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Bowled Over by Pork: Drink Pairings

Welcome back to Great
Tastes of Manitoba. We have been around
the world literally. We’ve been to Europe. We’ve been to Asia. We’ve been to Africa. So, Sheila Nash, she’s got
your work cut out for you. Very excited to see what you’ve
come up with here as far as beverage pairings
are concerned. We’ll get back to
you in a second. But Susan Riese,
Manitoba Pork, walk us through
our recipes again. Okay, we prepared
three dishes today. One was the Pork &
Mushroom Stroganoff, that’s what we started with,
using pork loin strips. Announcer: Closed captioning
for Great Tastes is presented by with the medley of different mushrooms that we’ve used,
added some earthy tones to that creamy sauce. We then went over to the Pork
Kung Pao with Peppers and Cashews, a little bit of spice
in this dish with the sambal oelek, and you can add even some
more heat if you want it hotter, again, very flavourful. And then our last dish was the
West African Pork & Peanut Stew. Tons of flavour in this one with
the old world spices, the cumin, the garlic, the cinnamon, all
of that good stuff that was in there, and super satisfying
and just a great comfort food. (♪♪♪) Announcer: The recipes for this
show and the complete series of Great Tastes are available on
the GreatTastesMB.ca website. And one recipe from today’s
show will be in the classified section of the
Winnipeg Free Press. Well, Sheila, I don’t know,
you’ve been around the world, doesn’t even look like
you broke a sweat. What did you
bring back for us? Well such a range of flavours
you had given me to work with, so I decided to choose some
wines from around the world and complement some of those
flavour profiles in there. To begin with was that Pork &
Mushroom Stroganoff with all the lovely mushroom and creaminess,
was looking for something to certainly complement it, but cut
through some of that creaminess, so I decided to go
with a Georges Duboeuf. This is out of Beaujolais,
a wonderful producer, and it’s a nice light, lots of
fruit, good acidity kind of red, so I think it’s gonna cut
through it and it should complement it well. Now, George Duboeuf is a
wonderful producer coming out of the Beaujolais area, and
there’s specific areas within, so every time you see the
pretty labels with the wonderful flowers, it’s actually a
different area with a little bit of a different taste profile. This specific one was Morgon,
maybe a little bit more robust and soft fruit throughout. Second dish was that Kung Pao
with the Peppers & Cashews, a little bit of spice,
always a challenge with wine. I decided to go
with a Prosecco. I love bubbles. In my opinion, bubble wine
goes with absolutely everything always. But this one because
of that spice, I wanted a little
bit of sweetness. Now, Prosecco is
a region in Italy. Typically they’re
nice and light, fresh, fruity and often a
little bit of sweetness, which was what I was looking
for, Bolla, wonderful producer. This has got that
great acidity to it, so it should cut the
heat, be cleansing, but enough weight to sort of
hold its own with that dish, if you will. I think it’s gonna pair
up just beautifully. Lastly was the African
Pork & Peanut Stew. So much flavour in here. Now you know when it comes
to pairing wine and food, there used to be some rules,
red wine with red meat, white wine with fish,
they’ve gone by the wayside, but there’s still
guidelines out there, and I decided to
play off of that, complementing the regionality
and dishes work really well. And because of
that African theme, decided to go with Cathedral
Cellars from South Africa, beautiful cabernet, lots
of earthiness to it, wonderful darker fruit
aromas and characteristics. I think it’s gonna really match
up and complement the earthiness of the dish and still be quite
lovely on its own as well. So, Cathedral Cellars Cab,
beautiful wine on its own or with the Peanut Stew. Well, I hope you’ll join us
again next week here at the Grant Park Liquor
Mart Education Centre. We have Heart Healthy Local and
Delicious with Canola cooks, Manitoba Canola Growers. The legendary Ellen
Pruden is gonna join us. In the meantime, we’ve got
more stamps on our passports. Susan and Sheila,
thank you very much. Great Tastes of Manitoba. Please come back next week. (♪♪♪) Announcer: Great Tastes of
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