March 31, 2020
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what is going on guys it’s Drew here
back at it with another video in
Aggieland and I talked about this in my
day in the life video but I had to make
a dedicated video to it this is the best
place on earth and that my friends is
all day so you know there’s a lot of
hype especially being in Texas about
h-e-b and where I’m from in Dallas h-e-b
isn’t a thing but down here it’s huge
and same in Austin but this bad boy is a
secret gym that we me and my girlfriend
we rarely see any college students at
and so I’m putting you on officially to
the best cheapest most efficient grocery
store in all of College Station so I’m
gonna go ahead and run around and get
some groceries for the week and then
I’ll show you how how much it all added
up to so all these a German company and
Germans are freaking innovative and so
here you can see these are all attached
by chains you need a quarter to get a
basket you put it in but supposed to
work there we go then you get a basket
so this store is all about reducing
their costs and so they do little things
like this better packaging everything is
all the brand which means it’s more
efficient for like getting cheaper
groceries and so we’ll kind of run you
off through and show you why all these
the best place on earth
alright guys so we just finished
shopping at all the and as you can tell
there’s no bags and that’s good for two
reasons reason number one is that it
cuts down on overall cost so that cost
doesn’t get pushed on to the consumer
and number two is it’s good for the
environment and so in Aldie they have a
lot of empty boxes so we like to be kind
of resourceful and use these to put all
our food in so we got about a week’s
worth of groceries here now let’s go
ahead and pull out the receipt keep in
mind I usually get like chicken or beef
and I didn’t need something this time
cuz I have some at home
21:29 and what we got was bread for a
week bananas for a week hamburger buns
protein meal bars we got our carrots
blueberries we got the black forest ham
a week’s worth of yogurts we got soy
milk cuz look when we put y’all on okay
you don’t want that Dairy Milk I mean
there’s a lot of sketchy stuff going on
with the dairy industry in the US I’m
not gonna spill tea the soy milk is
definitely the way we got brownies
because even though we try to eat
healthy on a day to day basis look
sometimes you just gotta indulge and
then my best achievement the hazelnut
spread so any Nutella lovers out there
look you can’t replace Nutella it’s one
of those things that you you try to find
it in other places but unless you get
the name brand you’re not getting the
real deal but let me put you on all the
hazelnut spread is the only thing that
even comes close to Nutella so if you’re
not eating this or Nutella I’m not so
good so yeah all of that for 20 bucks I
mean you really can’t beat this if you
actually look up like Aldi on YouTube
and you see the secret behind how
amazing it is you’ll buy in immediately
because they’re better for the
environment they’re the most efficient
they’re the best for the consumer
they’re all around just awesome and also
if you go to Walmart or h-e-b it’s like
this huge massive store but Aldi is the
perfect size to where you’re not
overwhelmed you can get all your stuff
get out and not make grocery shopping a
huge chore so thank you for watching my
little all the video I hope you all like
the tips reach out to me ask me
questions I’m here to help you I’m here
to be your local resource and see you on
the next video peace

Randall Smitham