March 29, 2020
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people often say gluten-free bread is
difficult to make, expensive, dry and it doesn’t taste very good
so I’ve made this recipe to counterbalance all of those arguments
this recipe is quite inexpensive to make as it uses buckwheat and chia seeds and
almonds it’s easy to make there’s no waiting around for dough to rise or
anything just blend it together and bake after everything’s sprouted and it
tastes great with a nutty earthy flavor and it definitely isn’t dry at all and
there’s no leavening agents or other agents a deterrent to make up for the
gluten so it’s naturally gluten free I was going to make this with pumpkin
seeds but I just couldn’t find any my kitchen although of now I’ve got a bag
somewhere so instead of making hours round trip to the shops I just decide to
use almonds instead but I think it would work really well with pumpkin seeds or
sunflower seeds or pecan nuts or walnuts or just about any other nut you like or
large seeds. the main ingredient by far in this is the buckwheat I buy this in a
5 kilo sack and it’s very inexpensive for the nutrition protein, fiber, calories it
contains but it can be controversial in the paleo movement as some say it’s not
allowed and some say it is as long as it’s sprouted. buckwheat
is technically a seed but it’s as it’s used often like the grain it’s known as
the pseudo grain but the reason it’s not allowed on the Paleo diet is because of
the high amounts of some sort of acid but when you soak it and sprout it as I
do in this recipe and as I always do the buckwheat acid is reduced so it’s less
than many other nuts and seeds they are allowed on the paleo diet. so it makes sense
to include it. but honestly it’s up to your choice. this
bread is high in protein unlike normal refined wheat bread as it just contains
seeds and nuts. I think of this as a base recipe and you can adjust it however you
like add some sun-dried tomatoes add some olives add some rosemary add
whatever you like to it to flavor it the way you like. let me know how you get
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Randall Smitham