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Beef Pancakes (Soegogi-jeon: 쇠고기전)

(knife chops) – Hello everybody! What are you doing? What are you making these days? Today, I’m going to show you a very easy, simple recipe, but delicious. Beef pancakes! It’s called soegogi-jeon. You can serve as a side dish for rice. This soegogi-jeon is a really great item for Korean dosirak, lunchbox. I’m going to show you how to make Korean dosirak, lunchbox, later. With one pound of soegogi, beef, you can feed a lot of people. Let’s start! So this is one pound, it has to be very tender meat. This is is a steak cut. Nice, a good quality, prime cut beef. You can use sirloin, or loin. So we’ve gotta choose
a really good quality, because when this is cooked, it should be really chewy and tender. Even though a little expensive, it’s worth paying money. Let’s trim this fat. Okay. This is a side dish. It should be a little salty, because we are going
to serve it with rice. (pepper mill grinding) We need garlic. ‘Cause garlic makes it
really tasty and flavorful. (knife smacks against cutting board) Two garlic cloves. (knife mincing) (knife chopping) ‘Kay, garlic. We minced the garlic. (hands slapping against meat slices) And then what do you think we need? Yes, yes! Sesame oil! And then– (hands slapping against meat slices) also, use your hand. Delicious, already! Smells good, looks good. (water splashing) We need to coat this guy with flour. One-third cup, I already pre-measured. And then, like this. This sesame oil makes it look shiny and really tasty. There are a lot of Korean pancakes. As you know, so many pancake, I, so far, I posted many pancake recipe and also in my cookbook. Cookbook is a total, whole, one chapter is pancakes. If people ask me, “Maangchi, when can you run out of your recipes?” Never! Even if just, if I make pancake with hundreds of ingredients, if I make a pancake video, it’ll keep going on! (egg shells crack) And, a pinch of salt. And beat. (fork whisking eggs against steel bowl) Medium heat is good because we don’t want to burn this pancake. When we see Korean pancake if it is too burnt, and the color is really dark brown, it’s not pretty and it’s not appetizing. So we always say, “Who made this? “What a beautiful color!” It should be a little
light golden-brown. I’m using grape seed oil, you can use corn or
vegetable oil, too. And swirl this, to spread it all evenly. Pick this one, like this, and dip. (pan sizzles) (pan sizzles) (sizzling increases with addition of food) I’m gonna lower the heat little bit. (food sizzles) Very easy, even in one minute, we cooked. The bottom side,
light to golden brown. When you make a pancake, it smells, oh, this aroma is full all over this house. done! So second batch, before doing this, I like to clean my pan. So that we keep this very beautiful yellow color pancake. And, same method, oil, (oil crackles in pan) (pan sizzles) (sizzling increases) (louder sizzling) (sizzling increases as food is flipped) (paper towel scrubs against pan) Oil. (oil crackles) (food sizzles) (food continues to sizzle) Look at this! We made the pancakes, soegogi pancakes! a lot, heavy. I’m going to make my lunchbox with this. (knife chopping) (steel bowl rings) And pinch of salt. (cucumbers tumble grittily with salt) In three minutes, it’s going to sweat, and we need to remove the excess water, and then stir-fry, little bit, with cooking
oil, and then saute. Lunchbox rice. This multigrain rice, it’s japgokbap. This is squid, dried squid. Shredded, dried squid. I seasoned with red-pepper paste based seasoning mixture. Really juicy. And then, yeah. For this empty spot we
need to fill out with this. And then cucumber, see? Sweating. (paper towel wads up) Cooking oil. (cucumber slices drop)
(loud, immediate sizzling) One… two…three… nine… ten! Ten seconds! Let’s turn off. (sizzling gradually decreases) And sesame seeds for squid. Clean, nicely. (knife slices crisply into peach) (flesh breaks away from pit) (knife slices crisply) This is Korean lunchbox, dosirak. I used to make this for my children all the time. (lid closes) (latch snaps) If you make this for your children, or husband and wife, they will be so happy, they will see love! Your love through this dosirak. If you take this to your work, you coworkers will be all envious of this. They will ask you, “What is it?” “Yes, I make the Korean dosirak!” You can say that! Mm! Delicious! It’s so tender! Tender and juicy and nutty. And also garlicky, sesame oily and peppery! And a little salty,
because this is a side dish. Mixture of all kinds of flavor. So make this soegogi-jeon and make yourself and your family, friends happy! So happy cooking, everybody! Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye!

Randall Smitham



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