April 5, 2020
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alright chef buck here and today we’re gonna throw together a very simple delicious black-eyed pea salad you know this goes fantastic with spicy food in fact we got the idea to throw this dish together because see the salad here this is at a local Indian buffet we like to go through that really spicy food and this salad is a great accompaniment to that spicy food and we got the black-eyed peas at home so why the hell not you know you’re just going to use two cans you know go ahead and get washed and and drain and then we’ll set them aside and start to cut up some vegetables we’re gonna use one stalk of celery and definitely use the celery because you’re gonna want the crunch in the dish and we’re gonna shred up some carrots but you can make those bigger if you want to you know because all the crunchiness style is gonna cover the carrots and the celery so don’t skimp on them we’re gonna chop up a half a cup of cilantro to get us started but we’re gonna use a little more cilantro later on too and then three to four green onions or you can substitute a little red onion if you like and then slice you up a cucumber you know preferably a salad cucumber but these damn dinosaur cucumbers are on sale so that’s what I got you know that’s how I roll you know whatever is on sale and look at this this is how you don’t possess the lemon if you’re a partner zesting a lemon like that then you’re gonna have to step in and save the day because you gotta zest with confidence that’s how you use a zester you gotta zest with intention you know and then go ahead and and mince that zest up and then we’re gonna go ahead and juice this lemon too it’s a small lemon so we’re gonna use all the juice you know there’s a lot of vegetables in here so this lemon juice I had a lot of flavoring and preserve the color we’re gonna mix a little dressing up here four tablespoons of balsamic vinegar the two tablespoons of olive oil throw your zest in there your little bit of lemon juice and then we’re gonna add some spices some cumin powder and some chili powder and then I said one drop of hot sauce and she literally put in one drop when I say one drop I mean like four or five or six isn’t that hell how the male brain works that’s a different tweet men and women but they’re always my top sauce in there as you like salt and pepper to taste as they say and then some honey two to three tablespoons and put here we probably had close to this three tablespoons you know get that all mixed up and then we’ll set it aside and throw together our beans and veggies hippie so get those in the mixing bowl your carriage your cubes your celery your onions your cilantro your beans throw your dressing on there and get that all mixed up get those flavors going you know make sure everything’s nice and coated and then we’re gonna go ahead and cover this up and slide it in the fridge and let it marinate you know and let those flavors coalesce there for a while you know at least for an hour you know we actually refrigerated it overnight the one thing we didn’t put in was the tomatoes because you don’t want to refrigerate your Tomatoes if you can avoid it because they never taste as good you know once they’ve been in the fridge so whenever you’re ready to serve it you know go ahead and cut up your tomatoes and throw them in there and we’re gonna use some plum tomatoes and I’m gonna use three of them but you can use as much as you like you know but it’s a great color contrast to the rest of the ingredients and you want to use nice big chunks cuz with any kind of salad you know you want different sizes you know cuz that helps with the mouthfeel man I’ve been using an expression too much literally a little more fresh cilantro because that always helps you can go ahead and mix it in there I just throw it on top as a garnish and there you have it man a black-eyed peas sour taste fantastic oh it’s great you know as a side for spicy dishes you know quick and easy there you have it throw it on the table chow down boom it’s a great use of black-eyed peas give this recipe a try you know let us know what you think Bon Appetit and thanks for watching zest ur challenged oh I think we got lemon juice all over the lids what are you doing camera girl but you’re the poor innocent limit why can’t you use a lemon zester I want the grater

Randall Smitham