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Autophagy 101 – Everything You Need to Know – with Dr. William Dunn

Dr. Don, it is an incredible honor to
have the opportunity to learn from you and the research that you’ve done over
your entire career around autophagy. Can you tell us a little bit about what
first got you interested in autophagy? So basically, I started, got my PhD at
Penn State University and I, sort of, was interested in there, in autophagy,
then a little bit. But we weren’t really doing anything like that. Did a postdoc
at Albert Einstein, then with Johns Hopkins. But, anyhow, when I was on Hopkins, we
started, I had to find a different direction to get away from the lab I was
in so I decided we’re gonna go do autophagy because at that time autophagy
needed a different angle everything that was looked at autophagy was biochemistry and I decided to go to the cell biology part. -Okay, so tell us
a little bit sort of like in a nutshell what is autophagy and we’re gonna talk
more about this later but the Nobel Prize in medicine was won just in
2016 for autophagy. So, how many years ago, roughly, did you did you first get
interested in autophagy and then define it quickly. -I got interested
in autophagy over 30 years ago. -Wow- It was defined by Christian De Duve back
in the 60s, 1960s and such, and he identified it based on morphology, just
looking at the cells by electron microscopy and he actually was able to
see these vacuoles which were unusual and Christian de Duve who won
Nobel Prize also by identifying lysosomes and some other organelles but
predominantly lysosomes and he did this by a variety of methods but the first
method, one of the best methods, was electron microscopy when you could
actually visually see the cell and look what’s in the cell. So he found these
unusual structures, very unusual structures, that were membrane bound that
were within the cell and these structures had cell components in there.
So he came up with the idea of autophagy, or self eating, -Yes- so the cell was
actually eating itself, it was grabbing itself. Its
organelles, its cytoplasm, parts of itself and putting them into vacuoles which
would then end up in the lysosomes. -So if I were to sort of, sort of, give an
analogy almost within the house, which is like the cell right, so if we’re in our
house the autophagy is essentially cleaning
out, cleaning, doing the housekeeping within the house so that the house
sparkles and is looking beautiful and ultimately for the cell it’s
in its most healthy form. How would you, sort of, what analogy would
you give us? -So basically I mean when when it was first examined by De Duve he
just thought it was pathology he really really thought there was something wrong
going on in the cell the cell this is not a normal process -This cleansing- This cleansing or this self eating. And you can see, I mean, you can understand, like,
why would the cell want to eat itself -Right- Yeah, so they at that time they
thought there was something going on and then when Mortimer came up on board and
that’s that was the that was the person that really got me into the field he
realized that this process was activated when the cells were starved of amino
acids. So he put two and two together then indeed when the amino acids were
low in the cell, the cell then was eating itself to provide the cell with amino
acids. So he considered this self he considered this process of autophagy more
of essential for cell survival so that the cells can survive various stresses
nutrient stresses and such. Then it got more interesting more and more years
later. But, anyhow, at that point in time that’s when I got interested in it as to
what was going on it needed this cell biology approach and I started working
on it at Hopkins and ever since after I left Hopkins I’ve been at the University
of Florida which has really been better beneficial to me because back then when
I first started the best way of examining and looking at autophagy was
by electron microscopy that’s as big microscopes
high-resolution microscopes basically which not, which only usually anatomy
cell biology departments have. First, it started with cancer. So it became
interested in cancer, so cancer there was two, basically, fields of thought one was
the cancer cells shut down autophagy and that will allow the cells to grow more
because they want they’re not degrading themselves so they can build and grow
faster and you know dividing… – Healthy cells or the cancer cells?- …the cancer cells -Got it. –
the cancer cells, so one train of thought was the fact that what the cancer cells the fact
that they grow so well is they don’t degrade they don’t eat themselves so
they grow real well the other train of thought was the fact that the autophagy
protects the cells so there were two things that were actually going on and
actually both of those things are actually true now as well depending upon
the different cancers when they were looking at the cancers and they were
looking at the chemotherapy agents of effects of chemotherapy on the cancers
and they were seeing that some of these cancers were more resistant to the
chemotherapy. So they started looking at, well, maybe it’s the autophagy that’s
actually being activated to protect the cell. So with the LC3 marker, yes, they
ever see the autophagy actually turning on… -To protect the cell- …so at that time
there was there were a number of inhibitors that were out there. None of
them that were very specific, but there were a number of inhibitors out there so
these were compounds that were used routinely so when added these compounds
in the presence of the chemotherapy agents the cells were dying faster.
That’s because you shut down the cell protection by shutting down the autophagy
and that sort of really got people really interested in looking at ways of
inhibiting autophagy. -What is your dream of of where this work, your life’s work, will
go over the next decade?- I’m hoping that we can regulate autophagy in such a
way that we can cure some of the diseases are basically may make make the
cells healthier, to avoid the cancers, to avoid the pathogens that we basically
are basically exposed to and such like that.
Possibly we’re getting back to aging again really to make the cells healthier
for longer periods of time and such. But that’s a little tricky because you
really want the times you want to turn it off but other times you want to turn
it on. For aging you sort of want to turn it on you know you really want to
basically help the cell or tell the cell that you really want to get rid of the
old organelles and such like that under the eight in in older cells the cells
the autophagy pathway is a little bit reduced it’s not as efficient so
the idea is to activate it and turn it on now during normal growth of the tumor
when the blood supply has yet to come in the tumors are turning on autophagy to
survive. See what you would actually want to shut down at often G at that
particular time as well before the blood supply gets to the tumor, So, different
conditions you want to turn off autophagy, other conditions you want to turn on
autophagy. So there’s a big area now of looking at the role with autophagy and
metastasis of the tumors. Not only inhibiting the tumors but also in the
metastasis of the tumors. So, again, when you’re, yeah, when you wake up in the
morning you haven’t eaten in a while autophagy’s kicked in, that’s because your
amino acid levels in the bloodstream are low… -Right, and, for example, I’m
intermittent fasting this morning so I’m not I won’t be eating probably until
sometime later on this afternoon and I know that the intermittent fasting is
also helping to activate the autophagy in my body and because my body is is, I hope,
you know healthy I’m getting that anti-aging youth activating cellular
effect. -Yes, basically, you’re right. So sometimes it in the intermittent fasting is
sometimes easier for some people than other people… -Right- ….you’re really pretty
much starving when you wake up, you’re really angry when you wake up. But once
you get past nine or ten o’clock then it sort of seems to be okay. But you have to
be engaged in something so you’re really not even thinking about, ‘Boy I’m hungry’
right now And you’re intermittent fasting
specifically to activate your autophagy? -Yeah yeah, mine is specifically to go after
the autophagy. Mostly with the heart and stuff like that. -Tell us a little bit
about the heart.- Well, the heart the heart like I said those those cells are not
dividing and basically with the heart, which beats all the time, it requires a
lot of ATP the mitochondria age relatively quickly compared to other
cell types that don’t require as much ATP as the heart does. So, you really
have to have a good functional autophagy pathway or way of keeping it turned on
to get rid of the damaged mitochondria or to get rid of the damaged organelles
in the heart. So, that’s sort of one of the reasons I’m I’m more interested in
it is really to give me a better or healthier heart fascinating so heart
health liver health any of the organs or any parts of our body where the cells
are not dividing those are the organs or the cells that we really need to take
the best care of and and activate the autophagy in those types of cells. -Correct
the kidney was actually the most active in looking at it in turning on autophagy and very few people are actually studying the role of autophagy in the
kidney function and such but it was it was looked at as being one of the most
active organs turning on autophagy. -If you could sort of wave your magic wand
and have an area of focus around autophagy and disease prevention where the
researchers really put their, their attention there, where would you want the
scientists to be to be working? -Mine would be more cancer and basically I
would think, you know, the cancer I would pick would be the bone cancers the
osteosarcomas, right now. The reason I’m keen on osteosarcomas is because that
hits a lot of the younger people the kids and such. You know, I would love to
see more focus on that. Aging, yeah, I don’t know about aging.
Aging is gonna happen, unfortunately. I’m not sure how well you can slow it down,
not sure. -Dr. Dunn it’s just so fascinating to to learn from you and the
work that you’ve done over the past 30 years is such important work and it’s it
is it’s a true honor to be able to sit and have this conversation thank you
very much. -Oh, thanks for asking me.

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