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Hi, how are you? if you are new to my channel my name is Laura but you can call me Lala Cata and today’s video you are probably looking for because December just finished and I think everyone overeats in December and maybe you want to lose a few pounds or maybe your new year’s resolution is to be healthy and lose weight and be fit, or maybe you’ve heard about the Keto diet so if you want to know more about this diet and how to lose weight Very fast keep watching the video. To begin with I’m going to tell you how I heard about this diet and basically it was because a friend did this diet 2 weeks and she lost 22 pounds and to me that was impossible. When have you heard about someone losing so much weight in so little time? I thought the diet was super bad for your organism since you lose so much weight so fast later on my maid had a knee problem and she had to lose weight so she was going to eat healthy but since I had heard about the Keto diet I told her about the diet, not knowing much about it and I researched a little bit and sent it to her. So she started the diet and lost 18 pounds in 2 weeks 11 pounds in the first week that to me in unbelievable like how? how? how? I don’t know I don’t understand and without even doing exercise or starving then one day my cousin told me we wanted to lose a little bit of weight and I became like the influencer of Keto diet as If i knew everything about it and had done it myself So that day my cousin told me “I have no idea what to eat I don’t know exactly how this diet works” So I researched and asked my friend and the main reason why I didn’t do the diet myself at first was because I’m supposedly in my ideal weight and what I needed to lose was body fat not my weight and since this is a diet based in eating 75% fat. I thought the diet made you lose weight but raised your body fat % and I needed the complete opposite So the day my cousin began the diet I researched everything about it I became like an expert on Keto or at least that’s what I think, probably not. So when I researched I found out that the diet was actually a fat burner diet and that is why it works so well and fast so if you want to lose fat you have to eat fat. Which doesn’t make sense to me yet I started the diet the 18th of December and then I thought why would I start a diet when Christmas and New Year’s is so close I thought I wasn’t gonna make it. But I managed to do it and it wasn’t difficult at all I just grabbed my computer to explain the science behind this way of life because it’s literally a way of life It’s like someone who is vegan or vegetarian but the people who are “ketogenic” I don’t know what the people who do this for 20 years are called personally I am not doing it as a way of life, nor would I do it that way but whatever the point of the Ketogenic diet is to put your body in a metabolic state called ketosis our bodies usually burn carbs to obtain energy but when you don’t consume carbs or sugar and everything you can’t eat on keto your body grabs all the fat you eat that as I told you is 75% of the diet and creates molecules called ketones that are used as energy. When I read this what I conclude is that your body instead of grabbing the fat as fat it transforms it so all that fat is what gives you energy and not what makes you fat now I’m going to tell you what to eat, because when you hear that you have to eat 75% fat you immediately think you have to drink olive oil or something and well, no. It’s 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs when I say carbs I don’t mean go and eat a slice of bread this carbs are the ones that come from vegetables I didn’t even know that vegetables had carbs and the best ones to eat are the green ones because I believe they have less carbs just a little of tomatoes and a little of red bell peppers you can’t eat beets or carrots because they have a lot of sugar you can’t eat fruits either because they also contain a lot a lot of sugar and that not only makes you fat (in this diet) but takes you out of ketosis if you want fruits the only ones you can have are berries you can’t have a lot of them, just a few if you can’t live without fruits it is basically eating a lot of avocados because they have a lot of healthy fat not like bacon fat that you can also eat if you want to have bacon for breakfast you can in fact that is what I do myself because I love it butter is also really good and any fish is also very good because they have healthy fat as well. olives have fat as well and cheeses I believe parmesan has a lot of fat usually as snack I eat nuts the one you can have the least is peanuts because they have a lot of carbs all the ones that are high in fat and low in carbs are the best ones to eat. and proteins are just the basic proteins as in chicken, steak, and fish. you can’t drink any milk except unsweetened almond milk if you eat sugar or carbs, the body automatically stops doing ketosis and all the fat is going to make you fat that is basically what you should be eating. I’m no expert in fact If i were you I would research a lot before doing this diet another this is that due to the change of foods you might get dizzy the first 3 or 4 days and even get migraines or weak, but then you get a ton of energy like right now I’m full of energy and it’s not because I have had 8 coffees it’s literally because the diet gives you energy because ketones give a lot of energy I got a migraine but it was nothing really it wasn’t even migraine it was just something weird in my head a little uncomfortable. I was able to do exercise the first days. Some people feel to weak to exercise I feel like it was because I was already doing exercise before the diet so it wasn’t a big change the other thing is that as I told you I thought this diet wasn’t healthy but apparently it is super healthy apparently to me it still doesn’t make sense that this diet is healthy because it has a lot of fat and I actually thought my cholesterol was going to go up and it was going to cause like heart disease, BUT that isn’t the case it’s actually the complete opposite and it also helps to cure and prevent a lot of diseases you should research I have been doing this diet for 2 weeks now and the day before I got on the scale to see the difference and the next day I had lost 1.2 pounds obviously that pound was from water because that is the first thing you lose and throughout this diet you have to stay super hydrated because this diet dehydrates you should also eat pink salt (himalayan) or salt because salt has a lot of electrolytes and the himalayan salt is the one that has the most electrolytes because the diet lowers your electrolytes i don’t even know what electrolytes are i just know i have to eat them in this diet So first day I lost 1 pound, next day I lost 2.2 pounds the third day I got stuck and the fourth day I had lost a total of 4.4 pounds and usually the last few pounds you want to lose are the most difficult and I lost them in 4 days If i’m honest i’m stuck in those pounds still but as I told you I don’t need to lose weight. Just fat. you immediately start seeing changes with this diet I look at myself in the mirror and I see I’m getting slimmer or I grab this part of my arm and I feel there’s less skin and this is where you start noticing if you are losing fat also in your hips and thighs so even if I’m stuck scale wise and you might get frustrated with this that is not what you should be focusing on. Focus on when you look in the mirror if you are seeing changes my birthday is the 1st of February so what I think I’m going to do is to do the diet until like 3 days before and start adding like brown rice or something to the diet because I don’t what to do this forever because I don’t think it is that fun and i don’t feel comfortable not eating carbs either so I need to decide what to do maybe I’ll stop and eat a cake on my birthday or maybe I will keep going I don’t know I have to see myself when I reach that day and make a decision maybe stop and start eating healthy I just want to get to the point I want to get I want to look at myself in the mirror and feel fine I have never actually felt bad with my body and I have never been skinny I have always looked at myself in the mirror and felt fine because what matters to me the most Is how I feel mentally but I have always wanted to be healthier and skinnier if your mind is healthy and you have my same goal of being healthy then you would be able to be good body wise because you can lose weight but not be healthy don’t focus to much on instagram you should do it because you want to do it and not because you want to be hot WELL ACTUALLY, that is fine too. If you want to feel sexy go for it because obviously everyone wants to look in the mirror and feel beautiful but it comes within do it for the right reasons don’t do it because there’s a guy you like and you want to lose weight lastly i’m going to leave a few videos showing my breakfast, lunch, and dinner of my first week of Keto so that you guys have an idea of what you should be eating because everyone who want to start the diet now are always like “I have no idea what to eat” so that is why I’m showing you. I’m going to show you what worked for me I don’t know if it will work for you keep in mind your height and weight I have not done it like I should eat this many carbs or protein or I can only eat 5 olives and not 6 because I come out of ketosis I haven’t done it like that because I feel that if I do it that way I’m going to get bored however, if you want to do it that way you will see faster results you can look that up in web pages and apps research A LOT because I know nothing, only what I have researched and what has worked for me so look at the clips ignore the background noise I can’t do anything about it there are some frogs in my backyard and they make noises all night long I’m finally done with Keto day 1 I actually feel super good I just got some uncomfortable pain in my head for a few minutes right here I bought this for my snack I just ate a little and this has peanuts, cashews and almonds I just got home and made myself dinner I made 2 ribs, olives this is cheese but I heat it up because I love it that way don’t judge me and I also made some mushrooms in butter and added parmesan cheese and himalayan salt It’s the next day and I feel good hadn’t have headaches or dizziness but it is only 10 am so I don’t know if i’m going to feel bad later I have to eat in 8 minutes so I have to show you fast because I have to go to the dentist I made myself to pieces of bacon avocado with salt, lime olive oil, and pepper Burnt eggs because I hate eggs do I would rather them taste burnt that eggy here I have sparkling water with lime and salt yes, that is how I drink sparkling water ignore me and my socks on the back this is my lunch again sparkling water with salt and lime meat, olives and vegetables with butter It’s 10 am and I am going to have breakfast with her I am having burnt eggs again I added cheese I also added mushrooms and I also made 2 pieces of bacon and I added cream cheese to the eggs, I really don’t know why I did that but, let’s see how creams cheese with eggs tastes like I just tried it and it is very good, try it trust me I forgot to show you what I had for lunch but it was like a lasagna but with eggplant it is this and it has cheese and tomato sauce and that is it i just got back from the movies and had no idea what to eat and then I decided to order a hotdog without the bread so basically just the sausage and I added mayo and mustard to the sausage today I had lunch at “El Corral” which is a burger place here in Colombia and they give you the option of changing the bread for lettuce so I just removed tomato sauce onions because I don’t like them and added cheese and bacon for dinner we went to Frisby which is a famous chicken place here in Colombia as well but the only sell fried chicken with a crust and asked if they had chicken with no crust and they have one called “Tosti” that they literally grab the chicken and fry it and it is amazing!! Ok guys and that is everything for today’s videos if you have any questions that I might be able to answer or if you are going to start this diet let me know in the comments so that we can be together in this journey in this new year 2019 I feel that this year is going to be amazing. I don’t know why. so that is all for today and I’ll see you in the next one. BYEE.

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    Buen video Lala, tema oportuno para arrancar año 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    Te pareces un poco a Teresa macetas

  4. Aprendiendo Youtube Posted on February 11, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    No es instantáneo, el proceso de cetosis lleva un poco de tiempo y es el estado en el cuál se deja de usar carbohidratos como principal fuente de energía y toma las grasas para producir esa energía. Las grasas no estimulan la insulina, por eso es tan efectiva para la quema de grasas. Hay mucha más ciencia detrás de esto.

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