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Awaken The Hunter Within (Part 6 of 7 – Harvesting Meat)

[Ben:] Hey, Alex and Pierce glad you made
it. We’ve got a deer and we’re going to break it
down. With this one, we’re going to skin her quarter her And then we’ll cut some roasts, steaks, and some grind material. And the rest will pretty much be scraps. And you guys get to help out. And then we get to take a little bit home
with us. For safety sake, I’ve got some gloves over
here that you guys can put on and we’ll get going on it, all right? [Alex:] Sounds good. [Alex:] So, do does typically have more fat than bucks? [Ben:] Yep. [Alex:] They don’t run as much, or…? [Ben:] They don’t run as much, but also because
they’re gonna be pregnant… [Ben:] So you should be able to pull it right off. [Alex:] That’s where you shot it? [Ben:] Yep. [Ben:] Right here, and a little bit of blood…we’ll
find a little more inside here. That’s caused by the shock and that’s how
you want to dispatch an animal quickly. Now you can see the good fat layer that’s
on her and so the back straps are from right here down to behind the shoulders. Then we can do neck meat. You’ve got your front shoulder. We’re actually going to split it right here
and we’re going to do a shank. You can actually do a shoulder roast where
you keep this intact. This is the same thing as the brisket right
here. It goes from here right around, so you can
fillet that off. We might try that with this one since there’s
so much fat on her. There’s a layer of fat on the inside. On a doe, it’s a little harder because of
the fat, there’s more fat layers. You end up peeling, the fat off. So you end up separating those, versus that
buck. I mean there was no fat like you’re seeing
here. He was all muscle like that. [Ben:] Now pull this back…and the same thing. So right here from the bullet wound. Then keep the knife up and down. And just do the same thing. [Ben:] Up here, the shoulder blade actually
comes back this way. So take one hand, and then finish that cut. [Ben:] The other one will be a little bit easier. [Alex:] There you go. [Ben:] Take my knife… And work right underneath it. And cut right through. And follow the pelvic bone. And when I hit the spine, I’ll go down. [Ben:] Same thing. You just finesse it off. The more methodical you are with this, the
more meat you’ll get. Look at how thick that is. [Ben:] So we had the deer. You guys got to get your hands on it, and
helped out a little bit. And now we actually have all the quarters
and the animal broken down. So, from this side, we had one kidney, front
shoulders, tenderloins, back straps, and I rolled the neck right off. We’ve got the ribs intact, and the rear quarters
of the hams. Front shoulders, we’ll gets some steaks out
of those. And I’ll keep the shanks for roasting. Same thing with the rears. I’ll cut the shanks off and then we’ll break
some steaks and roasts out of that. And then I’ll show you how to how I break
down the back straps, because I like to keep them intact. And then I’ll do a neck roast and then you
guys get to pick what you want. And we’ll package that up for you. That’s awesome. It sounds good? All right, but you don’t get my tenderloin. (chuckling) [Alex:] That was the most tender steak that I’ve ever eaten. I’ve had high-end steak, 85-day dry-aged… And it wasn’t as good as that.

Randall Smitham



  1. azoreking Posted on October 19, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    Awesome video…the only thing I am upset with is there is only 1 left.