February 23, 2020
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Autism Home Safety For Kids

– I feel like at this point
a lot of you guys are like,
‘He’s never going to do it.
He’s never going to do the safety video.
He’s a liar. It’s not happening.’
Here we go. The safety video.
Okay, the purpose of this.
Hopefully to help some of you guys out,
if you have an eloper, if you have a child
that could essentially put
themselves into danger.
Because lack of understanding of things
that are dangerous, or
stimming behaviors, or…
You know like, elopement, for example,
is not a stimming behavior,
but it is a involuntary
behavior sometimes.
Sometimes, it is to avoid certain things.
Your kid will take off and run.
So, hopefully, some of
this stuff helps you out.
Abigail has a lot of stimming behaviors.
A lot of getting in to things,
a lot of sensory stuff that she gets into.
So, let’s jump right into it.
– Ready.
– Okay.
And I know a lot of you
have asked about the pool.
We’ll cover that last,
so stick around for that.
So, starting in Abbie’s room, of course,
because she spends a lot of time in here.
You know, she has her bed and her couch.
And that’s pretty much
all she does in here.
– Yeah.
– But if we allowed her to get in to more,
more things could happen.
So, that’s obvious.
So, if you notice things are up high.
Everything is set up high.
– [Priscilla] She still gets to it.
– [Asa] She’s climbing
on top of her toy box.
– Oh.
– [Asa] To get to it,
– [Asa] is what she is doing.
– [Priscilla] Okay.
– [Asa] Yeah. But it’s not, you know,
they’re not heavy trophies.
– [Priscilla] Right.
– [Asa] They are like plastics.
So, it’s not a big deal.
But we do put stuff up high
just to keep it a little
bit out of her reach.
Things are really well secure to the wall.
– They are.
– [Asa] And that’s an important thing.
– You know, we just don’t want things
to become a projectile.
– Right.
– [Asa] So.
– So, Abbie’s windows have a kind of
a double locking system.
We have this right here,
where you have to push in and pull.
And then if you were to get that undone,
which she’s not going to,
because she’s not..
she just doesn’t do that kind of stuff.
If you were, then we have this,
where it’s going to stop the window
from being open all the way.
– [Asa] And that’s
built in to the windows.
So you can only get these windows open
about 2 inches
(window lock clicks)
Yeah so it’s push button, turn,
and then you have these
locks that lock out.
(window slides)
And that’s it.
– [Priscilla] That’s it.
– [Asa] That’s all she
can open the window.
– [Priscilla] If she were
to even get that far.
– [Asa] Right. She won’t.
She’s never messed with the windows.
I don’t know that she understands
that they even really, that they open.
Cords, if you have little kids,
manage your cords.
Abbie doesn’t mess with them.
She never has, but, she’s
also not a little kid.
She’s a big kid.
– Well that’s, we have to remember
when we’re doing this video,
that she’s 14.
So, we have different things in place
for a teenager.
Because she’s not a little kid anymore.
– So some of the toddler things
we don’t have to worry about.
But she is taller than a toddler,
so we have to accommodate for that.
So the bolt in her closet,
so not all the stuff is
going to be safety related.
I guess there is a dresser in her closet,
so she could tip that over.
Again, she’s not that small,
so it’s not really going to hurt her.
But, it’s also to stop
messes, some of this stuff
– (Priscilla laughs) Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s to keep her out of things.
– She would just pull all the
clothes out of her closet.
It would just be a mess, all of the time.
– [Asa] So this is the
night time configuration.
Door shut.
– (Priscilla grunts)
– [Asa] Gate locked.
– (Priscilla laughs)
– [Asa] That’s what
Abbie does to wake us up.
– Yeah, since she stands here.
Our bedroom is right there.
And she just stands here and yells for me.
And I get up and come get her out.
Again she is not going to
try to climb over this.
She used to years ago,
when she was younger.
So if you have younger kids,
it may get better.
Just putting that out there.
It’s going to be a push and a pull.
And Abbie doesn’t do
the 2-steps very well.
Like with anything yet.
– [Asa] Well, it’s not a
light thing to do, anyway.
– It’s not.
I mean it’s hard for me.
– [Asa] Takes a little effort.
– Yeah.
(gate clicks)
– [Asa] Yeah, it’s a nice gate.
I’ll link this down below.
Anything that you see in this video
that we talk about
that is like, you know, safety items,
I’ll link down in the video description,
if you’re interested.
But that’s got a trigger release on it
and then you have to also lift it.
So, it’s a challenge.
– Yeah
– Alright, let’s head downstairs.
Since we’re right here,
we’ll talk about exterior doors.
Now, the doors are a little difficult
for her to open.
– They are.
– Which is good, she gets
confused with the locks
and she’ll lock one and unlock the other
and lock that one back
and then, unlock the other.
So, she struggles with
getting out the door.
Which is okay.
The back door and then the front door
are the 2 doors that she
hasn’t eloped out of.
Because she can’t figure them out.
– Yeah.
– But then we have additional
safety measures for that.
So each door has the door chime on it.
(door chimes)
So we know when that opens up
somebody is gone out the door.
– [Priscilla] Right.
– Anywhere in the house (door chimes)
We can hear that.
So that works really well.
I put the chime on the landing,
that way we can hear it
if we’re upstairs or we’re downstairs.
And we’ll talk more about
the alarm in a minute.
– So, the other cool
thing about the front door
is that we do have the Ring doorbell.
So if someone were to go out,
we would also get an alert on our phones.
To tell us that there is
movement at our front door.
Then we can pull it up
live right on our phone
and see what’s going on.
Thankfully, for Abigail,
she’s super nervous
to walk down the stairs
because there’s no handrail.
So again, we’re kind of like
that’s a good thing.
We don’t want her to become
comfortable with that.
She is all about having that stability.
So the front door does not have that.
– [Asa] Right.
Okay. Kitchen safety.
So we have this lock on the fridge.
Which often times is unlocked
(fridge lock clicks)
when it’s just us here.
So that lock, super handy, super cheap.
Again, I’ll link that down below.
It’s a great little,
just, you know, 2 fingers,
squeeze it, open it up,
latch it back on there.
It’s not one handed,
but the little stick-on ones that are
they don’t work for Abbie.
She just pops them off.
– Yeah, again, that’s something
that you’re going to have to look at
if you have an older child, like Abigail,
who’s stronger, that’s
not going to work for her.
– Oven, I do like, because you have
to push and turn the knobs.
So that requires some dexterity
that she does not possess.
So she’s not going to walk by
and turn on the stove.
Also, it’s a glass top,
it’s not gas,
so it’s not producing actual flame.
Okay. Liquor.
Priscilla, would you make me a drink?
– I need my foot stool. (Priscilla laughs)
– Abbie can’t reach it either.
So that works. It just works well.
– It’s actually pretty funny.
Because the other day I was like,
‘Isaiah can you hand me the vodka?’
(Priscilla and Asa laugh)
I’m like this is so wrong.
– Like this is backwards parenting.
– My 17 year old. (Priscilla laughs)
– He’s a good kid.
– Yeah.
So then we have the medicine cabinet.
This is the only cabinet in the kitchen
that has this lock on it.
And again she doesn’t
know how to use this.
– [Asa] Well, the problem
with the medicine cabinet
or the thing with the medicine
is she does not care about pills
– Nope.
– [Asa] She’s never cared about them.
– It’s my bariatric vitamins.
Because she thinks they’re all gummies
so she thinks they’re candy.
So thankfully, she got into my B12
and ate almost the whole bottle of it.
– [Asa] Well we looked it up there’s
no (mumbles) with too much B12.
– Yeah. You’re good. She’s good.
– [Asa] This kid always keeps us..
She has us googling more things that..
– I know.
– [Asa] I tell you.
– The pantry, if you
guys have been watching
for awhile, you know, Abigail signs ‘eat’
a thousand times a day.
And if she had access to this
unfortunately, she would make a huge mess.
We are not able to give
her just snacks whenever.
She likes to dump everything out.
And so, we do have to
have a lock on the pantry.
– [Asa] And there’s other stuff in there
we wouldn’t want her into anyway.
You know, other than just potato chips
and cookies.
So we have a hotel style lock
you might be familiar with those
if you ever stayed at a hotel with one.
But basically, she pulls the door
and it only opens that far.
And it let’s us know
she’s trying to get into the pantry.
(Priscilla laughs)
Because it’s really loud.
But those are really handy
if you have any forward opening door
that you want to lock like that.
Those are awesome.
And they mount really easy.
Like all this stuff is either
stick on or screw driver.
We saw some of your
concerns about the stairs.
The other set of stairs.
Because they are hardwood.
She doesn’t wear socks.
None of us actually wear socks.
– Except for Isaiah.
– Yes, and he always has shoes on
with his socks.
So it’s really a non issue for us.
– So this was one of the first things
we put on in the house before
we even brought Abbie over
was this lock for the door.
Not really..
So, Abbie can swim,
that’s not an issue.
But she just doesn’t understand
that you need like a bathing suit
to go swimming, really,
is the biggest thing.
We do have a rule though
that no one swims by themself.
It doesn’t matter if
it’s Isaiah, us, nobody.
Because anything can happen.
You can hit your head.
You can get a cramp.
Anything can happen and you could drown.
So we have this.
Don’t worry.
I’ve seen lots of comments.
It works.
Again, if she were to open it
(door chimes)
we would know.
– So Abigail, has in the past,
has gotten the laundry detergent
and dumped it all over the laundry room.
She hasn’t found it in here yet.
She doesn’t know where it is.
There’s a gazillion cabinets in here.
We know we have it hidden over here.
Hopefully, she doesn’t watch this video.
But, you know, if we need
to put cabinet locks on there, we will.
We just don’t need to yet.
– Yeah, we kind of just, you know..
– She doesn’t like drink it or anything
she just likes to play in it.
– Yeah, she likes to dump everything.
– The dog food got moved
to inside of there.
Because if it’s out of sight,
it’s out of mind.
Because you guys know
she likes to dump out the dog food
and play in it.
– But, it’s funny,
because she likes dump
out the big container
but she leaves his everyday dog bowl.
– Not enough to play with.
Okay, another door.
So this one does have like
an electronic bolt on it.
It’s like a smart lock thing.
Which is super handy for safety
because we’ve had people
locked out of the house before.
Like Abbie has locked respite workers
out of the house before.
Locked my mom out of the house before.
– Yeah, years ago.
– So, this one actually has a keypad.
So everybody has their own code.
They get in.
Which is awesome.
We don’t even carry a
house key with us anymore.
– No.
– So that’s really nice.
Okay let’s talk about the security system.
So we have Ring Security.
Amazon owns Ring. I like that.
They also own some other type things.
We’ll talk about in a second.
I kind of wanted to
keep it all in one place
as far as our technology
based safety for Abigail.
So we can control our
security system through voice
or through our phones
or right from the keypad.
So, like, we go to bed at night.
And say, we forget to arm the system.
We can just say
arm Ring for home.
Okay, and it arms the Ring.
So we can do it by voice,
we can do it by keypad,
we can do it from our phones.
And when we arm it for home
it doesn’t turn on the motion sensors,
it just turns on the doors.
So when the doors open
there’s no timer,
there’s no nothing,
it immediately goes off.
That’s fun, huh?
– That is fun.
– Nothing like being woken up
in the middle of the night.
So if she were to open the door,
climb the gate,
get downstairs,
manage to figure out the lock,
walk out the door,
immediately, the alarms
are going to go off.
– Yeah.
– So that’s..
it’s like the last line
of defense basically,
as far as keeping her in the house.
Okay, so, if she’s
already out of the house,
let’s say, we’re carrying
stuff out to the car
and we leave the door open behind us.
For example.
– Okay.
– Okay, so back in the house
this is what we we use for an entrance
into our house.
This is what Abbie is most familiar with.
This is the way she
would go out of the house
if she were to leave the house.
This is the direction she would go in.
All the gates takes
some muscle to get open.
So that’s..
I don’t think she would
ever even try for it.
Just because, like she can’t get it open.
She stands there and
waits for us to open it.
But if she does come out here,
we have cameras on the patio
and we have cameras
covering the pool deck.
Those cameras have motion
detection turned on.
If anybody walks through here at all
in either the patio out here,
or the pool deck,
or even in the pool.
If the pool float floats by in the pool
I get a notification.
Oh, look, I just got one,
on my watch,
that there was motion either
out here or by the pool.
So, its a little annoying, but,
– We actually, the other day,
Maverick was out here
and we were not here
and we had respite here
and Asa was able to call Alexa
and tell Alexa to let them know
that Maverick needed to be let inside.
– Right.
– Because he was going back and forth.
– So I can see him on the cameras.
– So, even when we’re not here,
we can still access everything
and it still alerts us.
Which I love,
because, say, somebody else didn’t..
Wasn’t as on top of it
that day than we are.
– So, I love that we have like,
digital and analog security for Abbie.
Like old school, like put a lock on it.
And then we have this technology
that we can use, as
well, to keep her safe,
To keep our house safe.
To keep everybody safe.
If you have gates in your yards,
there are gate latches
that are readily available
for a few bucks, super cheap.
That you can throw on a gate.
We need to be able to enter
and exit through ours,
because that’s how we get into the house.
So I didn’t put those on there.
And like I said,
she can’t open it.
I’m trying to think of anything else
that we can help people out with.
I guess just keeping things out of reach.
And making sure..
You know what?
Your kid is going to tell you.
– Yeah, they’re going to
teach you really quick
What they can get in and out of.
– Abbie always does.
We will do an update later on to say,
‘Well we had to add this’
Because she will teach us a lesson
without a doubt
on something that we missed.
– So, if you have younger kids
and you do have a pool,
and you would like to
put that fence around it.
I do recommend that.
I don’t think we would have even
thought of a pool if
Abbie wasn’t able to swim.
– Right.
– So, that’s not a concern of ours.
We do make her walk out on the
outside of the couches, now
because, you know, she has jumped in
when we’re out here.
– With her clothes on.
Because it’s just a pain to change her
a couple of times a day,
that’s the biggest reason
– But, yeah, they do have those fences
that you can put around the pool.
Again, Abbie’s 14,
so she would knock the
fence into the pool,
I can imagine.
– I can’t put my mark of approval
on the pool sensors though.
I have not found one with good reviews.
Like I looked those up
and I just..
I’ve not found one that I would say,
‘Yeah, I would trust
my kid’s life to this.’
– Right.
– Like I think proactive safety measures
to keep, if you have a toddler,
to keep your child away from that pool
is going to be more beneficial.
And honestly, a kid can drown in no time.
Like, if they are already in the pool,
like, man, you do not
have a head start on this.
– So try to get them swimming lessons.
I know different people offer things.
Maybe you can even throw
up a couple of links.
There’s ones that are
kind of scary to watch,
but it’s so necessary, I think, for kids.
– So necessary, yeah.
– Little babies and stuff,
it’s just, you know..
But try to be aware of your surroundings
at all times, you know.
I know it’s so hard, sometimes,
to keep these kids safe.
But just do your due diligence
at being a good parent
and keeping your eyes open.
If you’re tag teaming,
like make sure that one of you knows
that the other one has got it.
– It doesn’t happen very often
where we’re like,
‘Do you know where Abbie is?’
– ‘Where’s Abbie?’
– ‘No, I don’t know where she is.
I thought you had..’
Like it doesn’t happen very often.
But it happens, you know.
If you make mistakes,
just fix it.
Don’t do it again,
or very often.
We’re parents we’re always
going to make mistakes.
– Come on, love.
– Alright, that’s it for our safety tour.
I hope we helped some people out.
And let me know down in the comments
what kind of crazy stuff you have to do
to your house to keep your kids safe.
I would love to hear your ideas.
We’ll see you guys next time.
– Bye.
– Bye.
– [Asa] Go down. Go down.
(car engine)
– [Priscilla] She’s like,
‘I’m not doing that.’
– [Asa] Go ahead. Go down.
– No.
– [Asa] Go ahead.
– (Abbie grunts)
– [Priscilla] Okay, come on.
– [Asa] Come back.
Good job, Ab.
Oh, nervous.
– (Abbie screams nervously)
– [Asa] No handrail.
Come on in.
Welcome home.
– (faint chatter in the background)
– (sound of feet clapping on the floor)
– (Asa panting)

Randall Smitham



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