April 5, 2020
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Hey, hey, everybody. What’s up? I’m Shaun Hadsall
here, co-founder of online weight loss
community Get Lean in 12, and stubborn fat expert. Although I specialize
in helping people in their 40s, 50s, or
60s reactivate declining hormones to quick lose
more stubborn fat, I also realize there’s more
than one way to skin the cat. I’m going to use a couple
of examples in this video that I think are
going to shock you. And the first one is something
called the carnivore diet. And there is a gentleman who
is a cardiovascular doctor who has been doing this
diet for 14 months. I just listened to a podcast. It was absolutely fascinating. And this guy eats four
pounds of ribeye every day. That’s all he eats. Once in a while, he’ll
add in some Greek yogurt. And that is it. That’s all he’s
eaten for 14 months. Now, keep in mind, the
previous couple of years before he tried this diet,
he had done the paleo diet, and he had some success. He did the keto diet,
and he had some success. And then he went to
this carnivore diet, and he just got his
blood work done. And the results from his
blood work were remarkable. His testosterone is
through the roof. His cholesterol
levels are amazing. His digestive system
is operating completely fine with no fiber in his diet. And his blood pressure is great. It’s absolutely amazing–
cholesterol, the whole nine. I could not believe it. Then we can flip the coin, and
we can look at other examples. Chris Voigt is the head of
the Washington State Potato Commission. And when the government decided
they wanted to remove potatoes from the children’s lunch
school feeding program, he decided to protest and eat
nothing but 20 potatoes a day for 60 days in a row. Now, he was preparing
them healthy, obviously. He wasn’t deep frying them. This guy’s health markers
were unbelievable. He had better results
than prescription drugs. His triglycerides,
his cholesterol, his blood pressure, they
were absolutely amazing, and he lost 22 pounds
eating nothing but potatoes. Now, there’s another
example of some tribes, and I don’t have the information
in front me right now, but my great friend Mike
Gary was sharing it with me. There’s tribes that have
survived on literally 60% to 70% saturated
fats, and they’ve thrived for years and years. Sorry, somebody just
pulled out in front of me. They’ve thrived for years
and years and years. They’re leaner than
the rest of the world. They have less disease,
and they live longer, and they’re eating
nothing but fat. So this just goes to show you
that the body is resilient and can adapt, and
God has designed us to be able to adapt. So the best diet
that you can follow is one that you can adhere to. I am personally a fan
of a blended diet. I like carb cycling. I want to eat my carbs. So I like to cycle them. I can still stay lean year
round and eat lots of carbs. I just target them in
my post-workout window. I combine them with protein,
and I eat them on cheat meals, typically on the weekends. And then I minimize my carb
intake other than that, but it allows me to indulge
in lots of my favorite carbs and still maintain a
lean body year round. So the whole point to this video
is the best diet you can follow is one you can stick to. Whether it’s high carb,
whether it’s low fat, whether it’s high fat,
whether it’s high fat, low carb, whether it’s the Zone
diet, whether it’s the paleo diet, whether it’s
ketogenic diet, the reality is all of
them can and will work. You just have to stick to them. Now, you just have to
learn how to move right based on your age category. So if you’re in your
40s, 50s, or 60s, and you’re watching this,
click the link somewhere around this video. And I’m going to introduce
you to a system I’ve created called the Over 40 Ab Solution. And inside the
system, you’re going to get access to a 12 minute
metabolic zone training protocol that’s
specifically designed to reactivate declining hormones
for people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. Research shows,
published studies show, it can increase metabolic rate
38 to 48 hours after only 12 minutes, and it can increase
growth hormone levels 400% to 700%. And the best part is,
it works with any diet. But I do provide you with
my Hormone Optimization Diet Manual so that you have a diet
and a meal plan to follow. So click the link
around this video. Go check that out. If you got something out of
this, click the Like button. Share it. Tag somebody you know that
could benefit that tries all these crazy diets. Tell them they need to
stick to one, because that’s how you’re going to get
results is by sticking with it, not hopping from plan to plan. You’ll never get
results that way. So thanks for taking
time out of your busy day to check this out and
keep going strong.

Randall Smitham