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Best Bread Chaffle Recipes Compared – Six Viewer Submissions, including “Wonder Bread”

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we’re gonna try out six different chaffle bread recipes but
before we do that if you enjoy low carb cooking videos product and ingredient
reviews as well as lessons learned from my experiences with the ketogenic
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while you’re at it click the bell next to it so you’re notified whenever I
release a new video over the last six weeks to month in that range my comments
section in my various chaffle videos have just been filled with suggestions
and requests I also get a lot of people sending me recipes saying hey you gotta
try this this tastes just like bread so for this video we’re gonna take six of
those submissions from my viewers that they claim are the most bread like
chaffle that they’ve had and we’ll see what we think for each one of these
recipes I will be giving credit to the person who submitted them to me in the
comments section or people if there was more than one the first recipe that we
are going to do is going to be the Wonder Bread recipe and this was
submitted to me by Blah Garcia he also credited Sylvia Andion and I’m hope I’m
getting all the pronunciations correct on this let’s whip it up we start with 1
egg beaten to this we’ll add a tablespoon of almond flour an eighth of
a teaspoon of baking powder a tablespoon of mayonnaise and a teaspoon of water excellent stick with my plunger whisk
for this and for each through these recipes I’ll be doing two chaffles just
to see how much batter we have it’s been about three minutes and they have
stopped steaming so let’s take them out put them on a wire rack to cool we’ve
let these cool for a couple of minutes they’re still slightly warm pliable nice
color it’s a very light texture to it so I can see how some people might give it
the name Wonder Bread it does definitely have an eggy taste to it so if you’re
opposed to the egginess of a chaffle this probably isn’t gonna be for you but for
those folks asking if you can do a cheeseless chaffle which I guess would
just be an awful this is not awful this is this is tasty and I think if you’re
looking for a cheeseless chaffle this could be the ticket so – Blah Garcia and
Silvia Andion thank you for the suggestion this was good the next
chaffle bread submission came from Aaron Bailey
we start with one egg beaten – this will add a little less than a half a cup of
mozzarella a quarter cup of almond flour 1/8 of a teaspoon of arrowroot flour and
1/8 of a teaspoon of xanthan gum mix this together and I probably should have
mix the dry ingredients together first and then the wet but we’ll just make
sure we give this a really thorough mixing this batter is quite a bit
thicker we’re at the 4-minute mark and both of
these have stopped steaming so let’s pop them out to the cooling rack nice color let’s give it a taste this is another
good one I like the denser texture I think this would stand up better to a
heartier sandwich than the Wonder Bread truffle I kind of feel like this one
with a little bit of yeast like if you let some yeast proof for a while and get
bubbly and fragrant and then added it to this this could be a really excellent
bread substitute so thank you Aaron for your submission the next bread chaffle
submission came to me from viewer Sissy can do it and I think that the recipe
she sent me was for a double batch so I’m gonna cut that in half and just make
a single batch we start with one egg to this we’ll add a tablespoon of
mayonnaise and a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream we’ll beat this together
then we’ll add a tablespoon of oat fiber a half tablespoon of everything but the
bagel seasoning and a quarter cup of mozzarella it’s been 5 minutes and our truffles of
wit steaming so it occurred to me as I was watching the batter overflow out of
one of my – mini waffle makers that Sissy probably gave me this recipe as I
was reviewing the – no mess for waffle waffle-maker
in which case I think her original recipe double what I just made would
have been absolutely perfect let’s see how it tastes this has a very
interesting texture the outside is firm the inside is soft for me and this is
purely a matter of taste I think that the amount of everything but the bagel
seasoning is a little bit strong or maybe the brand that I have is stronger
so I might dial that back a bit so I think this is a recipe that would really
really lend itself well to like the – no mess or any waffle maker that’s got the
deeper cavities because I think then the interior will firm up a little bit more
which is kind of the way that I like it I’m definitely gonna have to try this
out on the no mess I think I may have shortchanged this recipe a little bit by
doing it in the mini griddles our next bread recipe comes to us from Amy
Henderson we start with 1 egg beaten – this will add 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons
of softened cream cheese next we’ll add 1 tablespoon of almond flour 1/4
teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of garlic powder mixed together and into
our trifle makers it’s been four minutes and they have
quit steaming so let’s pop them out to a cooling rack similar to that first one
that Wonder Bread one it’s a little bit more pliable this is very cakey in
texture in fact I think if you didn’t put that pinch of garlic in something
like this you throw it in the toaster and throw a little no added sugar
strawberry jam or something like that on it or some cream cheese or both this
would be really good in terms of sandwiches I like a little bit heartier
chaffle but I could definitely see this served on the side of some bacon and
eggs or something like that with breakfast this next recipe was submitted
to me by Diana Butler and she said it came from sui generis who I couldn’t
find a YouTube channel for so let’s make it up this recipe starts with two egg
whites two teaspoons of water two tablespoons of softened cream cheese and
I’m gonna whip that together before adding the dry ingredients then we add
four tablespoons of almond flour 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder and a pinch of
garlic salt again I think without the mozzarella I can use my plunger whisk do
a better job into our chaffle makers it’s been four minutes and they have
quit steaming so let’s pop them out nice color and now for the taste alright I’m not even gonna finish
chewing this this is really quite excellent I mean it’s got a very white
bread sort of taste to it the texture is pretty much spot-on if
you are looking for something that has the taste and texture of white bread and
doesn’t have any of the eggy taste this is the one right here for you so Diana
thank you thank you for recommending this wow this is good the last recipe
that I have here comes from one of my facebook followers Dave Watson maybe
he’s a YouTube follower as well and dave said that this is his go-to recipe for
hamburger buns so I figured I’d kind of throw it in it’s just a bonus to the
bread video Dave did not specify the quantities though on the amount of onion
powder or sesame seeds that he used so Dave if I screw up your recipe I
apologize I’m just gonna kind of wing it with what I feel at the right amounts we
start with 1 egg beaten to this we add 1/2 cup of mozzarella a tablespoon of
almond flour quarter teaspoon of baking powder a teaspoon of sesame seeds and a
healthy to finger pinch of onion powder mix it up and into our truffle makers it has been five minutes and they have
quit steaming all right Dave let’s try out your burger
bunch awful I like this I really enjoy the flavor I think if perhaps an
additional add in whether that’s xanthan gum or perhaps psyllium husk or
something to maybe give it a little bit more chew I mean I eat some pretty fat
burgers so I’d want something that could stand up to that but this is solid so
while all of these were cooking I kind of kept eating the ones that I had
already made and none of them are bad but if I were to give sort of my summary
opinion and this is just an exhibition not a competition
no wagering please I would say that first off the one that was submitted to
me by BlahGarcia and I know it wasn’t his recipe originally that one was
probably my least favorite it had sort of that most eggy taste to it so if you
don’t like the eggy taste of a chaffle that one’s probably not gonna be for you
I really like the texture of the recipe that Aaron Bailey submitted to me I like
that chewier heartier sort of chaffle when I’m making a sandwich and the
flavor kind of grew on me over time that’s the one I kind of kept going back
to and munching on as I was making videos the recipe submitted by Amy
Henderson had a very nice cake type texture to it
and I would if I were keeping the recipe as is I would serve it alongside you
know like bacon and eggs with just a little butter on it or remove the garlic
from it and put a low sugar jam of some sort on it as I think about it I’m
pretty sure that that recipe that Sissy can do it submitted to me she submitted
for use on the four waffle – no mess or any other four waffle waffle-maker
I think the interior would cook a little bit more to the texture that I like I
would also think about maybe dialing back on the everything bagel seasoning
that kind of was a bit overpowering to me that said I did put some cream cheese
on it and that balanced out the everything bagel seasoning and
it was pretty good so if you’re gonna make this recipe throw some cream cheese
on it it’s yummy Dave Watson’s burger bun suggestion I
really like the addition of the sesame seeds and that little pinch of onion
powder not too overpowering it really tasted pretty darn good now in the weeks
ahead I’m gonna do some more experimentation with some of the various
add-ins that I haven’t used so far and perhaps combinations of them to see if I
can get that chewier texture out of bread chaffles and pizza crust chaffles so
that might be a good addition to Dave’s recipe once I figure out what the right
ingredient is and lastly that recipes submitted by Diana Butler that she said
came from sui generis I’m hoping I’m pronouncing that right but I definitely
need to investigate this and make sure the right person gets credit for this
because it is a great white bread chaffle if white bread is something you feel
that you’ve been missing on the keto diet this is the recipe for you so if I
used any of your recipes and I screwed something up or you do it in a different
way say you do it in a nutribullet or food processor or you have some
different methodology that makes it better and I didn’t do it that way let
me know down in the comments and let me know if you’re comfortable with me
giving you credit for this recipe out on my website thanks for watching

Randall Smitham



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    FINALLY!!! Something that almost tastes like white bread. The one from Diana Butler tastes 90% like white bread!
    Put PBJ on it and you will never be able to tell the difference!!!


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    This was my first time seeing one of Your videos. I really liked it. I liked the comparisons that You shared and look forward to watching more of Your videos. Thank You for sharing these recipes with Us and Your honest opinions on them. I did give You a like and subscribed to Your channel also.
    My Best to You and Your's.

  88. Mama W Posted on October 16, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Thanks for your videos trying all of these! It helps me decide what to buy/try, without buying too many special ingredients. All the best non-eggy ones seem to have almond flour, which I can’t use in my kitchen. I’ll have to try the oat fiber, but need to buy some.

    When I’ve used the everything but the bagel seasoning, with cream cheese, I’ve just sprinkled it on the cream cheese, rather than put it in the (basic) chaffle batter. Some smoked salmon is nice with that combo too.

  89. treasurechest51 Bloo Posted on October 16, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Thank you I wrote down all the recipes I got a waffle maker last week I'm excited to try these

  90. Susan Thompson Posted on October 16, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    You might want to try experimenting with hemp seeds. I made a pizza crust recipe with them and was very surprised at how chewy and sturdy it was.

  91. Elena Villarroel Posted on October 16, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    OMG! I made the Best White Bread! It is amazing! Taste like bread , I finally made a sandwich that taste like sandwich! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼. Thank you so much!

  92. Garrett Mineo Posted on October 16, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    Ok this question if for all my fellow chaffles people. I make all kinds of chaffles and this channel is the best place to see scientific and fairly objective reviews of various recipes. I have a Dash mini, and an expensive Breville make (2 square Belgian chaffles) and an experimental Pizzell maker. I love the Breville, but for sandwiches I want something that makes regular chaffles. Does the Dash (4 waffle maker) with overflow make thinner regular chaffles? For everyone else what is your favorite chaffle maker other than the Dash mini?

  93. Tony N Posted on October 17, 2019 at 12:50 am

    Ordered the Dash no mess waffle maker and made my first chaffle, a double batch of Best Bread Ever, wow was is that good and easy to do. Cant wait till my morning breakfast at work. bacon egg and cheese chaffle. Mmmm

  94. Rhonda Hancock Posted on October 17, 2019 at 1:02 am

    The “Best White Bread Chaffle” is the closest thing to a piece of white bread I have had since I started keto 9 months ago, it was soooo good! Thank you again for all of the time you put it into making these videos, they truly are a huge help! 😋

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    Sui Generis is on Facebook. She belongs to a Chaffle group I'm in. Keto Chaffle Recipes (low carb Chaffles too).
    Everyone is loving her recipe. I'm going to let her know she highlighted her recipe. I am making it tomorrow.

  96. Gloria Gomez Posted on October 17, 2019 at 2:35 am

    Great options and variety so we never get bored.😁✌

    I will try them all but I will start with the one you liked more. I used to love white bread before I discover the Keto world.🥑🥓🥚🥦🥥

  97. Brendan Ward Posted on October 17, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Right now I am trying the white-bread chaffle, and I just had to comment. It is so like white bread it's hard to believe it came from a waffle iron. It's a keeper! thank you, Steve, and whoever first conceived this recipe.

  98. Jayne Adams Posted on October 17, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    This changed my life. The recipe with egg white cream cheese delicious. When I started keto made mug bread from back of almond flour bag. The texture and taste awful
    Then tried with coconut flour soupy mess.
    I dont like the smell cooking egg chaffle.
    Thank u soooo much