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today I want to talk about the fact that
the Biggest Loser workout regimen reinforces all the right errors hello
everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a
psychologist the reason I make these videos is to help everyone to understand
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overall sense of well-being if you think this kind of content is useful please
consider subscribing The Biggest Loser focused a lot on exercise when you watch
that program the majority of what they showed was exercise that gives the
impression to anyone watching the program who would like to recreate so
basically I want to learn from the program so that I can do in my life what
they accomplished gives the impression that exercise is the way to lose weight
yet we know that exercise actually only accounts for 20% of the weight loss that
people are able to accomplish and I’m being generous when I say 20% most
experts say 15 I’m giving a little bit here because I think when you work out
the way the Biggest Loser people did yeah it’s gonna give a bit more I think
but here’s the thing I want to go through that workout regimen that food
regimen and just really talk about why it’s actually reinforcing all the
correct errors so all the things that are gonna actually cause us to fail
first and foremost in order to do a workout as prescribed by The Biggest
Loser you need to work out as if it’s your job that means eight ish hours of
working out so when people that did the program so old contestants talked about
what you know a day of working out actually look like for them most of them
described something that started off with a warm-up that consisted of about
an hour on the elliptical and a five-mile jog as a warm-up and I’ll be
very honest with you I think for most people that’s your entire workout so
right away you can see going into this process that what we the general public
are doing would not even touch with the people doing this program are doing
right away that causes me to think about sustainability will I be able to use
this way of working out forever but I’m good I’m not going to stop there let’s
keep going through what the person or the people described
so that’s part one that’s your warmup after your warmup you’re gonna have
breakfast so the part I like about this situation is that actually that first
workout is past it which we already know from the community of low-carb that
fasted workouts are the most efficient but here’s the thing they’re doing the
warm-up fasted then they eat breakfast okay I’m okay but so then they eat
breakfast and they iced their joints now I would imagine that partially they need
to re sore joints because a lot of the people doing the Biggest Loser workout
in all fairness are more than double the weight that they should be so there’s
some of these people starting out 300 some people starting off more than 300
pounds I understand the need to ice their joints but just understand what’s
happening there I’ve worked out know I’ve warmed up at such a level that my
next step is I need to ice my joints okay
I have breakfast I ice my joints this is a process of taking the whole thing
taking about half an hour finished and what I read correctly and then the next
phase that you step into is your real workout begins when your workout they
continues after breakfast you’re starting it with 40 minutes of a brisk
cardio again so elliptical or some other cardiovascular activity and then I’m
assuming an elliptical was mentioned a lot because it’s very easy on the knees
and a lot of these people who are swimming overweight but then you’re so
elliptical and some kind of resistance training hitting all the different body
parts over the course of the day and then this so this second part cardio and
resistance training cycles throughout the rest of the day until we get to six
and six hours to eight hours worth of work out that the person has done your
days over tomorrow you rinse and repeat you know I’m looking at this and I’m
saying to myself it’s a job so basically if I want to be able to lose a dramatic
amount of weight in a short period of time I need to treat it like it’s my job
and that I understand because if I have that much weight to lose really what is
also happening is that my health is on the line
but there’s problems with this workout that I’m going to explain to you as we
go forward because we’re talking not only about losing the weight we’re
talking about maintaining the gains you’ve made and this is where I feel
like this workout first of all with the average person be able to do this
workout on their own and the answer to that is no so now again if you’re 300
pounds might you be in a situation where you decide I’m taking six months off and
I’m just doing this you might be in that situation but not everybody can afford
it so part of the issue that I have with this strategy for weight loss because
we’re focusing our energy on the exercise which is only 20% of where
weight loss actually comes from we have to put so much energy in that it becomes
our full-time job there was more to the workouts though I want to say there was
another piece of the puzzle people who are on the program also had last-chance
exercises so last-chance workouts to really lose that water weight that
they’re carrying going into the weigh-in days and those exercises are actually
even more intense and in evolved doing things one of the examples they gave was
like flipping tractor tires jumping into the tire jumping out the other side and
then pushing the tire 50 feet and repeat again you know I’m just thinking to
myself I don’t believe at my current weight I could do that I’m not sure how
I would do it when I was at the weight I started at again what I find frustrating
about the the weight loss strategy that I hear when people recount what they
were doing in these in this program is that for the average person who would
want to try to do something like this at home it’s not possible I don’t believe I
would have been able to do that not strong enough not having the willpower
to do that I do find it interesting that in a Time magazine article Jillian
Michaels actually so 2009 May 2009 you can look it up Jillian Michaels actually
said that the average person who has weight to lose shouldn’t exercise more
than eight hours a week she said in order to exercise more than
that you really shouldn’t be under supervision okay he falls in line with
what was happening in in the actual program
everybody had supervision but again it also talks about the fact that what they
were doing with these contestants is not something that the average person in her
opinion should even be trying to do and she went even further to say that you
should never pass ten hours a week heard her ideal was something between
half-an-hour five days a week to eight hours total for the week now the other
problem that I have when we talk about maintenance so after months and months
of working out this way pushing my body pushing my body eating the smallest
amount of food that I can to still fuel this grueling exercise that I’m in
creating a calorie deficit of course and working really super hard I get down to
whatever my goal weight happens to be or I get really close to my goal weight and
the problem that I see here is that there is no talk about maintenance like
what is the regimen once you’ve left this Biggest Loser program to maintain
myself at this way we all know that after months so after six months of
eating a certain amount of calories your body because of homeostasis we everybody
loves that it loves me it loves to be stable stabilizes and now moderates what
it’s doing so it’s energy output it’s heating it’s you know the way that it’s
using energy to suit the amount of food that’s coming in and the amount of work
that you seem to be having to do so when we’re doing that Biggest Loser style
situation I’m pushing my body because I’m exercising every day like it’s my
job I’m eating a very small amount of calories my body is looking at the
energy intake versus what I have to do and it’s it’s balanced itself and then I
leave the program unless I continue so if I won I might be in that situation
where I have enough money that I can continue to work out this way and keep
going like that for us in my life how if I didn’t win the program and if I
didn’t make it far enough so let’s say I made a far enough to lose a significant
amount of weight but I didn’t make it far enough to win enough that I could
actually put that much energy into working out what happens well now I’m in
this story where I have to go back to work unless my job is as a construction
worker or my job as something where I’m just running around and moving around
and doing a lot of using a lot of energy every single day I’m still in the
situation where if I eat exactly this the right amount that I was supposed to
eat my body is not outputting what it was outputting over the course of the
last few months I will gain weight take this is that further if I know this well
the option I have is do my job get home work out like crazy and try to fit it in
again willpower am I actually gonna do that or
eat less do I have space to you less if I eat less I risk the situation where
now I’m malnourished because I’m not eating enough food to actually build my
body that’s also dangerous I feel like that one of the big issues that I had
with the Biggest Loser program is that I didn’t see that they gave enough
attention to maintenance and teaching people how to how to keep what you
gained in the program once you’ve left the program as a matter of fact they
didn’t allow people to talk about how their life was after the program so it
not even made me feel like if on some level they knew and thought people were
gonna regain the way so again there’s a lot of issues that I have there because
if there was a question mark that someone might regain the weight why not
help them by giving them some tools so that they don’t but part of the problem
is again the model that’s being used if you lost weight by working out and
keeping your calorie intake really small the only way they’d go forward with that
would be to keep working out which most people would not be able to do so again
this is part of the where I see the problem of maintenance when it comes to
this program I do find it ironic that in the exact same article Jillian Michaels
talks about the fact that she doesn’t always have time to work out like so on
a daily basis you mean is what she actually does for a living
is coach people and help them to work out and she admits she doesn’t have time
to work out every day what she did say is that sometimes she’ll do a double
workout so an hour in the morning in an hour in the evening again she’s not
working out more than eight hours in a day to maintain because again she
wouldn’t need to the Biggest Loser workout regimen also has people eating
at a calorie does percent right so like you know meals were somewhere around
1,200 to 1,500 calories depending on whether you’re male or female and one of
the things that I will point out is that when we’re eating at that kind of
deficit especially coming from a place of two to three thousand calories I’m
using the number two so you can follow along this energy right I bite as an
intern on calories but when you go from eating a large amount of energy like
2,000 calories down to a small amount of energy 1,200 your body isn’t used to
that and you’re not used to that you are going to be hungry you’re gonna have
less energy and you’re gonna be hungry so I’m pushing myself to workout and I’m
hungry how many people are able to sustain that so basically what I’m
saying is how many people when there aren’t cameras all around making sure
that I don’t go eat are going to be able to have just barely half the amount of
food that they’re normally used to eating feeling hungry and not go and get
something to eat I know again I’m just using myself as
the example I wouldn’t be able to do that and it’s not because I don’t have
willpower I’m not gonna say that it’s because it’s uncomfortable to be hungry
so eating your plate and still being most people are gonna have a hard time
to make that last more than a few weeks the other part of this that makes it a
struggle for me but maybe that would be a positive in your mind but the other
thing that I think would make it a struggle for me is knowing that I’m
eating this meal it’s small I’m still hungry
and I have to wait how many hours before I can eat another meal versus some
people might find that okay like okay I’m eating this a little bit of
something now but I know I’m gonna have something else later it’s gonna be okay
my issue with that and this is where again I feel like maybe I think too much
I don’t know but the fact that I ate this and I wasn’t satisfied knowing that
I mean probably that and not be satisfied that would frustrate me
everybody’s different but that’s just my personality what’s worse is that what we
do know is every time you eat no matter what you’re eating whether it’s protein
fat or carbs you’re spiking your insulin are you raising your insulin not
necessarily spiking it all the time if you’re getting carbs are spiking it most
of the meals that these contestants were eating had vegetables that were not
below spicy mix so they were in my opinion just looking at some of the
stuff we saw on the show spiking their insulin so they’re eating repeatedly
during the day rising their insulin different points in the day we know that
when insulin goes up it takes a little while to come down so if I’m doing six
meals in a day by the time I have that next to me all my insulin is not back
down to baseline it’s going up again so part of the problem that I have is just
that it’s that the things that they’re doing aren’t really helping them to
accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish because every time I rise my
insulin I’m storing whatever I ve eaten as fat right so again we need to
understand what we’re doing especially we have carbs in that meal and from what
I could see again just watching the program every meal had some carbs so
you’re constantly storing constantly storing in that article in May 2009
Jillian Michaels talked about her new upcoming book at that time mastering
your metabolism in which she said that the key to weight loss was stabilizing
your hormones so did she learn that from the show or like because it’s
interesting to me that during the show even the refreshes of the stro they
still focus on calories but she’s saying the key is his hormone stabilization
balancing right well why does she then encourage people to eat a lot of carbs
which causes your insolence rise which causes you to store fat you would think
that the answer would be fewer carbs so that your hormones can
balance themselves out because every time we have an hormone that gets out of
balance it throws our hormones out of whack right cortisol is gonna be off
glucagon is gonna be off like all your other Horlick they affect each other so confusion right like Jillian Michaels
seems to understand that your hormones need to be balanced in order to lose
weight she said that back in 2009 and yet even
as recently as a few months ago she continues to say that eating low carb is
not healthy and it’s gonna put you in a state of emergency continuing to promote
six small meals a day will actually lead to excessive amounts of insulin which
created imbalance in your hormones what she’s saying doesn’t match since the
diet continues to focus on calories they continue to promote people to eat
well-balanced as they call it healthy things that are low in calories and I
thought it would be interesting to take a moment and just look at what can what
they consider a healthy snack and then how those healthy snacks do or don’t
affect our insulin levels because we know that insulin being high causes to
soar fat so I’m gonna go through a few of the ones that I found what I decided
to do was to choose three snacks that fall into this low-calorie lifestyle and
you know by looking at things I saw them eating on The Biggest Loser these seem
to match with the kind of things that they were eating and I just wanted to go
through with you like I actually went to one of those sites I said like Biggest
Loser snacks and these three actually came up because I wanted to show if you
actually just ate exactly what they told you to eat what the calorie count would
be versus the carb count for us to be able to make some kind of idea in our
own mind about how healthy this is for us to eat the
worst part about all of this is that these three snacks and all the meals
that you saw them eating have a high carb content and at least four people
doing keto so again if we look at keto for what it is a way to balance our
hormones so get that insulin under control so that a reservoir in our
hormones can be under control and that we can efficiently start using our fat
that we have stored as fuel and allow our bodies to use the storage rather
than continue to store so by eating a low amount of carbohydrates every day
which remember there’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate we don’t even
need to eat them at all but eating a low amount of them a low number of carbs
helps us to then tap into this onboard fat now if I understand that’s what’s
happening here’s the great thing I will lose weight and because my body is
taking energy from myself there isn’t a deficit that I’m engaging
so I’m gonna be clear about that when you first start doing a cage on
lifestyle and you’re eating 20 grams of carbs or less in your day the fat that
you eat in you from your meals is either gonna be the same because you just make
that switch and you if you add salt it really helps and it will be the same but
if you find yourself a little hungry and you add a little bit so you start
cooking you know and adding a little bit of fat so that those meals by the second
week that extra fat is no longer necessary so we are not adding fat on a
regular basis the only reason for adding a little bit of fat during the first two
weeks is because I’ve taken so much energy out so the carbohydrates are not
there my body is looking for energy giving a little bit of fat to help
balance it out helps your body to get forward don’t keep doing that so what
happens is that and two weeks is not long enough for my body to get used to
that so what happens is that I’m eating 2,000 calories or again I use the number
just for you to have a reference point I start doing a ketogenic lifestyle 20
guys of cars or less whatever protein that I happen to be eating that matches
with my lifestyle so basically whatever I was eating before I continued eating
in terms of the amount of protein and then the fat that comes along with that
protein any other energy that my body needs it takes it from me the benefit
there is that my energy usage so the energy that my body uses to function
stays the same so if I was at 2,000 calories and now in my course of my day
so let me be clear about that if I was eating 2,000 calories and now in the
course of my day because I’ve decreased the amount of carbohydrates that I’m
eating I’m no longer eating 2,000 calories maybe now I’m eating 1500 maybe
now I’m eating 1,600 about 400 calories again I’m just using that for reference
it’s not coming from the fat that’s on me so every day my body will pull out
400 calories from the bank of violet all right and I’ll lose weight
I want to make sure that I point out that these three snacks that I’m gonna
read you are going from lowest amount of calories to highest amount of calories
on the website that I did find they said that the kept the calorie count would be
between 150 and 250 and that they encourage people to look at the calorie
count so that you don’t end up going over the amount of calories that you’re
gonna eat for the day so I have the smallest one first the media one and
then the largest one and we’ll talk about that afterwards so hummus carrots
and celery was the first snack that they suggested this actually comes out 29.7
net grams of carbs so right away that’s half of my days worth of carbohydrates
on a snack now in terms of total carb it would turn out to be fourteen point
eight so if those of yours are doing total carb fourteen point eight and the
calorie count for this is 93 so calorie count wise actually it’s really good but
carb count wise anyone doing a ketogenic lifestyle
wouldn’t be able to have this or if you do have it that’s half for the
carbs you have for your day here’s the thing that I want to point out if I’m
eating 93 calories and I’ve got 1,200 calories to work with or even 1,500
calories if I cut myself on the higher end I still have a lot of calories
enough to work with the problem that I see is that if I have a lot of weight to
lose so now I’m talking about those people who may be coming into this story
at 300 pounds if I allow myself to eat 9 grams of carbs just in the snack I’m
very likely going to be eating many more carbs than that during the rest of my
day even though my calorie counts gonna be low I’m not gonna lose weight I’m
gonna have to work out super extremely hard and have very few cuts all right so
I must create a deficit in order to lose any weight just keep that in mind the
next snack that they gave as an example was dips and chip and I was really
excited when I saw this one in the list 6 baked corn tortillas that’s why I got
sad 6 tortillas like ok so when I did this number the numbers for this it’s
nineteen point eight grams of net carb twenty-three point five total carb now
oh sorry and the calorie count they’re still not used talking about that part
the calorie counts is 142 the counter counts not bad you could probably fit
that into your day the problem that I see again is that that’s all of my carbs
for the day we know that carbohydrates is what pushes us to gain weight that
one snack just I’m done it’s over allowing myself to understand that
that’s not a great snack for me right so again if I’m coming into the story at
300 pounds having that as a snack means I’m not going to lose any weight my body
is gonna be chasing carbohydrates because we carbohydrates are addictive
it’s gonna push it I’m gonna be hungry all the time
this is again and not to mention six tortillas this is gonna be a very
frustrating of all the snacks this was the most frustrating to me just even
imagine eating because six tortillas come on I don’t think I’ve ever eaten
less than 20 when I was eating them so I just find that’s a bit of a silly
snack from the point of view of someone who’s trying to to be satisfied at the
end of that that that meal the third one Greek yogurt dried
unsweetened cranberries pecans and blueberries so this came in at the worst
carb net carb of twenty five point one the total carb was twenty seven point
seven and it had two hundred and fifty four calories most people are gonna
think they did well eating this but twenty five grams of carbs in one small
meal um you know just consider that’s eating five teaspoons of sugar just put
that in perspective I really do believe that in terms of satisfaction of eating
something you know the third one probably would give me the most
satisfaction just because it’s like one complete thing that I’m eating and it
seemed like a good amount but the second one would give me the least amount at
six tortillas and the first one would pressure me as well because two
tablespoons of hummus is gonna be done like before I finish all my carrots and
my celery so I do feel like in each of these situations there’s these are
snacks that would leave me frustrated I don’t know about you let me know in the
comments if you feel like those are snacks that it would leave you feeling
satisfied or that you feel like you would want more that but to me actually
those will leave me frustrated low fat meals force you to get energy
from carbohydrates that leads to higher insulin levels which leads to obesity
which leads to metabolic issues which leads to taking medications to solve
metabolic issues that are only there because of high carbohydrate intake it’s
a vicious cycle that we are on this vicious cycle eventually leads a lot of
us to do extreme measures to lose weight extreme working out diet pills not
eating so starving ourselves which can even lead to malnutrition which hurts us
and the worst part is when all of that fails what we end up doing some of us
unfortunately end up meaning to do weight loss surgeries
that don’t work and I’ve encountered so many people who have done the weight
loss surgery and then put the weight back on that it’s sad because first of
all it’s a surgery which you’re risking your life to do to turn around and
regain the weight because you haven’t been taught how to eat an appropriate
diet that will allow you to be at a healthy weight or you could eat a
healthy diet that is low in carbohydrates moderate and protein and
fat that allows your body to naturally do what it wants to do which is give you
energy grow and and build itself strong and be healthy with no metabolic issues
happening even allows you to clean up those are some of those metabolic issues
and then you can use exercise for what it’s meant to do for strength for
flexibility and longevity because the more muscle you have on you
research shows the longer you live the problem is this what I just said is not
promoted because there’s no money in it what do you want to do do you want to
help companies make money and become richer and richer or do you want to have
a healthy body that you can run around and play with your kids and your
grandkids and go out with your friends and do things with a body that feels
amazing couple of my well illness warriors want the latter right do things
with your body that feel amazing I want to thank a lot my wellness lawyers for
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