March 28, 2020
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Hi everyone, my name is Danielle Simpson.
I am a certified ketogenic lifestyle coach. I just wanted to hop on here real
quick and tell you why I started my ketogenic lifestyle journey and also why
I love Kiss My Keto products. Started this journey about four years
ago, maybe, and I just wanted to feel better.. feel better about myself. Get more
energy. I did have about 20 pounds to lose but I was just stuck in a rut and I
was tired and I was just exhausted all the time. And I am a foodie.
I love foods so I had tried the traditional diets. you know. where you get
to eat just a plain chicken breast on a bed of lettuce and maybe six times a day..
but you always had to have a small meal And it always had to be lettuce and
protein and carbs and you know that fat-free dressings and cut that
stuff out and I was just miserable. I did that for a while and I lost about 3
pounds doing it and I was also doing an hour and a half on the elliptical and I
just I wasn’t happy. My husband didn’t like me dieting because I would get
hangry and not see results. So I started doing research on this lifestyle and
when I told him about it he thought I was crazy. He’s like – “you can’t eat fat,
you can’t eat all these great foods and lose weight”. Well.. I did. Not only did I
lose weight but I felt good. He loved the food, so he’s naturally transitioned
overall. So it’s.. it’s been a life changer for me. I mean, I’m happy, I feel great, I
have good energy.. in better shape than I was. And I just.. I love it, so I always
tried to preach it and tell everybody about it, because it’s worked for me and
it’s worked for my family. So if somebody wants to try it, by all means – they should.
Especially if they’ve been through the diet yo-yos. When I first started looking
for products such as the MCT oil I came across Kiss My Keto, and I had a great
experience with them, because I had actually emailed about a couple of
different products and I got an email back asking where I was in this journey. You know, was I just starting out had I been doing it for a while, had I had
success. So I answered those questions and got an email back again. It was
actually from Alex, which I really appreciated, and he went over what
products of theirs would benefit me for where I was and also what products that
I really didn’t need at this time. And that always stuck with me because as a company he wasn’t just trying to sell me a
product or, you know, look at the bottom line and I sold X amount of units. He was
actually trying to help a customer out. So for that I greatly appreciate that
mentality and that thought process and I am basically a lifelong Kiss My Keto
customer now, because I do love their products and I do love that they’re not
just trying to sales pitch somebody. The two products that I use probably daily,
are their pure C8 brain fuel and I use this usually in my coffee, or I’ll
top it on a salad, make a salad dressing out of it. I prefer the C8 versus the C10
and C12 one, just because I do have a sensitive stomach. The other product
that I love is their protein. They’ve got the chocolate and they’ve got the
birthday cake. (I absolutely love the birthday cake!) I put this either in my
coffee, my tea, a smoothie. You can add it to your pancakes. You can bake with it, it
makes a great addition when you throw it in.. whether it’s a mud cake or cupcakes, a full-size cake. Anything along those lines, cookies. You can put it in with
your coconut flour or almond flour and it will help with the consistency, but
it’ll also give it a great flavor and it gives you collagen which is very
important for skin care and nails, gut health, joint health. All of that stuff. It’s wonderful to use, so whether you use the birthday cake, the chocolate and
unflavored, anything.. I always recommend using a collagen daily. This birthday
cake and the chocolate also has MCT oil in it, so that’s just an extra bonus but
those are my two favorite Kiss My Keto products. And that is also my little mini
story on why I love Kiss My Keto and will forever be a lifetime customer of
theirs. So thank you Alex, thank you all of the staff at Kiss My Keto, everyone I’ve
ever worked with has been wonderful, answered my questions. Great
customer service. And I guess that’s my story on why I started keto and why I
started using Kiss My Keto. Thank you all very much!

Randall Smitham