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Baked Chicken Parmesan Dip – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with big chicken parmesan dip that’s right I love chicken parmesan and
I love hot baked dips so it was only a matter of time before I eventually did a
hot chicken parm dip which ended up coming out so amazingly delicious I
would make this again even if it was hard to do but it’s not it’s super easy
you’re just about to see so with that let’s go ahead and get started by
prepping our chicken and today I’m gonna be using a couple boneless skinless
chicken breasts which we’ll go ahead and season very generously with kosher salt
freshly ground black pepper and a little bit of cayenne and while breasts are the
classic cut to use for chicken parm this will also work beautifully with some
boneless skinless thighs as would just picking up a fully cooked rotisserie
chicken and pulling the meat off that but anyway if you are using raw chicken
we’ll go ahead and season that generously on both sides
at which point we’ll head to the stove where we’re gonna cook this in some
olive oil over medium-high heat which for breasts this size is gonna take you
about 6 minutes or so per side and ideally we want these just barely cooked
through since don’t forget our dips gonna get
baked so try not to cook these two well done at this point okay even a little
bit underdone is gonna be better than over and then what we’ll do once we
think that is just barely cooked through is turn off our heat and splash in about
three tablespoons of cold fresh water which is gonna quickly cool down our pan
but also a much more importantly deglaze the bottom all right if you’re spending
time scrubbing pans your searing meat in we seriously need to have a talk about
deglazing since once we do this that surface should be clean and all that
delicious goodness is going to go into whatever we’re making and that’s it
we’ll go ahead and transfer our chicken and pan drippings into this bowl where
we will let it cool down completely at which point we can go ahead and dice it
up and add it to the rest of our ingredients and then speaking of the
rest of the ingredients while our chicken is cooling we can go ahead and
mix those up which for me is gonna start with some ricotta cheese which could if
you want to be cream cheese instead okay I kept going back and forth on which
would be better and there’s really no way I’m gonna know for sure until I try
it both ways which of course is what a real dip scientist would do but anyway
to that we will also add a nice big pinch of our salt and pepper mixture
and then to our soft cheese we will also add some grated cheese and I’m gonna do
half mozzarella and half Monterey Jack which is basically just like mozzarella
only it has a little more flavor and then we will finish up the cheese
phase with one ounce of freshly and finely grated Parmesan and of course
we’re using the real stuff parmigiano-reggiano accept no
substitutes in fact if you’re stuck for a gift for a foodie friend ears just buy
a hunk of Reggiano wrap it up and it’ll be one of the best gifts they ever got
and then what we’ll do before adding the rest of the ingredients is give this a
quick mix with a spoon just to make sure all those different cheeses are evenly
distributed and then once that’s been accomplished we can go ahead and add our
now cooled and cut up chicken along with of course all those precious pan
drippings and accumulated juices and as you can see i diced my chicken but you
could also shred it for a little different texture
all right that’s up to you I mean you are after all the Britney Street of how
you prep your meat in case you’re wondering that’s my niece’s name and
she’s the only person I know the likes chicken parm more than I do but anyway
we’ll go ahead and finish this up with a couple cups of marinara or they’re
prepared tomato sauce of your choice and then we will take a fork and mix this
until it’s just combined and then besides this the only other thing we’re
going to need to prep would be a little bit of breadcrumb mixture for the top so
what we’ll do is toss some panko style breadcrumbs since those are the nice big
jagged ones and we’ll toss those right into that dirty bowl we had our chicken
in because why dirty another one Plus this Bowl came pre flavored and then to
that we will also add a nice splash of olive oil
at which point we’ll take a freakishly small wooden spoon and give this a mix
and that’s it we’ll just mix those until they’re coated with oil and once these
are set we can move on to final assembly which means transferring our chicken
mixture into an ungreased baking dish or pan oh yeah you heard me ungreased even
though almost every other big dip recipe calls for a greased pan but we’re not
going to do that because it really doesn’t make any difference and people
just do it out of habit and that’s exactly the kind of brainless routine I
want you to repel against in the kitchen and then what we’ll do once our chicken
is in just go ahead and top that with our oiled crumbs
before we finish it off with a little bit of our three grated cheeses
but please don’t overdo it all right we just want a fairly light dusting of the
parmesan and then just a little sprinkling of our mozzarella and
Monterey Jack otherwise what’s gonna happen if we put a whole bunch is once
it bakes it’s all gonna fuse to those bread crumbs and whoever takes the first
bite is gonna get like half a pound of cheese on their crostini so please show
a little bit of restraint and that’s it once cheesed this is now ready to
transfer into the center of a very hot 450 degree oven for about 20 minutes or
so or until beautifully browned and bubbling and looking exactly like
something you want to see right in the middle of your snack table it’s your
next party or festive gathering which could be the same things and then if you
want go ahead and serve this right away but I feel like this really benefits
from at least a 10-minute rest just to let it cool down a touch so I did let
mine rest for a few minutes before serving it next to some beautiful
homemade crostini and then because every single chicken parmigiana I’ve ever been
served in my life has always come with a sprinkling of parsley I decided to
finish mine up a little garnish of that and that’s it our baked chicken parm dip
is finally ready to enjoy and of course since we’re calling it a dip I have to
give it the official test to make sure it is Dibble which it was but names
aside I really do suggest you serve this with a spoon because if people like me
that will have no problem going in with the other half of that crostini so if
you want to prevent me and my double dipping fingers from going to knuckles
deep make sure you have a spoon or spreading knife next to this which is
not only going to be more sanitary it’s going to be way easier to get on the
crostini theoretically don’t worry I’m gonna practice but anyway no matter how
you manage to get that on the bread you’re gonna be enjoying something that
pretty much tastes exactly like chicken parmigiana and unlike actual chicken
parm where that crispy breading usually get soggy super fast because we’re
serving this on nice crunchy toast not only does this taste like the real thing
the textural experience is probably even better so I really did enjoy everything
about this and for future party reference it was good hot warm and room
temp oh and cold and off the record really good two days later main to a
quesadilla so for all those reasons as well as the
fact we’re right in the middle of party season I really do hope you give this a
try soon so please follow the links below for the ingredient amounts a
printable written recipe and much more info as usual and as always you

Randall Smitham



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