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Bullet Proof Coffee – Cafe Keto| Chokolat Pimienta ♥

Hi, welcome to Chokolat Pimienta!
I am Vanessa Hernandez And today I’ll show you how to make a delicious bulletproof coffee! or a really loaded coffee For that moment when we need a lot of energy in our day If you are doing a ketogenic diet, it will fit you like a glove and if not, if you’re an athlete and train, this coffee will give you enough energy so you can do all your routine perfectly So! Let’s do this coffee in this wonderful glasses from Vitamix™ That I love so much, because you can you do it all in here take it out, and that’s it! You can make it cold, hot, or like today that we’ll make it room temparature because I love taking it that way, it’s super creamy and it’s ultra easy to make So, here I got this appliance of the Vitamix™ and it rolls right here in the glass to do it Let’s make it then Put in the glass of the Vitamix™ Here I got like 250 ml of express coffee that I made Now I’ll add like 1/4 to 1/2 cup of almond milk, you can also use coconut milk if you like or you favorite kind of milk And now, here it comes the good and the weird of this recipe Look, I’ll add 1 tablespoon of cocoa, 1/4 tablespoon of cayenne pepper black pepper, turmeric It also got cinnamon and a dash of cardamom All of this is going to make that our coffee fortifies itself, an turn out wonderfully You won’t believe how tasty will be Now I’ll add about 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds After that I’ll add a tablespoon of vegetal protein This is to give it power to my coffee And if you want to, you can also add collagen, it turn out wonderfully A dash of salt,. Yes I know, don’t get stressed it really turns out nicely. You’ll see. Now I’ll sweeten with something called monk frui, I’ll add 1/4 teaspoon beacuase I don’t want it too sweet And this monk fruit is a natural sweetener that does not rise the glycemic index It’s not sugar perse You can add sugar, but this is great Now, here comes an exciting part I’m adding coconut oil Don’t you look at me that way 1 tablespoon of coconut oil This will make that your coffee gives you energy and tastes great and 1 tablespoon of MCT oil This is an medium-chain triglycerides oil that works for us who are in a keto diet Or for those, as I told you, that do some training I’ll put this here If you don’t have the MCT oil don’t worry Replace it with some ghee that is clarified butter Or leave it just with the coconut oil, it totally ok Now I’ll close the lid of my Vitamix glass . I’ll close it really really tight Put it here That fits Perfect! Now I’m going to emulsify this really really well to make my bulletproff coffee My bulletproof coffe is ready! I put my blender in the smoothie option which is super easy and it’ll crush all that herm seeds that we added Now I take off the blade Put on the lid And that’s it! Here is it my bulletproof coffee To give me strength through the day Really easy to make in my Vitamix glass I didn’t make any mess, all that I got dirty I take it with me So, you don’t have to clean up that much See you in the next recipe f Chokolat Pimienta I hope you liked this one and try it at home because it delicious Try to make different combinations with your bulletproof coffee Like instead of adding chocolate, add some coconut or leave it naturally with just coffee You can skip the almond milk and add some more coffee And it turns out more concentrated Imagine adding some crushed ice so you get a frappe . The mixes are endless You already know that we’ll make a lot of healthy recipes here in Chokolat Pimienta using our Vitamix I hope you loved this recipe See you on the next episode of Chokolat Pimienta I’m going to work with my coffee. Bye💖

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