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Beth Behrs’ Citrus Smoothie Bowl

(audience applause)
Now what have we got? So smoothies are truly the staple. I also have, like, a love affair with the Vitamix in my book. It’s my favorite kitchen tool. It’s your favorite kitchen tool. It’s your must have.
And that’s not an ad. Like, I genuinely just love it. And also, I hate salad so I prefer to drink it. You’re tricking it to make it into a smoothie. And this smoothie, this citrus bowl smoothie, or bowl, could also be a dessert, so if you wanna replace it with, you know, pudding or ice cream– It’s good any time of day.
It’s good any time of day. One cup spinach. That looks like more than a cup, but it’s good to have more greens. It’ll work. Don’t worry. Okay. See, I’m like, does it have to be perfect? Banana.
Coconut water. Banana. Which I love frozen banana. Oh, because it gives it a better consistency. Yeah, I prefer that than ice, but you can use ice, too. Coconut water, so hydrating. Avocado, good fat.
Half an avocado. Half an avocado. Lemon. And then lemon juice. Here, I’ll squeeze that for you. And orange zest, which I just learned what zest was, like, three years ago and I (murmurs). (Rachel and audience laugh) It’s great! It gives it a little kick, a citrus kick.
Yum! I’m a huge fan of chia and flax seeds. Dump it in there. Chia is, like, the best thing ever for my mental learning lines ’cause on Two Broke Girls Kat and I learn like 50 pages a weekend, and I’m like, “Chia seeds. Always. “Get in me and make me learn lines.” 50 pages a weekend! A little squirt of agave? Yes! Or, recently we just got bees in our backyard– Oh my God! You got your own beehive? Yes, and we had our first honey harvest. Yay!
Yes! And it’s been amazing!
That’s so exciting! And the honey, I know I’m biased, but it tastes better than anything I’ve ever had. It’s amazing, and it’s good for the planet! So I say honey instead of agave, but you can use agave. And then whiz this up? Yes! Did we add ice? Ice. You need some ice? Ice, ’cause the bananas weren’t frozen, but if they were you could’ve just used those. You could have just used those. Yeah.
Alright. Oh, please! (Beth and audience laugh) I love you! (audience cheers) Yay!
Oh my God! We’re both like– This is, what’s this show? We aren’t in this show. I know, right? Hey, we gotta keep the vibe going for Two Broke Girls, right? We want everybody out there. You guys are doing a public campaign to get it renewed, right? I mean, we are now, so fans of the show, please. (audience cheering)
Loud, get loud! Honestly, like–
Put it in here? Yes, put it in here.
Put it in here. Honestly, Kat and I, like, we wanna come back. So anything the fans can do. We can get it done.
(audience cheering) And then top it with anything? Pick whatever toppings you want. Oh my God! I love me some blueberries! I was gonna say, blueberries and coconut are my go to. I love blueberries! Just use your fingers! This is, like, the real me talks.

Randall Smitham



  1. Love & Lentils Posted on September 17, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    This looks spectacular! We've just recently started making smoothie bowls and love to see these new ideas 🙂

  2. Marissa Wilson Posted on September 18, 2019 at 11:53 am

    I still love Rachel Ray and her show!

  3. Eleanor Radaza Posted on September 20, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    OMG renew it please….