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Breakfast Combo-Adai Aviyal | ഈ ടേസ്റ്റി ദോശ ഒന്ന് ട്രൈ ചെയ്തു നോക്കൂ – അടൈ അവിയൽ

Today’s recipe is Adai Aviyal – a famous tiffin item from Chennai If you are new to my channel please subscribe and click the bell icon to get new video notifications Lets see the recipe Measure the lentils as mentioned in the ingredients list in the beginning of the video This is easy to make as we needn’t ferment the batter. You can start making dosa 10-15 minutes after grinding the batter Instead of idli rice you can use sona masoori, ponni or any other raw rice Transfer it all to a bowl and wash it thoroughly till the water runs clear. Soak for a minimum of 4 hrs and maximum of 6 hrs After 4 hrs we can grind the lentils adding all these ingredients as shown Grind the lentils very coarsely with very less water Do not grind it into a fine paste You can grind it in one go or in batches based on the capacity of your mixer jar The batter should be thick with very less water Now add required salt and 1/4 tsp asafoetida powder I am adding finely chopped onion and curry leaves to the batter (optional) Mix well Heat the pan on medium heat and pour 1 and 1/2 ladle batter Spread lightly Drizzle some oil Close and cook on medium for 3 – 4 minutes After 4 minutes, flip the dosa and cook other side for another 4 minutes Adai is now ready To make aviyal, place all the vegetables in a pan You can use carrot, yam, raw banana, small yellow cucumber, snake gourd, long beans etc.. all cut in same size , lengthwise Pour some water and cook the vegetables Add some curry leaves also In the meantime, grind – grated coconut, cumin seeds and green chilies into a fine paste You can add some water to grind The vegetables are all cooked now. Add required salt Also the ground coconut paste Mix well Close and cook for 5 minutes on medium flame Coconut is now cooked Now reduce the heat to low. Whisk 1 cup of thick curd and add it to the aviyal Mix well There should only be a light sourness to the curd Switch off the flame Add 2 tbsp of raw coconut oil Serve it with some butter and jaggery on the side as well For more videos please like, share and subscribe to my channel

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  1. sivapriya s Posted on October 23, 2018 at 2:36 am

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    Hi mam . Ur recipe adai is authentic one. Great.
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