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Buffalo Chicken Wings in a Jar – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with buffalo chicken wings in a jar that’s right this amazing spread offers
all the same things traditional buffalo chicken wings do accept the bones the
messy frying and of course your drunk friends dripping sauce all over the
place and as if that wasn’t enough we’re also gonna learn how to make some blue
cheese crostini which alone are worth the price of admission so with that
let’s go ahead and get started with some possibly very shocking news no chicken
wings will be harmed in the making of this recipe since we’re actually gonna
use these large bone-in skin-on thighs which to a chef is just a larger much
easier to work with chicken wing all right same tase same texture same fat
just way way faster and easier to deal with and what we’ll do is take those to
the stove and place them skin side down into a dry sauce pan that we’ve gotten
nice and hot over high heat okay we really do want to hear a sizzle when we
place those in otherwise it wasn’t hot enough and what we’ll do is let those
see her just like that for about five or six minutes and the reason we didn’t
need any fat in the pan is because that skin has a lot of fat which is gonna
render out and allow these to brown up quite nicely and even though we are
gonna season our spread at the end of production we will still at this point
sprinkle over a generous amount of salt on that meat side at which point we’ll
go ahead and flip those over and proceed to add what is basically your classic
buffalo chicken wing sauce which includes half a stick of unsalted butter
although the original original recipe was actually made with margarine but as
you know we don’t use that around here and then to that we will add our
favorite brand of Louisiana Hot Sauce all right Franks would be the most
popular choice but I’m a crystal guy and then besides that we will also add a
little splash of water and then once all that’s in there all we’re gonna do is
wait for that butter to melt while we give everything a toss in the sauce
which in the business we refer to as a sauce toss and then what’s gonna happen
once that butter eventually melts and our chicken thighs have been
thoughtfully tossed and coated as we will turn our heat down to low cover
this and let it cook for about an hour and a half or until very very very
tender and of course during that time if you
want to give these a toss or two go ahead and what we’re eventually looking
for like I said about an hour and a half or so later would be some extremely
tender meat that’s basically gonna fall right off the bone if we move it around
with the tongs which is what I’ve achieved here and then what we’ll do
once it’s nice and tender like this let’s go ahead and break it into nice
small pieces with our tongs and the reason for this is because what’s gonna
happen next is we’re gonna let this cool down to room temp and by breaking this
stuff up into some nice small pieces I think it’s gonna better absorb all those
amazing flavors from our sauce so we’ll go ahead and break that apart as shown
at which point like I said we’re gonna let this cool down to room temp or at
least cool enough to handle so that’s what I did and then what we’ll do once
this is ready to handle its transfer everything into a mixing bowl except
three things okay – for sure but probably three okay first of course
we’re gonna pull out any bones and then there’s also gonna be a few small pieces
of cartilage from the joint which are going to be pretty easy to see and feel
and we will have to remove those also and then the third thing you could
remove would be the skin which I do if there’s any large pieces but there might
be some little small pieces to get through that’s fine and one of these
days I’m going to take that skin chopped it up and maybe fry it and add it back
in but this is just a quick getting ready for a big party version so we’ll
go ahead and pick that chicken and then once it’s in the bowl it’s not a bad
idea to go through it one more time maybe breaking up some of those bigger
pieces and also because this one last chance to make sure we didn’t miss
anything inedible okay we’re trying to make our guests happy not their lawyers
and then once we’re done with that we’re gonna have a bowl of 100% edible meat
the rest of our sauce and of course our discarded bones cartilage and/or skin
and then what we’ll do next is take that sauce back to the stove where we’ll
place it on medium-high heat just to reduce it down and concentrate those
flavors a little bit all right we probably could have just added that back
to the chicken as is but as some of you know I get paid by this step and this is
only gonna take like three or four minutes to do so we’ll simply boil that
for a few minutes to evaporate some of that water up out of there and if
everything goes according to plan once you’re done it should look something
like this at which point we’ll carefully go ahead and add that back to our
chicken and then we’ll take a spoon and give that a thorough mixing
at which point we’re gonna want to give it a taste and then make a few decisions
okay it’s probably gonna need more salt and depending on how spicy you wanna
maybe some Cayenne as well as quite possibly another splash or two of
Louisiana Hot Sauce and as you can see I ended up putting in all three and then I
gave it a mix and of course another taste
and once that season exactly how we want we will add the last ingredient some
finely diced celery which because of its subtle bitterness really does help bring
out all the other flavors but it’s also gonna add a nice little textural
contrast not to mention celery sticks are always
served alongside buffalo chicken wings and then what we’ll do once all that’s
mixed up is go ahead and transfer it into whatever jar we’re gonna serve this
out of all right any old mason jar will do so don’t let the fact I’m using some
fancy French one throw you off which reminds me if we were doing this in
France we would be calling this a buffalo chicken react in Man would
people be confused but anyway we’ll go ahead and fill and pack our gyro crock
and once all that’s nicely pressed down I decided to garnish the top with a
little bit of hot sauce just for a little extra visual appeal and to sort
of warm people they might be getting into something a little bit spicy and
that’s it once packed and sauced we’ll go ahead and seal that up and pop it in
the fridge until ready to serve it and yes you can absolutely and probably
should do this today ahead and then once that set we need to prep our blue cheese
crostini since just like the celery blue cheese is a traditional garnish for the
chicken wings and that’s gonna start by us cutting and panning up some sliced
baguette about a quarter-inch thick is ideal and what we’ll do first is
generously brush these with butter and just on one side is fine at which point
we will transfer those into the center of a 350 degree oven for about 20
minutes or so or until they just start to turn golden brown and then while
those are in the oven we’re gonna take some room temperature bleu cheese all
right something nice nothing you pre crumbled and we’re gonna mix in roughly
an equal part of room temperature unsalted butter and we’ll go ahead and
give that a thorough mixing with our knife at which point we can set that
aside and we’ll go ahead and pull out our now golden-brown crostini and then
to finish these all we have to do is let these cool down
enough to handle at which point we’re gonna spread each one with our blue
cheese butter and how much is gonna be up to you but I’m probably doing about a
half to a teaspoon on each there for whatever reason if you’re not into
whipping up a batch of these you could as an alternative add some blue cheese
to the spread and then just serve that on plain crostini or bread or crackers
okay so that’s up to you I mean you are for all the Jim Kelly of
how it gets into your belly but having said that these really are incredible
and you should probably make some even if you’re not doing the buffalo chicken
spread and that’s it once he’s have all been blue cheese we will simply pop
those back in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes or until that blue cheese
butter bakes in and these are as golden brown and crispy as we want and that’s a
once your crostini are cooled we can move into final service so I line those
up on a serving platter and place my buffalo chicken wings in a jar nearby
and then decide to garnish with a nice sprig of celery leaves you know in case
anyone at the party wants to Instagram this which is why I also got rid of that
unsightly orange rubber ring and that’s it our buffalo chicken wings in a jar
are ready to enjoy and what I love so much about this re-envision buffalo
chicken wing experience is that we get all the flavor elements all right the
chicken the hot sauce the butter the blue cheese the celery we get all that
in a 100% boneless 100% edible fully spreadable form and by the way unlike
chicken wings that are only crispy for a couple minutes because we’re enjoying
this on the blue cheese crostini every bite is crispy and if you’re thinking
sure but this is not hot well you know what neither are those chicken wings at
the party well so you’ve been sitting on the platter for more than a couple
minutes which reminds me not a bad idea to pull this stuff out of the fridge
about a half hour before you’re going to serve it so it isn’t ice cold but anyway
that’s it what I’m calling buffalo chicken wings in a jar everything you
love about the classic hot wing in a much much more user friendly form all
right like I said earlier you don’t have to worry about your friends dripping
buffalo chicken wing sauce all over everything which will free them up to
drip other things like nacho cheese sauce so if you are a fan of the buffalo
chicken wing and want to enjoy it in his most luxurious form I really do hope you
give – try soon so please follow the links
below for all the ingredient amounts a principle written recipe in much more
info as usual and as always enjoy you

Randall Smitham



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