April 6, 2020
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(upbeat happy music) – Hey, HealthNuts. Welcome back to my channel. Today I thought I would show you guys three ways to make some DIY poke bowls. Originally I was calling them poke bowls, but I’ll put the proper
pronunciation here so you guys will know how to say it too
when you’re eating it. I’m going to be making three variations of this Hawaiian inspired dish. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with poke bowls, so I thought I would share with you guys some fun easy recipes so you can enjoy them at home as well. Let’s get started. The first step to make a poke bowl is to start off with a base. You can use basmati rice, quinoa, or even soba noodles, which
are completely gluten free. Actually, all three of these options are gluten free, which is really great if you’re trying to avoid that. Next you’ll wanna pick some fun fresh toppings to top your poke bowls with. Here are some different options. Pea shoots, carrots, mango, edamame, jalapeno, watermelon radish, red cabbage, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, seaweed salad, avocado, pomegranate seeds, corn, chopped shallots, and kimchi. Next you’ll wanna choose a dressing to marinate your protein with. Here are some fun
options that you can use. Soya sauce, rice vinegar, Veganaise, honey, shallots, ginger, Sriracha, lemon juice, lime juice, toasted sesame oil, and garlic. Next up you’ll want to pick your protein. Some options are sushi grade salmon, sushi grade tuna, imitation crab, and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can also just do some
chopped grilled tofu. Lastly you’ll wanna pick some fun items to garnish your poke bowls with. Here I have cilantro,
toasted coconut flakes, roasted seaweed, and sesame seeds. First up, we have my
California style poke bowl. In a bowl, we’re gonna
marinate our protein. Add in your salmon, shallots, soya sauce, rice vinegar, grate in a bit of ginger, top it off with some sesame seeds. Give it a stir and set aside for five to 10 minutes to marinate. I then added carrots, cucumber, avocado, seaweed salad,
pea shoots, and red chilis. Add a scoop of your marinated salmon and some imitation crab. I’m gonna garnish it with some roasted seaweed, cilantro,
and sesame seeds. There you have it, a
California style poke bowl. Next up we have my
Hawaiian style poke bowl. For this one, you’ll need some tuna, some soya sauce, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, some honey, chopped shallots, some lime
zest, and sesame seeds. Give it a toss and set it aside for five to 10 minutes to marinate. Added in some radish, avocado, carrots, fresh mango, pea
shoots, and red chillis. Top it off with your marinated tuna. For garnish, I have sesame seeds and my toasted coconut flakes. There you have it, a
Hawaiian style poke bowl. Last but not least, we have
a spicy kimchi poke bowl. In a bowl, add in your
chopped grilled tofu, a little soya sauce, rice vinegar, shallots, Veganaise,
Sriracha, toasted sesame oil, lemon juice, and sesame seeds. Give it a toss and set it aside to marinate for five to 10 minutes. I’m starting off with my soba noodles, red cabbage, tomatoes,
corn, edamame, and kimchi. Add in your marinated tofu and then garnish it with some sesame
seeds and green onion. There you have it, a
spicy kimchi poke bowl. Three amazing, fun, vibrant,
delicious poke bowls that are just waiting for
you to make this summer. Let me know which one is your favorite. I’m gonna have a poll
in the top right corner. I would love to know which one you guys are most excited to make. Is it the California? Spicy kimchi? Or Hawaiian? All right, so that’s gonna
be it for today’s video. Hopefully you guys enjoyed
my three variations of the traditional poke bowl. If you guys try out one of these, be sure to leave me a comment down below. Share a photo on social media. I feel like these bowls are very Instagram and Pinterest worthy. I have one here right in front of me. This is the California one and so I have some imitation crab here. I have some quinoa. It’s delicious. I have some avocado. I’m gonna take a bite and
give it a little taste test. Mmm. So good. Like, you’re not even missing the seaweed ’cause it’s in here too. So fresh, so flavorful. I love the heat that comes
through from the chili peppers. Definitely give one of these a try. They’re delicious and you can
definitely have like a poke making party with your
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Instagram family over there. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys are
having a fabulous summer and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye, guys. So frickin’ good. This is gonna save me so much money ’cause poke bowls aren’t cheap. Just make my own. (upbeat happy music)

Randall Smitham