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Avocado Toast With Poached Eggs Recipe

Have you ever wanted to learn to cook but just didn’t know where to start? Well we’re the guys from SORTEDfood and we’ve teamed up with Co-Op to create Now Cook It A free online course to show you how to up your food game. So head over to Now Cook It to get started but for now, check out this video from the course. Avocado on toast with poached eggs, And not just any poached eggs but perfectly poached eggs Which is where we’re going to start Grab yourself a pan of water which is about half filled You want to heat it to a boil And if you do that with a lid on, it’s much quicker And then for the eggs themselves, I’d much prefer to poach eggs when they’re at room temperature, it’s much easier. So if you keep your eggs in the fridge, you just want to warm them up. You can do that by placing them in a glass of warm water, just to take the chill off. Now, listen, it’s really, really weird, but it does help I promise. It’s a, a little, little tip, that helps. So, while your pan is warming up, and your eggs are taking the chill off, we can look at the avocado and help you prep that. Firstly, you’re going to need to cut your avocado in half. Stick your hand on top, and slice into the stone, and then rotate the avocado. Twist both halves and separate. Then take a spoon, and scoop out that stone. Scrape against the skin removing all of that flesh. Pop that onto the board and do the same with the other half. Then, take your knife and give it a rough chop, and keep the other hand out of the way in the claw position. Or have it on top. Take the avocado and place it into a bowl. Then with the back of a fork, you just kind of want to smash against the side of the bowl and that’s why you need a ripe avocado. You’re not looking for avocado purée you just kind of want to have a rough chunky chop. And that’s smashed avocado But, if we taste it now. You’ll see that is avocado That’s delicious At it’s basic level What we’re going to do now, is really, really elevate it. By adding in a couple of tablespoons of chopped coriander, It’s optional, but it really helps and a squeeze of lime juice. So you want just the leaves of the coriander, Rock the knife back and forth, you want about a tablespoon in total. It’s a really easy recipe to remember because it’s also a tablespoon of olive oil. And about a tablespoon of lime juice. If you have’t got fresh lime, you could go fresh lemon or you could even use the bottled stuff straight out the fridge, if that’s what you’ve got to hand. Then season it to taste And see what you think! Now, you tried it before, try again. I missed a bit. Did it miss your mouth? Sorry Is it that good? That is a completely different flavour. So it’s just the lime, the seasoning, the fresh coriander that really lifts it. So, that’s our avocado ready to go on toast. Now, for the toast. Yeah, you can use any type of bread here We’re using ciabatta So, slice that in half, stick it under the grill, for how long? Well, you want to keep an eye on it. Never leave a grill unattended, because it’s direct heat top down, probably 90 seconds to 2 minutes before you turn it over. Or of course, you can stick it into a toaster. Just keep an eye on it, if you smell burning, it’s too far. So, while you keep an eye on our toast we’ll look back at our water With the lid on, the chances are, it’s been boiling So, take the lid off and just let it cool down a little bit. you want bubbles on the bottom of the pan, But only a few of them making their way to the top. At this point, if you put a dash of vinegar in it not only seasons the water, but it helps the eggs to stick together, as you drop them in. or instead of the vinegar, you could add a pinch of salt, So again, that not only seasons the egg, but it helps it cling together. Now the water’s at the right temperature, Both eggs can go in at the same time By putting them into smaller containers, it makes this a bit easy. I want to watch this bit Very, very simple, Fresh eggs, poaching liquid, and just drop them in. Because of the salt, and/or vinegar they’ll just clump together. They will need two or three minutes to poach, now it will vary depending on the temperature of your egg and your pan, and your water volume But what you’re looking for, is something where the white has completely set, But when you scoop it out, you’ve still got a bounce on the yolk. While we’re waiting for that, we can plate everything else up The toast! Done. Golden on top? Yep, perfect A couple of those, thanking you. Plenty of our avocado Now remember, this is enough to serve one but it’s just as easy to scale up for two, or even four if cooking it for a brunch for friends at the weekend. Seriously impressive! And it’s so easy Spread it out, so that you’ve got that wonderful bed for the egg With a slotted spoon, just scoop the egg out and that’s what you’re looking for, set white Give it a wobble and a bouncy yolk, because you want a runny yolk. Drip it dry, drain it on a little bit of kitchen paper, just to get rid of excess water And then sit on top of your avocado. Grab the other one And you want to serve it nice and quick while that yolk is still runny with a little bit of fresh black pepper. There you go, everything you need to know to cook up smashed avocado on toast with poached eggs Oh, runny egg The thing is, in a restaurant, they’d charge you the earth for that wouldn’t they? Yeah, but now you can do it at home. Awesome avocado, perfect poached eggs. If you want to give it a go, the full recipe is available down below. And make sure you upload your photos when you do.

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    didn't rate them poached eggs lads looked more like fried eggs, spin the water first before the egg goes in and have it a little hotter so the egg cooks in a billowy round fuller ball shape not a flat mush on the bottom of the pan still. 6/10

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