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Basic Rules of Keto Diet, Let’s Dig Deeper – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing
Health and Wellness with Violet, Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat we make
these videos to really bring the best and sometimes the worst of the Internet
to your eyes so that you can make better decisions about keto low-carb healthy
lifestyle and just generally making sure that the good information gets through
while we kind of filter out stuff that we shouldn’t be paying attention to want
to let us know what we are have on the docket for today this week we’re
actually back to basic we’re doing a keto 101 little chat bill I really don’t
I really don’t want to unlike back to basics like God how should we do keto if
we’re not there yet or maybe if we want to go back to the basics you know what’s
cool but I’m just gonna say what’s cool about that is that sometimes it’s really
good to remind yourself like what the goal of what you’re doing is so this
might be a cool way of just refreshing people’s memory right like why we do the
things we do and the healthy benefits it gives us okay I like so okay cool so so
just maybe first thing what’s a keto what’s a ketogenic diet I
mean honestly I can’t genic diet / lifestyle because I think you should
always walk into this thinking lifestyle because what’s good today is good
forever and what it is very basic taking this
sugar so carbohydrates that you eat in your day down to 20 grams or less each
day that’s it that’s the basic principle of doing keto okay the amount of protein
that you eat whatever you were eating before you started keto theoretically
unless you were under eating your protein should remain the amount of keep
protein that you’re eating while you’re doing keto and the fact that you’re
eating should be whatever fat comes along with the meat that you’re eating
so basically that’s what it should look like now there’s a little bit of fat
information that we’re gonna give you in a bit but I want to hear where they go
next not to be like confused with all the
articles that says that the keto diet is a high fat low carb it’s not a – you
don’t need to add fat eating the fat along with the meat that you’re eating
I’ll even take it a step further a lot of keitel articles talk about 5% that
you have to have 5% carb intake I don’t agree with that because depending on how
much energy you end up eating that 20 grams of carbs could end up being 25 30
foot right so we’re for what we understood from talking to the doctors
that we spoken to because your body can only manage to have 5 grams of sugar in
the blood at any particular point in time so right now as we sit here 5 grams
of carbs in my blood approximately 5 grams of carbs in his
blood because our body needs to keep it that stable going more than 20 grams
puts you in the situation where your body is less likely to be able to manage
okay and what the what’s actually what and I don’t even pay attention to the
percentage or the grams of protein grams of fat you’re gonna see why but as we go
forward to pee and what’s the what’s the end goal of a keto lifestyle was more
like physically what’s happening in our body that makes it that we’re like we’re
gonna get a ketogenic lifestyle okay so you talking about ketosis yeah basically
when you eat less than 20 grams of carbs the average person will get into a state
called ketosis and all ketosis really means is that because my body isn’t
focusing so much of his energy trying to shuttle carbohydrates out of my blood
into fat because that’s where they go by the way my body is actually able then to
use the fat that I’m eating and the fat on my body as energy and when you when
your body metabolize eaten fat or body fat it turns into ketones so we can fuel
our body with carbohydrates or we can fuel our body with ketones they’re both
valid forms of energy and as a matter of fact ketones are more efficient form of
energy for the body so we perform better when we fuel ourselves with ketones the
only reason that we tend to fill ourselves with carbohydrates because we
eat so many of them our body spend so much time using them for energy to get
them out of the system and shuttling them off into fat to get them out of the
system more addictive too so like we naturally tend to prefer them over our
ketones yes because yeah as you said they are
addictive so what does that mean to be addictive when you eat sugar so and I’m
sure many of you will have noticed this physiological reaction so if you eat
sugar there’s a euphoric feeling that you get and it’s two things
it’s a dopamine rush that you get and there is an endorphin rush that you get
so when that happens well it feels good but then your body also does this thing
where it shuttles all that stuff away right because it’s dangerous to have it
floating around your blood and then just think about your cookies and glass of
milk before going to bed that’s like a little bit what we were trying to
explain like they’re like you kind of feel good you’re finally you you feel
more relaxed and you go to bed isn’t that the the idea a little bit like with
the cookies and glass of milk I know I didn’t I didn’t know that I would have
thought it was more like kids do you eat junk before you go to bed because that’s
just people’s habit but okay there’s always that feel good I never did it
okay okay so different types of keto diets I am like actually four four types
documented here the standard ketogenic diet that we all know like the the 20
grams but here there go with like percentages but like I argue with you if
your own 3000 calorie per day diet then 5% is gonna be too much too much too
much carbs so 20 grams of or or less the cyclical keto diet this diet involves
periods of higher carb refeed we’ve heard about that when like kind of like
not in agreement with that but like for example five ketogenic days followed by
to our carb days this is kind of probably the worst situation because you
constantly get you probably don’t even get back into ketosis with two carbs
yeah so let’s just look at it like it takes about four four days to a week for
the average person to first get in taquitos so so if you did five days two
days five days dude like you you probably never actually got fully in
taquito hmm so yeah you’re and and the other day I’m gonna sit there gonna
guess is that you’re gonna be living this is probably where this idea of keto
flu lasting forever probably because you’re because you’re not allowing
yourself to get into ketosis every time so think alcoholic he goes five days
without drinking do you think he’s now no longer an alcoholic of course he
still is so then he drinks for two days what’s gonna happen he’s not gonna drink
one drink right exactly with that example we and then what’s gonna happen
you’re gonna go back through that for four to five days of detoxing he’s gonna
feel horrible so it makes sense when you hear people talking about doing like
having keto flu for weeks and weeks is because you never get you’re not
actually allowing yourselves against ketosis so there’s another one targeted
ketogenic diet so this diet allows you to add carbs around workouts so for
probably more like gym buffs and like so to be the same thing how many days you
go to the gym yeah I don’t like like I said like I don’t have a lot of it is
just like average gym buff goes to the gym about three to four times a week so
three to four times a week I’m adding carbs around your workout around my work
but that bulls workout but doesn’t that mean so I might I’m either staying under
20 or I’m not yeah if I’m adding carbs around my workouts it kind of implies
that you’re going over you’re 20 and you’re back to that situation where
you’re never actually allowing yourself to get into ketosis
ketosis so again I would be very skeptical little that the last one
actually was kind of I did find interesting this is like it’s AI protein
keto diets so similar to the standard but you raise report your protein so you
already fat you raise your protein but you lose your energy source that’s your
gonna exactly scoop you okay so yeah you if
you if you if you raise your protein late it’s interesting to me because it
depends what they’re doing there but I would my other my other concern would be if I’m overeating Propst Hill over
eating protein which it sounds like a weird thing to say but like if I’m you
know over sorry yeah you’re not over overeating it you take out your your pie
you’re just like shifts fat toward protein they actually saying you’re eat
less but you know we like you the ratio the ratio would be 60% fat 25% protein
and 5 carbs compared to 75 25 so basically you think I don’t think that’s
gonna be horrible I don’t know what the value would be in doing that but I think
it’s gonna be horrible no I I could see that working still have so much fat yeah
that’s the thing I know what about like if you’re in ketosis and feel like you
you have weight to lose and you have a good amount of fat stored in you would
that help burning fat faster I think that I don’t
you need to add more protein like there’s a certain amount of protein that
your body needs to be able to do it it needs to do and that’s based on how much
lean muscle mass you huh so why would you overindulge the protein that’s the
part that I don’t understand it’s like basically a kid and I suppose what
supposed to be about being healthy and so that if I’m eating what’s healthy
then the amount of protein again whether when I was doing the standard American
diet standard Canadian diet I should have been eating the right amount of
protein for my body mm-hm so my sergeant do keto I should still be
doing the same thing so I mean I the other day do I think it’s gonna make a
big difference no do I think it’s gonna slow down your weight loss yes because
you’re so over eating protein which is still in an energy source that’s like
that’s not energy sorry but it’s still and it still has energy attached to it
but you’re ingesting that you didn’t need so but I don’t think it’s gonna be
bigger any the the only I think you know that another I’m just gonna find
something the other way that you could do that is rather than increasing the
protein amount you could just decrease the fat amount
that you’re eating and then your protein percentage would be higher since we’re
using percentages there yeah right but I mean like I think it’s necessary but the
good thing is that there are like at the end of every section there’s all summary
the standard version is the most research and most recommended yeah so
keto diets one one of the main effect of the keto diet is losing weight but I
think by now that like you one of the most important effects you’re ever gonna
get from doing keto is your body is gonna feel amazing are you gonna lose
weight yeah but your body you know my body felt so great before I like lost
all the weight it was unreal like like I lost all the weight after five months
but my body felt amazing after – and it’s the improvements have continued by
the way because I’m a year and a half okay so I’m a year and a half in and I
can say very clearly that I’m still seeing that my body feels better and
better and better so like can I compare like to last month to this month i I’m
still getting gains right so no I think the best thing that happens I can assure
you lose weight yeah you know what but you’re but you’re getting healthier and
not only that you’re you’re eating better quality food so you’re actually
building a better quality body and that’s the part that I feel like people
don’t recognize like considering that our body you know rebuilds they believe
in like a seven-year period like I’ve already for a year and a half been
eating better quality food rebuilding this for a year and a half of course I
feel better right and I mean heaven only knows how I’m gonna feel five and a half
years from now right like all of that matters yeah so just in regard to lose
weight and and I what I do like in this article there’s a bunch of reference and
and research like attached to it very very like short-short facts so in regard
to lose to weight loss research shows that the keto jet the ketogenic diet is
far superior to the often recommended low fat diet so we I think we
demonstrated that in you in your video in the Pacha what’s
more the diet is so filling that you can lose weight without counting calories or
tracking your food intake tracking in the beginning I think it’s a good thing
but like calories like you always say that’s not important and I do think
tracking is important just because it’s so hard to know when you like how much
carbohydrate there is an asparagus for example or how much carbohydrate there
isn’t broccoli I feel like at the beginning just weighing your food weigh
your food not just put it my cups weigh your food so you know how much you’ve
eaten and then it’ll help you to know like when you put something on your
plate how much grams of carbs are in it eventually over time you get to be able
to like know just by you’re making your plate you know how much you’re putting
on the plate but it takes time in the beginning to remember asparagus versus
how many Spears of asparagus can I have versus how much broccoli can I have
versus how much cabbage can I it takes time to learn with another reason by the
way it’s a lot it really is so it’s nice right but you have to be I would still
suggest people the way another study found that people on the keto diet last
three times more weight than those on the diet recommended by Diabetes UK so
even like those health organ organ ilysm that that recommend the diets for
diabetes even though it’s like if you go my problem was high blood pressure and
there’s I don’t remember have a memory blank like there’s a specific diet for
eye blood pressure people and it’s based on whole grain so is the diabetes you
can’t was a low-fat I don’t know if they changed it recently yeah
that and I think I think most of the organizations were endorsing what the
government was saying to endorse mm-hmm so bottom line a ketogenic diet can help
you lose much more weight than a low-fat diet and this happens without being
hungry I think the other thing that’s important to recognize not only that it
happens without you being hungry but it’s also sustainable yeah thank you I
feel I feel like in the course of doing your key to drink lifestyle you learn
what vegetables you love you learn what meats you like and how you want to cook
them and you start to get a rep mewls that you’re making and I feel like
for the people who actually focus on getting a repertoire of meals that
they’re making and focus on real Whole Foods when they’ve gotten to there
they’re good weight they can continue forward and just with very minor
modifications live a life where they’re no longer struggling with weight like
I’m already a year and a half in and I lost I lost all the weight I needed to
lose after five months so that’s a year in a month already that I’ve been at
goal and and rebuilding basically like focusing on Adderstone yeah yeah like
well being able to focus on like making sure that first of all I I keep eating
healthy mm-hmm but also you know I still everyone somebody’s your body is
focusing on order stuff now cool thing a when you like a lot of people get
frustrated when they get a stall not realizing that sometimes the stall so
you maybe still have more weight to lose but your stock weight losing and
sometimes they don’t a lot of the time a stall is your body doing other things
that are much more important in my case getting to goal all the improvements
that I felt in my body since then has my body rebuilding and repairing yeah I
think I’m gonna I’m gonna find the link and maybe you can point it put it in the
in the comments below because you were just talking about meal in this article
there’s a dad actually a whole week of of meals at three meals a day that that
like that you can use as an example and a starting point for a keto diet maybe
we can just review a few after but like we’ve been doing I’m always hesitant to
point people towards other people’s meals because I feel like it’s lazy like
I if you’re gonna X exceed at something you need to put some kind of effort into
it and if you’re trying to tell me that you can’t go to your kitchen grab some
meat grab some vegetables that you know you already eat and put something
together and say do I like this yes or no maybe do some research at like I I’m
and they’re not trying to be mean I feel like everything in life that you get
that’s valuable you put some kind of effort in
to it that’s why I never tell you guys what I eat because it doesn’t matter it
matters what you decide to eat and the energy and effort that you put towards
your meals if you’re looking for me to tell you what to eat are you really
taking this seriously that’s the problem I have with that okay I want you to take
it seriously I want you to prioritize getting your
phone or getting your and say I like this vegetable what kind of recipe can I
find that respects what I’m trying to do or go to the store grab some some some
seasonings that don’t have sugar in them and try some stuff at home right you
need to put some effort into this if you’re gonna be successful it can’t just
be following Tom or following Mary right you need to put some effort into it you
need to own it okay okay what about diabetes so just like a stat that I did
fun interesting addition additionally like in a study 95% of the keto group
compared to another like base group were able to stop or reduce diabetes
medication so what happens when you do a ketogenic lifestyle is that your
carbohydrate intake dramatically comes down diabetes is a situation where your
body has become problematic in this insulin use so basically that means is
that we we become resistant to things that’s in our system for too long so
this the condition of hyperinsulinemia which is also known as insulin
resistance is produced now why that’s problematic is that so think about it
like alcohol if I’ve never drank alcohol before and I have a glass of wine the
possibility that I become tipsy very likely but if I start having a glass of
wine every day the possibility that I become tipsy much less likely so then I
need two glasses to become tipsy and then I need three glasses to become
tipsy and then I need four and it’s the same thing with insulin when you eat a
lot of carbohydrates your body has a lot of insulin in the system but then all of
a sudden whatnot all of a sudden but over time
what happens is that you need more insulin to get the same reduction so
that five grams that your body’s trying to keep you need more and more and more
now part of this is because storage wise we we end up getting bigger and bigger
and bigger eight so where is it’s it’s it’s physically insulin maybe just
remind our people the insulin is the hormone that stores stores like
carbohydrates as fat in the fat storage yeah so if you are constantly allowing
yourself to eat a lot of carbohydrates yes you become insulin resistant and
then if you become insulin resistant at some point your body gets to the top the
max it can no longer put the sugar away into fat storage partially because your
fats are just full and partially because the insulin has reached this max is just
not functional anymore right and what do Americans and I remember
Atkins doctors I would say probably like most doctors are gonna give use of
medication so they’re gonna they give you a medication that forces the body to
again be able to make a bit more insulin on or to store away as fat account or
there’s different medications that do different things and then eventually
they will actually start giving you insulin to inject which again will just
force your body to store more away its and become become fatter become bigger
all the medications medication cause like weight gains yeah but the thing is
is that when you do a ketogenic lifestyle because you have less
carbohydrates coming in your insulin sensitivity resumes and so over time
over time over time you’re able to eventually get off the medication
because you’ve eaten so few carbs that your body is able to manage the carbs
that you’re actually eating appropriately hmm okay so you just like
stole my my bottom line the keto diet can boost insulin sensitivity which is
this yeah what you just said and cause fat loss leading the significant health
benefits for people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes
so like you increase your insulin sensitivity
other health benefits of keto you prove risk factors for our disease force
if you don’t have carbohydrates ruining your arteries yeah you should do better
right I mean like there’s so many things that we know carbohydrates affect mm-hm
that for some reason don’t get spoken about not sure why but yes and and
having less weight to carry around it’s a good thing more muscle more like so
cancer well the interesting thing about cancer and it’s kind of a it’s an
interesting side effect because what happens is when your body is constantly
processing food because that’s the other thing that happens when you eat a lot of
carbs you eat more often because carbohydrates need to be put away
you had that dopamine hit right I told I talked about earlier you and you eat
carbs it’s addictive because that dopamine hit and so when your body puts
the sugar away but you had that hit your brain says eat more carbs so then you go
and you eat more so you’re constantly eating and if I’m constantly eating like
my parasympathetic I believe it is so if you have the parasympathetic and the
sympathetic system and like when one is on the other one cannot be on and so if
my body’s processing food then my body cannot be processing clean up right and
so this is part of the problem when we are overeating the cancer cells actually
get the chance to proliferate but when we’re not overeating because we’re
eating a keto lifestyle and most people who live eat a lifestyle realize that
you go from eating three to four times a day to eating two to one time a day and
so that’s more time that your body can actually go in and find the cancer cells
and the dying cells that are like all the cells that could be recycled or need
to be broken down and just eliminated and you’re out of your system it can do
that so cancer cells actually end up getting gobbled up by macrophages okay
and also in the brain doesn’t point that out
there’s not called a macrophage in the brain I can’t ruin the name of it but
there are as I there would actually be clean up in the brain as well oh yeah
they actually talked about that here so our summers disease Parkinson epilepsy
actually the diet was like put in place to reduce seizures in in
kids yeah for epilepsy so Alzheimer and say
brain injuries you just like mention it at Parkinson polycystic ovary syndrome
we already like covered this yeah that it’s interesting to me that the original
diet was put in place because they figured out that eating more fat helps
children to have fewer electic seizures but yet we keep trying to argue that the
brain works better on cartoon I just I find that entertaining that we as a
society can’t or intelligent people I’ll say as intelligent people couldn’t put
that link together I think we did we just probably don’t want to know we
still come with this line that oh the brain only it’s not true and the one
that that’s what I do find interesting is acne we covered like in a past video
like Aikido in teens with lowering processed carbs and and stuff can help
like your you teens with acne okay foods to okay but my the bottom line a keto
diet may provide many health benefits specially with metabolic neurologic and
insulin related diseases so so that that’s the the the health benefits in
regard to that foods to avoid so any food that that is high in carbs should
be limited list of food to be reduced like and actually even like eliminated
from your diet so sugary foods basically soda through Juice smoothies cake ice
cream yeah back at a very colorful package you should be aiming at Whole
Foods yeah fruits fruits fruits are a problem for your first of all they’re
high in sugar so they’re sweet but people will say oh but the fiber or
counteract okay okay the other problem that I have a fruit is that it is going
to attack your liver fructose is only metabolized by your liver there are a
lot of people that have what’s called non-alcoholic fatty liver
disease and it’s because of all the fruits that people eat and you know that
you have a liver issue brewing if you have a distended stomach right your
stomach should be flat if it’s not there’s a problem there is that really
not basic if your stomach isn’t flat there’s a problem there so it’s
everybody right it’s not because you have just a little stomach there’s not
no if your stomach isn’t flat there’s a look there’s a liver or something
brewing I feel like people try to ignore this because well it’s just easier to
ignore hmm but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s
not healthy but do you search on visceral fat basically that’s what you
were going to so you have a lot of fat around your internal like organs
it’s very dangerous like yeah so you actually there are multiple doctors that
say if you want to talk about your health your waist to height ratio being
50% is super important hmm right because they say that if your
waist to height ratio is not 50% you are a higher risk of all kinds of metabolic
issues and I’m not gonna go through this right next I can’t remember them all but
I know heart attack was on to them and so you it’s really that important beans
or legumes starchy so I are in carbs you want to avoid those root vegetables like
potatoes sweet potatoes carrots okay so know we avoid we avoid that no fat or
diet products of course on in everything low-fat mean I sugar that’s true with
like even things that seems healthy like yogurt you have a low-fat yogurt you
look at the carb content it’s super high so careful with that low-fat dressing
mayonnaise often high in sugar so be careful with that some condiments or
sauces so like barbecue sauce be careful with that unhealthy fat so the unhealthy
fats were talking about things that are man-made so margarine canola oil
vegetable oils they never come from vegetables all the manmade oils you
should really avoid you should be using things like lard
bacon-fat if you can if you do save it butter and then we have avocado olive
and coconut well just be careful that you don’t heat your olive oil a lot of
people don’t realize that you shouldn’t be heating the cooking with olive oil
that’s something that you should be using hold any oil that you find that
you can see on the package it was it can be taken cold-pressed is likely a good
oil but you still have to do your research because some oil is even though
they naturally can be cold-pressed can become rancid like for example peanut
oil goes rancid really fast so you still have to be careful alcohol for sure like
you especially beer and then there’s like the sweet drink I know you can once
in a while and go go with a glass of alcohol but like you go with the hard
liquor wine white wine the alcohol is it’s always going back to what’s your
body doing right alcohol is a toxin the same way that we’ve now figured out
excessive carbohydrates are a toxin so your body always prioritizes getting rid
of the thing that’s harmful first that’s why it goes for the carbs first eat a
meal and this grab me those carbs and trying to get them out because that’s
the thing that’s gonna kill you well guess what if you eat a meal alongside a
glass of alcohol now what your body is doing is prioritizing getting the
alcohol out of your system followed by getting the carbohydrates out of your
system followed by managing the protein and fats so here’s what’s interesting to
me in that if I’m drinking alcohol with a meal I’m allowing the carbohydrates to
stay in my blood longer than they need to be I do think that a lot of the
problem that we have today is because because we don’t know these bits of
information we first of all we overeat carbs but not only that we overeat carbs
alongside alcohol allowing them to damage our internals for longer than
they even need it to maybe I’m eating a really good meal like in terms of like
low carb low which carb content but I still did it with alcohol I’m still
gonna be messing myself up longer than I needed to and alcohol is longer to
process in your body I’m not sure if it’s longer the process
I guess it would depend also how much I had maybe but the thing is that it has
to be done first yeah right so in the sea I know just after that if you do
cocaine alcohol Italy like the cocaine is gonna be processed the more damaging
the substance is the more it’s gonna be processed in advance so first the
cocaine then vehicle that right is gonna go in order so please just try your best
to eat if you’re gonna drink do it away from the food and the sugar-free that I like this one
sugar-free diet foods but basically you like it often come in package and all
the keto friendly food they have sugar alcohol and and it’s not like sure like
I think it been showed even that like they can affect your ketone levels like
the sugar alcohols so sugar baseball’s your insulin sugar
alcohols are sugars hmm with an alcohol like an alcohol molecule on them and
what happens in the body your body Cleaves off the alcohol and you still
have the sugar and especially when you talk about things like maltitol and
there’s some of them mouth addiction I think it’s called there’s some of them
that are really really like fast affecting us some of them slower but
they it’s not like they’re inert right and and even the stuff that’s inert so
the stuff that our body cannot metabolize like fructose it still
affects our liver so this idea that I can eat some substance and I’m gonna get
the sweet taste but is gonna have no effect on it’s not reality right like
every our body has to do something with everything we allow in if there’s
there’s no there’s no get-out-of-jail-free card here
everything that you ingest your bodies would do something with it
so I just encourage people be conscious of that good news is these foods are
like often like highly processed food and you want to avoid they’re easy to
avoid you just need the bars and the highly processed again anything in the
package don’t need it okay so what about the food to eat not the food to eat now
meat meat so red meat steak ham sausage bacon chicken turkey in poor
like I don’t know either I understand feel like any meat that you’d like
eating you should be able to eat it’s more about how you cook it yeah right so
I mean I I wouldn’t be going to Barbie barn to get like like sugary ribs that’s
gonna defeat the purpose although we went once I was funny a little funny
appearances we went to a barbecue place once in Montreal they call like bottom
who’s not to do any advertisement but they were really nice you can actually
order ribs without the sauce they were so a bit sweet like it was I didn’t I
didn’t I tasted yours and it was no sweet it was like there’s no getting
away from it cuz they do a marinate at first those later and then the day it’s
still in me sweet so like you have to be careful like the way that the meat is
cooked no matter yeah and preferred the fattest
cut of meat like they’re gonna taste better they’re gonna give you the fat
you need so so stay away from the lean chicken lean turkey go for the legs the
beef go with the fatty cuts same for pork fatty fish I you know the
interesting thing is that when we say fatty fish we just automatically say
something but there’s other fish out there that’s also fatty I know that
there’s mackerel I’m trying to think of another one right now but like there’s
there’s um there are other fatty fishes but the other thing you can do because
mackerel if you don’t enjoy that smell it’s harder to do so the other thing you
can do is like if you like things like tuna you can actually still have tuna
but just put some olive oil on it right when you know what you’re aiming
at it’s much easier to accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish
eggs obviously okay I mean obviously eggs are the easy one they come with
their own fat you can still fry them you can boil them
actually recently I found a really nice recipe for like deviled eggs with some
chicken in it delicious you can play with your your your recipes right you
can you can add especially to eggs you can add so much and make it different
each time doesn’t need to be eggs with bacon in
the morning at breakfast yeah you know it’s funny it’s funny to me that I do
feel like people think eggs bacon eggs and bacon has bacon
don’t get me wrong I do like eggs and bacon I’m just saying like it doesn’t
necessarily mean that so you’re gonna have every time that you’re having eggs
right and I mean of course you see a lot of people they do boiled eggs you see a
lot of people do omelettes it I think what’s important is is being able to
take a decision about okay what is it that I want to do here mm-hmm right and
I make sure you love it like if you love eggs and bacon go for it right but I
mean there’s other meats even that you can have with your eggs like I found a
way to do it with chicken there’s other people that find other ways to that’s
another one butter and cream oh yeah of course you can I mean the butter and
cream obviously you can put them on your foods you can add them to your coffee
you can learn there’s also you don’t have to add butter to your coffee to do
keto I want to make bread that misperception that every person who does
keto has to have butter in their coffee I mean for example Patrick hardly ever
puts butter or coconut oil in his coffee I happen to like it but it’s not
something that you have to do and especially when you’re in the phase
where you’re trying to solve metabolic issues and possibly trying to lose
weight it’s not advised to put butter in your coffee it everyone’s gonna make
their own decision on that no like I said I do like the taste yeah I use it
when I’m out of cream actually I mean I do like my pocket would just scream too
sometime I do that as well this is the thing is I feel like dependent when you
have butter cream coconut oil ghee cacao butter like when you have all these
different fats that you can add to your coffee then you’re able to change the
flavor of your coffee without buying a different coffee right cuz I do have
like a brand of coffee that I like so that’s one thing too is that the ability
to just have that particular coffee so it depends right actually maybe that’s
what the link will be today cheese what about cheese any word like cheese is an
obvious is a obvious one for us but any words of warning the work is about
warning that I would have four cheese’s just make sure that you double check the
carb count and then make sure that you whatever however much you’re taking
falls within your limit for the day but maybe you stay away from the processed
well it should be real tingles yeah it would be real then I don’t I don’t
consider processed-cheese real cheese’s but be here but again we what did we say
packages it’s like you know those look I mean although you can’t get she’s not in
a package but I think the thing that I would also suggest is try to go for the
brick rather than the shredded because apparently they put starch or like they
put stuff in the shredded to keep it from sticking together hmm
so you want to be careful with that but I do want to also point out to people
that if you’re going to use your cheese to make cheese crisps there’s a lot of
things that people do it’s a fun little thing to do because they can you can use
it kind of like a chip to like dip use with dips again just making sure that
you do weigh the amount of cheese that you do use beforehand so that you know
how much approximately you’re getting is you want to make sure you stay within
your carb numbers that’s it yeah totally and I do know that different cheeses she
says yeah different types of cheese and different types of cheese have different
amounts of carbs in them so if you’re choosy in which cheese you take yeah you
can be more efficient in your carbs now for the day it’s usually one gram of
carbs per 30 gram of cheese but three gram of cheese like it’s not a lot
tinier so so you can we tend to eat maybe I tend to eat at least probably
five times like a good 100 250 grams so but there’s cheese out there that
there’s cheese’s out there that are zero grams of carb or is zero point something
yeah so if we’re gonna make the big assumption if it’s saying zero it’s
somewhere between point four and point seven okay and in that case you still
would be able to eat more of it before you hit your number it depends what
you’re doing with it right if you’re just grading a little bit to put on a
salad or something you’re not gonna need that much but if you’re making cheese
crisps then you really want to be careful which cheese you’re using and
measure and in a way that’s good but we need to be careful not send seeds mmm I
fell into that child Wow iPhone I you know what it’s interesting how you can
look for something to snack on I guess snacks I don’t snack but like at the end
of my meal we can’t became like a fun thing to have
something salted into my meal yeah but then it was becoming a little bit
excessive the amount that I was eating so I did
down on that cutback on that actually I should say but the thing I would point
out when you don’t eat nuts for a long time so this is just a little side note
if you don’t eat nuts for a long time and then when you go back and you eat
them is it amazing to me anyways how much I could taste the sugar okay so
it’s like all of a sudden when I especially cashews they taste so sweet
but the cashews be careful they’re they’re one of the more carby I think
the better choices are macadamia damia that’s roasted well with salt taste cons
are good a walnuts are one of it I think one that’s our pretty low in car if you
like them so so just read your labels almonds are actually pretty bad too yeah
you want to be careful with almonds avocados one of my favorite fruits it’s
amazing how you can fall in love with the fruit that you used to hate when you
were a kid yeah one of my favorite fruits today you know what’s funny yeah
when you say you’re saying you used to eight I remember when my two boys were
babies they loved they we had avocados but same thing we are we often talk with
the sugary versus fatty and they used to love not eat it but like they used to
love avocados it’d be interesting to like give it to them again like now that
they’re eating better may be interesting to see what the interesting one because
they specify the low carb veggies so low carbon so basically those are above the
ground mm-hmm yeah okay the last one they call condiments but I don’t it’s
more like air herbs and spices and and and basically a flavoring salt pepper
they’re not like don’t don’t put ketchup on everything or that you can use would
be mustard is low and monsters good and I would also if you’re looking for
condiment that you can use a mayonnaise that’s made from avocado or olive oil
would be a helpful thing to have there you can make yourself at home
mayonnaise I’m luckily I mean is not that hard to make totally in the article
there’s a link to a list of 40 for more LTE like local food so but like just
with that like you have variety of meat you have variety of fish you have eggs
you have butter cream you have variety of cheese you have already of nuts and
seed like you can’t me actually be there diversify
even on the ketogenic ketogenic high style I know where you’re going with
that and I’m gonna say it always frustrates me when people say that on
keto you’re always eating the same thing because how often do you see people
going to eat and they have fries on the side of their plate right so like even
if I was eating eggs every day even if which I don’t but even if I was what’s
the big deal if I eat eggs every day or you eat fries every day yeah right like
it’s it’s a silly argument you know I happen to love Caesar salad what’s the
big deal if I want to eat that every day hmm right I do feel that people try to
to say you’re restricted in what you can eat but yeah there’s a little section
that I’d bought to find more or less interesting because like in case you get
hungry between meals which like we know on a keep your lifestyle like it
shouldn’t really happen and it’s not happening like basically you kind of
even like cut it cut down on more meals before you before you tell me what’s in
the list yeah I’m gonna say if you find yourself getting hungry between meals
add a little bit of fat to your meal yeah that’s the answer if you find
yourself getting hungry between meals just put a little bit of maybe a little
bit more olive oil or instead of boiling that egg fry it hmm okay as a smash next
like somewhere with but weird but like fatty meat or fish cheese a handful of
nuts and seeds like we covered that cheese with olives one two art boiled
eggs 90 percent dark chocolate I mean a low carb milkshake okay low carb
ministry with almond milk cocoa powder and the butter okay full fat full fat
yogurt mixed with nut butter strawberries and cream strawberries be
careful like I think there are there are better options like in the berries than
that like raspberries and blackberries yeah
celery with salsa and guacamole guacamole future and celery and peanut
butter but okay yeah salsa is gonna be a car B thing but okay so basically like
all those snacks I don’t have food in the list that we just like when
I’m also gonna point out that all of those snacks what you need to keep in
mind and why I would say I’d rather you add fat to your food than have a snack
in between is that what you need to keep in mind is that every time I eat my
insulin goes on what you’re trying to solve if you’re actually trying to lose
weight means that you absolutely do have insulin resistance because that’s what
causes the can’t gain so much weight you’re trying to solve your insulin
resistance so every time you eat between meals that’s another spike happening
even if you were to choose the fatty fish fat still makes an insulin response
so I’d much prefer to see you either add this thing to the end of the meal so
if you were gonna have a snack have your meal and then have it right away as a
dessert mm-hmm then to see you put it between the two meals right that’s gonna
be healthier for you so I’m just totally taking that just adding that piece of
information there okay tips for you think we have a video like
in the past on that tips we’re eating out so it’s possible you can do keto and
eat up yeah you do is choose the restaurant wisely before you even go
look at the menu you know what they have we do it all the time if we’re gonna go
to a new restaurant we going online and we look at the menu and if their menu is
an online we will pick up the phone and call what kind of stuff do you guys have
because it doesn’t make sense to drive all the way to a restaurant to find out
you can’t eat anything right so we do it will either go online and check it out
or call if their menu isn’t online and then the other thing that I would say is
and this is the part that’s hard for most people I’m gonna say it anyway be
prepared to change things I’m paying for this meal and if I don’t want something
in my plate not putting it on my plate and I’ll leave you just give you the
recent thing that happened cuz we went out we ordered and the waitress came
back with it and said oh I forgot you didn’t want that is it okay I said no
take it back I don’t even want it on my plate and she had to take it back and
bring min to plate it’s not my problem all right I came here to eat a meal that
I ordered so you need to be much more willing to know what you’re doing
special beginning because guess what if it’s on
your plate you might eat it yeah right you’re not you’re not at the level of
someone who’s been doing it for ten years yet if it’s on your plate the
chance that you eat it as high we are so sorry we actually even like refused the
little bread basket that they agree it’s like don’t don’t don’t leave it on the
table yeah we also don’t even leave any what like I mean now it’s okay we
couldn’t could be there we’re not gonna eat it but at the beginning it was no
don’t even bring it to the table we don’t want any bread hmm it’s important
for you to understand that whatever you’re doing if you’re not solid in it
yet don’t put temptation in your way good point if you like to go to burger
places like a lot of places have a wrap a lettuce wrap that you can so higher
level burger place will like have like even that on the menu or you just ask
like you don’t want a bun you one like lettuce leaves and they they’ll do it at
Mexican we covered like in the video Mexican as well if there’s so much of
the vegetables in there stuff that you don’t that I dosed I know I won’t eat
that Mexicans hard we’ve done it once since being Quito I would say I probably
ate a third of my meal maybe if I was lucky so that was harder um and that was
with them bringing me lettuce to use to make this so that was it was harder to
do at home it’s easier to do because you could really substitute a lot of things
mm-hmm but we’re talking about eating out here but I think another thing that
I would suggest is that if you miss something that you used to eat out but
obviously going to eat it out in a restaurant won’t work you can make
versions of it at home like leaving out the parts of the meal that you know
you’re not going to eat right you’re gonna get some of the flavors you’re not
gonna get the whole profile but I do think it’s a yeah but like a good
example that is my like Indian meal that I ate that I do usually there’s a we we
did used to like going to Indian restaurant but like with the naan bread
and the rice and I just like went online and and do the rice would call the flour
and the butter chicken is know like no really shoe there because it’s butter
and cream and chicken but like and even though the naan bread I do will only
with coconut flour so so you know you can like have a really nice Indian meal
if you if you are patient anything is is that and this is where it becomes tricky
for me like where you are in your process matters I wouldn’t start by
trying to recreate meals because it’s really easy to get caught up in thinking
that I need to recreate everything I need to find a new way to make bread I
need to find a way to and you know the same way that I said that I don’t tell
you what to eat because it’s your job to go out and find the things that you’re
gonna eat and like you need to own this the other thing that we need to own is
I’m no longer doing the standard American Standard Canadian diet I need
to own that I’m not gonna get to eat all the different things like it’s just not
gonna happen because it’s actually not healthy for me right so there’s a line
between knowing I can replace something if I really wanted to and thinking that
that’s what I’m gonna eat forever and I’m encouraging you to lean more towards
doing this in a Whole Foods way and doing it in a way that allows you to see
what you’re doing as the thing I’m doing because it’s
healthy and then get my entertainment from people from activities like get
your entertainment away from food as part of what I’m really trying to
encourage your food should be about fueling you and rebuilding you it’s
great that it tastes great but it should be about building you and refueling you
so that’s a shift that I would like most people to try to make basically in terms
of how we eat that’s pretty much how to do keto like the basic this is what you
eat this is how you do it baseline I think that for most people
that’s a good starting point obviously if you have questions more specific
about like you know things that you’re doing and you want to know is that okay
yes or no you can definitely put those in the comments below I’d love to hear
from you what you’re doing especially if you just started what you’re doing and
like you know just to try to help you keep on track if I know why I’m doing
what I’m doing I’m much more likely to keep doing it mmm I wanna thank you for
watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat chat edition we do love
making these videos for you guys I’m always happy when my lowness workers
come back and if you’re new here please consider subscribing for everybody who
might be interested in contributing to the production of videos I have two ways
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we do mm-hmm look forward to talking you guys again
next week Bye see you next week

Randall Smitham



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