the liquid MCT oil, keto bars, as well as the keto chocolate. Oh
what I totally forgot – my favorite is the Kiss My Keto birthday cake flavored
protein powder, which makes a delicious mud cake. I’ve been eating a keto diet
for about a year and a half or so. I do keto to keep my inflammation levels down
because I have an autoimmune called rheumatoid arthritis. The primary problem
with rheumatoid arthritis is the inflammation. When I don’t eat sugars,
keeps the inflammation down and I’m not in pain. I used to limp. I used to wake up
in pain with achy achy joints every morning. Keto has changed my life. I don’t
limp anymore. I don’t wake up in pain. It’s amazing I don’t have sugar cravings,
which is great, because when I was eating the Paleo diet before, I would have lots
and lots of sugar cravings and I would break the diet and thus my autoimmnue would flare up by eating sugar. So I just love the Kiss My Keto products that
they’re so helpful in keeping the sugar cravings away. The thing I love about the
keto diet is I don’t have any sugar cravings at all and if I do have sugar
cravings I can really just create.. quench that craving with the Kiss My Keto
chocolate bars which are so good.

Randall Smitham