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Avocado Corn Salad Recipe With Easy Salad Dressing

Hi everyone, its Natasha of Today we’re making a favorite! It’s a bright and feel-good salad, that’s
loaded with sweet corn creamy avocado and cherry tomatoes and you’ll fall in
love with this dressing, We’ll start with 1 pound of cherry
tomatoes, you can also use grape tomatoes or chopped Roma, if that’s what you have
on hand. Slice them in half and place them in a large salad bowl. Next, you’ll
need 3 cooked cobs of corn and we’ve grilled these but you can also use
boiled or baked corn on the cob. Slice the corn off the cob then crumble it up
slightly with your hands and transfer it to the salad bowl. You’ll need two whole
avocado and I’m using the larger size because we love avocado. Peel, pit and
slice those up and transfer them to the bowl for salads. It’s best to get ripe
avocados, but not ones that are overly ripe, because you want them to keep their
shape in the salad. Peel and thinly slice half of a medium
red onion. Using a red onion, adds nice subtle flavor to the salad and a
beautiful pop of color and of course we can’t resist cilantro. So chop half of a
small bunch of fresh cilantro. Add that to the bowl, then press in two garlic
cloves. Do not skip the garlic, the dressing will mellow it out and it gives
every bite irresistible flavor. Squeeze in two to three tablespoons of fresh
lime juice and you can add that to taste. We’ll finish off the dressing with two
tablespoons of good olive oil. I use extra virgin along with a teaspoon of
sea salt and a pinch of black pepper. Oh, okay! I’m really excited right now
coz I get to enjoy this for lunch. Oh, if you love any of our avocado salads, you
are will go crazy for this one. It has so much amazing flavor and now we’re gonna
do the taste test. All right, let’s load up. Love how much avocado is in this… yum-yum!
Okay, here we go. A little bit of everything. Mmm, this is so good. It’s so fresh and
that sweetness from the corn and then the zesty lime. It is delicious. The
flavors just meld together so nicely. Seriously, this salad just says summer
party to me, it’s so colorful and fresh. I love that lime dressing and then the
avocado makes it so creamy good and you can use any kind of corn. We love to add
grilled corn but you can use boiled corn, baked corn, whatever you like, whatever
you have on hand. This is a winner! If you enjoyed this video, please give us a
great big thumbs up below, make sure to subscribe to our Channel
and we’ll see you next time. If you love summer avocado salads, check out some of
our absolute favorites, most popular right over here and before you go, click
below to subscribe and when you do, click that little Bell icon so you’ll get
notifications every time we post a new recipe. See you later.

Randall Smitham



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