January 18, 2020
  • 6:53 pm Flashback Friday: The Problem with the Paleo Diet Argument
  • 6:53 pm How to Cook Crispy Fried Chicken
  • 4:53 pm JUICIEST CHICKEN RECIPE | paleo, gluten-free + meal prep perfect
  • 4:53 pm Gorgonzola Chicken – Easy Meal Recipe
  • 4:53 pm Cast Iron Chili Recipe With Beans (A Simple Deer Chili Recipe For 2020)
Best Intermittent Fasting Breakfast With Arabic Subtitle

hello and welcome into a new episode of the Catalan kitchen today I am preparinga healthy protein breakfast but before we start I would like to mention thatyour subscriptions and you likes are very important because they have tochannel to draw and they motivate me to people think more videos and keep givingyou more ideas […]

What are Electrolytes | Why are they Important in Low Carb & Keto Diet

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Keto Promo 1

(upbeat music) – What is Keto? The keto and ketogenic diets come from the fact that allows the body to produce small fuel molecules called ketones. This is an alternative fuel source for the body, used when blood sugar, glucose, is short supply. With a ketogenic diet, your entire body uses this fuel supply to […]

Is Excess Protein Harmful?

The average US diet exceeds protein requirements and provides about 1.2 daily grams of proteinsper kilogram of body weight.When we refer to high protein diets, however, we do not refer to the slightly higher proteinintake that all of us more or less have.We refer to way higher protein intakes, over 2 grams of proteins per […]


what is up what is up is your boy Kino Kino spreader reviews game gangster out there how is everybody out there doing today I’m bringing you guys a video of some more haul of things and pickups and today it’s about a whole food Kino selection when I got in this bag right here […]

Keto Baked Herbed Salmon Quick and Easy

Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com. Today, we will be featuring how to make an extremely quick and easy baked herb salmon. The total time for preparing this meal is under 30 minutes. The macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 3.1 to 1, and has 1.5 g carbs per 115 gram or 4 […]

Triathlon Training Nutrition: Overnight Oats for BIG Workouts

(swing music) – My shirt is slightly Eastery, I didn’t plan that, but I’ll take it. (swoosh) Shake ’em all. (swoosh) (swing music) And there we have delicious sustenance for a marathon swim. There’s nothing spectacularly about it, it’s overnight oats with poached eggs on top. It’s a Gwen Jorgensen special. I’m gonna spend a […]


Whichever friend told you white rice is healthy… Drop them! I mean drop them as a friend. Not physically. They’re probably too heavy anyway from all the calories they’re eating… People seem to hear the word “rice” and automatically think low calories. The truth is only certain types offer this benefit. In the case of […]

Low carb high protein diet for weight loss | Keto diet foods

hello, today in this video we will talk about high protein and low carb diet foods that means those foods which has good amount of protein and are low in carbohydrats they are preferable because they take longer time to digest and gives us long lasting energy and such foods also reduce cravings so, let’s […]

EASY Keto Lasagne – Low Carb High Protein

Keto Lasagne 1 cup onion 1lb beef 1 cup mushrooms 1 can tomatoes 1 cup stock 1 cup cream 4oz cream cheese 1oz mozzarella 1oz cheddar Zucchini Meat sauce Cheese sauce Bake for 40 minutes Want more keto? Click subscribe! Fitoru