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Barbecue Pork Loin – Keto – LCHF – Learn to BBQ

this is Wiley from learn to BBQ this week
our super simple recipe is pork loin the
loin is the area between the shoulder
and back legs and is the leanest most
tender part of the animal this part of
the pig is very lean it does not require
a long cooking times actually is the one part
that is subject to becoming dry
overcooked so let’s get into this cook
first you need about a six to eight
pound pork loin this one we have here is
just under eight pounds now the hardest
part of the recipe how do you get this
thing out of the packaging without
stabbing myself okay it looks like we’re
in now I can get rid of the packaging
and start preparing the pork loin so we
can apply the rub so we can keep this
simple and we’ll be using my favorite
commercial rub for pork Killer Hogs the
BBQ rub notice it is not a barbecue rub
but it is the BBQ rub the road was
created by Malcolm Reed one of the true
barbecue gurus to learn more about
Malcolm there’s a link in the
description below the video now you need
to apply a lot of rub and you need to
make sure it’s put on both sides this is
not a place where you want to skimp you
now need to preheat the smoker or a
grill set up for indirect cooking to 250
degrees Fahrenheit you put the pork loin
on the grill making sure you’re properly
Center it so it can cook evenly after
the first hour start checking the
internal temperature this is where a
good quality instant thermometer comes
in handy
what you’re looking for is 145 degrees
Fahrenheit and make sure you test it all
along the pork loin it is important to
make sure the complete pork loin is 145
degrees Fahrenheit or higher so our pork
loin is now done so now you see why
having insulated food handling gloves
are so cool and no pun intended if you
do not have these types of gloves that I
recommend you buy them right away also
make sure you’re buying the right gloves
if it says they can handle 900 degrees
Fahrenheit then you are buying the wrong
gloves and you will burn yourself check
out the link in the description below
the video to find out what gloves you
need so the pork loin is done and now
it’s time to slice it first thing it is
more than my family of four can eat so
I’m going to take half put it away so I
can make carnitas later carnitas is
going to be featured in a future video
so good reason to subscribe now when
cutting take your time let the knife do
all the work I also like to make my
slices a little under one inch thick if
you did / cook the pork loin then make
the slicers thinner I then like to lay
the slices on a serving plate and make
sure you serve right away
so there you have it a perfectly smoked
pork loin with a slight hint of a smoke
ring but only the flavor a smoked pork
loin can have our plan is to post at
least one new recipe a week and we also
encourage you to subscribe so you can be
notified each time we post a new recipe
thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



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