October 22, 2019
  • 2:49 pm The Benefits of Calorie Restriction for Longevity
  • 2:49 pm Big Food and Big Pharma killing for profit?
  • 1:49 pm Dietary Supplement Snake Oil
  • 1:49 pm Little Caesars® | Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza | Food Review! 🔱🍕😋
  • 1:49 pm Pheasant Eggs vs Chicken Eggs- What’s the Difference?

Hey guys what’s up welcome to BodyProCoach
Nutrition I am Praveen and this is Maahek well we all follow diet very strictly and all
we need to know is about when to cheat how to cheat and how much
to cheat so now the most important challenge is that challenge so we’re
going to overcome that get you some amazing recipes when you wanna cheat
okay so Maahek I think we’re gonna make
something very cool today so I’m sure all you guys are gonna love it
because we are making that everybody loves we’re going to be making a dark
chocolate mousse so it’s a keto dark chocolate mousse what we require for
that is we would require one container so I have used the 99% lindt so I want you to use a 99% lindt if possible so I’ve taken that into a container, you’ve to add
some water and melt the chocolate you could melt it in a microwave or you can
melt it over the gas it would look something like this once it’s done once
you have warmed and melted it would look something like a thin in consistency
I want you to use stevia or a zero Cal or sugar-free whatever is available so
1/2 teaspoon of a stevia or a sugar-free add it to your chocolate you need to have it
ready hand blender with you when we could blend the chocolate what I’m going to
use next step 3 is fresh cream so by doing this we make sure that we’re still on
keto or the kind of diet program that you’re following it does not really affect
the program that you’re doing and you still get to cheat so that’s a great thing
about it we’re gonna be using 50 ml of fresh cream that’s a hand blender so
you’re gonna use a hand blender and mix it well so get it a nice blend so that it is thick
nice and creamy in consistency now that looks really yummy to me and
that’s gonna be my cheat day today so if you’re looking forward to have a six
packs and still cheat eat all those things this is gonna be the right one so once it’s
ready you guys will have to refrigerate it for about six to eight hours in the
fridge once it’s done it would look something like this you could top it up
with some almonds and walnut so it would be nice thick creamy and rich so that’s the consistency what’s it’s gonna be look like would you like to taste some
let’s do it awesome that’s really amazing so I’m sure all you guys would love it
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alright so guys make sure that you make this one, taste it, like it and I’m
sure that you know you’re gonna come back to us right back to us and then
comment below that we get to know about the next video what is are you looking
forward for so tune in our Channel see you again

Randall Smitham