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Best Fruits For Keto Diet | Amazing and Delicious!

In this video, you’ll discover the top delicious
fruits that you can have while on the ketogenic diet. And of course, the ones that you must
avoid. You’re looking to start the Ketogenic diet,
or maybe you’re already on it, and it seems that the more information you read, the more
confusing it gets. You’re finding all this conflicting information, what you can have,
what you can’t have. Some people are telling you that you can’t have fruit at all, some
people are telling you that you can. What we’re gonna do in this video is we are gonna
talk about the best Keto diet fruits and we’re also gonna talk about the ones that you have
to avoid. I’m also gonna teach you why this concept of fruit on the Ketogenic diet is
a little bit confusing. Before we get started, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure to have
you here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and be sure to join our notification
community. That way it can help you excel your health and your life. Let’s go ahead and dive right in, and talk
about the Ketogenic diet and fruit consumption. First of all, this is why it gets a little
confusing, because when you have people who have a fatty liver, or people who have insulin
resistance, they’re gonna be much more sensitive. So, a good healthy individual approaching
the Ketogenic diet can get away with a little bit more fruit. Whereas somebody who has a
lot of insulin resistance, they have a fatty liver, or other issues going on, they’re
gonna have to really make sure that they’re staying away from it. Sometimes staying away
from it all together, not even having a little bit.
Let’s go ahead and talk about the difference in fructose versus glucose. When we talk about
fruit we’re talking about fruit sugars and that is fructose. We’re talking about general
carbohydrates, we’re talking more about glucose. Neither of them are great for the
Ketogenic diet because they’re going to throw you out of the state of Ketosis, but
I’m gonna teach you why fruit in particular is a little bit different than glucose. When
we look at fructose, the big deal with it is that it’s a huge burden to the liver.
When you consume fructose, essentially what happens is that it has to go to the liver
to be converted into glucose before it can be utilized for the rest of the body, or the
cell. This is why in general when we talk about the general population consuming a lot
of high fructose corn syrup, or a lot of different foods sweetened with fructose it is very bad
for the body. It is far worse than glucose because of the bad impact it has on the liver.
Now remember, when you are on the Ketogenic diet you are looking to the liver to actually
produce Ketones to help you stay in Ketosis. When we talk about fructose, you consume fruit
and it goes straight into the liver, it is very burdensome and it’s gonna really mess
you up on the Ketogenic diet. It is also going to have a longer-term impact. If we consume
glucose we’re going to get that fast blood sugar spike and then it’s going to go back
down. When we consume fructose, it’s going to not spike your blood sugars quickly, but
it’s going to have that long-lasting impact on your blood sugar. The other thing is that
it’s gonna mess with your Ketones. You’re gonna start having decreased Ketone levels.
When you talk in terms of fruit containing fructose on the Ketogenic diet, it is very
burdensome to the liver, and it’s going to mess you up a little bit. Ow when we talk
about general carbohydrates and general glucose, neither of these are great for the Ketogenic
diet, but the thing about glucose is that it’s used more directly by the cells. When
you use glucose, it can be used directly by the cell, by the muscle tissue for energy.
It doesn’t just get slammed to the liver and then have to go through this process to
be converted. It can go right to the body, used directly as energy. Also, when we take
glucose it’s going to have a blood sugar rise immediately, then it’s going to taper
off where the fructose is just gonna keep on going. It’s going to decrease Ketones
as well. The big thing to understand here is that fructose is more burdensome to the
liver and theirs a greater chance that’s it’s going to mess up your state of Ketosis.
Following the Ketogenic diet, we have to be careful with that. We have to be very careful
with fatty liver, insulin resistance, it is going to mess with you a little bit more and
you may have to take fruit out altogether. Let’s talk about the best and worst fruits,
and what you really need to know here. Now when we look at these fruits right here, I’m
talking in terms of net grams of carbs. Each one of these is based on one cup. Blackberries
are gonna have about 6 grams of net carbs per cup. Going down the list, strawberries
– 8, raspberries- 7. These are going to be some of your best fruits right here. Avocados,
now I know that for my analytical people here I had to put it in the fruit section. Now
most people are going to say, “well that’s a vegetable”, it’s actually a fruit. It’s
going to have about 4.5 net carbs per cup. The other thing that we’re looking at is
lemon and lime, this is based on a cup. Most people aren’t going to go eat a cup of lime,
a cup of lemons, but the good thing to know is that you can actually just go and put it
in your water and you can put it on some of your different foods that you’re eating
and it is not a big deal. We’re getting towards the upper end of the spectrum here
of what we want to be having. Grapefruit is going to be 11 net grams per cup, and then
green apple. The green apple you have to be careful with. This is getting towards the
upper end, but one green apple is going to have about 12 grams of net carbs per cup.
Green apple, be careful with, it is on the upper end so just a little bit if it is something
that you really want to have that day. Now let’s talk about some of the worst. When
we look at these it’s important to realize, we are talking about some pretty small number
here. Conversely when we look at some of these other fruits like grapes, they have 26 grams
of net carbs per cup. Banana-30, pear-31, mango-30, these are the worst ones, and the
reason why you need to know this is because, for some reason if you are trying to slip
a little bit of it in to your diet, know that these are going to really mess you up. If
you want to learn the beginner’s grocery list on the Ketogenic diet I did a whole video
on that and it will teach you all of the must have foods that you need to have while on
the Ketogenic diet. Check out that video, it’s very educational. Mangoes have 30,
pineaplles-19, and cherries are 18. The other thing that I want to really point out here
is that you want to stay away from the dried fruits. Those also are going to really strike
your blood sugar. A lot of people are looking for those on the go fruits and on the go foods
while on the Ketogenic diet. They’re getting dried bananas, dried apricots, that sort of
thing. You want to make sure you stay away from those if you don’t want to throw yourself
out of ketosis. That wraps up this video, give it a thumb
up, I’d greatly appreciate that. If you have any questions put it right down in the
comment section, and also tell me your experience with fruit in the comment section. I’d love
to know, did it throw you out of Ketosis, where you able to stay in, how much are you
allowed in your daily regimen in order to maintain Ketosis. I’d love to know, put
it all in the comments, and also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t
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here so that you can sky rocket your health. I’ll see you in the next video.

Randall Smitham



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