April 5, 2020
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hello this is Wiley from LearnToBBQ.com this week we’ll be covering barbecue gloves we will also be getting a better understanding of why they are a necessity if you are serious about barbecue there are basically two types of gloves the first is the extreme heat BBQ glove they are designed to handle hot non-food or non liquid items like hot pans grills lids or just about anything that is metal that gets hot they act just like your oven mitt you’re having your kitchen let’s fit better and do a better job of protecting your hands from the heat the second glove is the insulated food glove they are designed for handling hot foods or even hot liquids they are almost always made out of high-temperature plastic rubber or silicone these gloves usually say one size fits all which really means they don’t fit very well they are great if you’re trying to carry a full cooked 15 pound brisket into the kitchen extreme heat barbecue gloves are usually made out of a woven material that has insulated properties as long as the item is not wet it can insulate you from very high temperatures here’s what happens if a hot liquid is poured onto the club as you can see the water goes right through the glove if your hand is in the glove you might as well afford the hot water directly on your hand I only know this where I made that mistake and it took about a week for the burn to heal when using the insulated food handling glove even if the food is full of hot juice it is never going to penetrate the glove as long as the liquid stays outside the glove your hand is not going to get burned the ones you see here I’ve had for over three years and they are perfectly removing a large item from a barbecue like a turkey or a large brisket they also come in handy when you need to prepare hot liquids like stews soups or even a seafood boil so in closing you need both types of gloves the extreme temperature gloves for handling hot metal items that do not have any liquids and the insulated foods loves which are used when handling hot food items and anything that has hot liquid by using both gloves at the right time you will make barbecuing a lot less stressful and a lot more fun so in closing if you would like to see more what’s new and BBQ then please subscribe each week we will discuss a new topic pertaining to the world of barbecue see you next week

Randall Smitham