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Barbecue Beer Can Chicken – Keto – LCHF – Learn to BBQ

this is Wiley from Learn to BBQ this week
our super simple recipe is beer can
chicken we will be cooking two very
large seven pound whole chickens as you
can see except for the head neck and
tail we are cooking everything we will
be doing this on a Weber Genesis 330
burning natural gas our cooking method
will be indirect cooking and will be
only using the far right burner so let’s
get moving on this cook look down a
couple of paper towels now on to
preparing our beer stands so they can
handle these fairly large chickens you
can try doing this for just beer cans
but these chickens are way too big to
stand up on their own now some will say
you need to drink half the beer and then
leave the rest personally I’d rather
celebrate with a martini at the chicken
is done
as you put the chicken over the beer can
make sure the chicken is properly
balanced so it won’t tip over when it
goes on the grill
now that the chickens are positioned on
their beer can mounts I like to spray the
skin with a spray on cooking oil this
will allow the skin to brown evenly and
it will also help keep the rub in place
during cooking now it’s time for the rub
my favorite chicken rub is Plowboys
Barbecue Yardbird Rub it is a
championship rub that actually has won
championships and I highly recommend it
to learn more about this rub there are
links to more information in the video
description below now it’s time to get
the grill on and warmed up give it at
least 15 minutes before adding the
chickens now this is important make sure
that you put the chicken on the side
where the burners are off you do not
want any direct heat or flame near the
chickens my weber genesis is a great
grill but it does not have a thermostat
for these chickens to cook properly the
temperature inside the covered grill
needs to be at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
and I have to monitor and make
corrections during the cook the way I do
this is by a Tappecue remote
thermometer for more information on the
Tappecue thermometer reference the
video description below here is the
readout of the three temperatures I need
to monitor probe one is the chamber
temperature in the grill this is how hot
the air temperature is around the
chicken probe two and probe three are
monitoring the internal temperature of
the two chickens so as you can see the
chamber temperature is 291 degrees and
the two chickens are at 62 and 48
degrees one chicken was slightly frozen
and as a reason for the temperature
difference one hour later the chamber
was at 348 degrees and the two chickens
at 101 and 93 degrees during that hour I
would adjust the burner to keep the
grill close to 350 degrees about every
15 minutes
at two hours into the cook chamber
temperature was 352 degrees and the two
chickens at 173 and 151 degrees at this
time I pulled the first chicken 40
minutes later chamber temperature was
366 degrees and the last chicken was at
166 this chicken actually hit 167
degrees just as I pulled it from the
grill so for you technical pitmasters
here’s a detailed chart showing the
complete cook the drop in chamber
temperature is when I pulled the first
chicken so here are the completed
chickens and they came out perfect my
wife says the chicken was extremely
moist and tender and the best whole
chicken she could remember ever having
and that is with over two hours on the
grill I do highly recommend this recipe
but I also highly recommend you use a
remote thermometer so you could avoid
opening the grill while cooking our plan
is to post at least one new recipe a
week and we also encourage you to
subscribe so you can be notified each
time we post a new recipe
thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



  1. Robert Rockwell Posted on April 16, 2017 at 1:37 am

    I like the Tappecue readings. Made things come together. Monitoring the air temp….very good idea.

  2. Learn to BBQ Posted on March 27, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    If you want to be able to print out this recipe here is the link.

  3. Learn to BBQ Posted on April 7, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    For anyone reading my comments thanks for the support also I am back to one video a week now that we are moving into BBQ season. My next one will be out next Friday, April 13th. Wait Friday the 13th no way. My next video will be out Saturday, April 14th and it is going to be Baby Back Ribs that are sous vide for 12 hours and then 1 hour on the smoker. This is also a Keto and LCHF version so no worry about sugar. So now you have no reason not to Subscribe so just do it.