January 20, 2020
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  • 6:53 pm Dieta Cetogénica ¿Cómo se hace? (¡GUÍA FÁCIL 2020!)
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  • 5:53 pm The First Lady Unveils Childhood Obesity Task Force Action Plan

hello everybody how you doing baby I’m
gonna cook something yes I am I got me some handy dandy sausage I know it’s
gonna be recorded and I’ve got me some cabbage but the girl requested cabbage
look check her out in her pajamas all right we’ve been eating snacks we ain’t
working so we got to do something she’s so leisurely she’s actually
working on the computer you want a sneak peek
can you believe that stuff you’ve seen it right here but anyway this is gonna
be a keto cooking video it was requested by so-and-so with the fuel pump last
night so hey let’s do it so um so if you like you drive around a driver that’s
right and I said yeah I got I’m gonna make some cages some keto cooking meals
this week I’m gonna take this and I’m gonna put it in this pot right here that
pot right I mean this is to me really quick I’m going to drag this video out
that’s how fast it is so let me get started
yeah I’m gonna let me get started I’ll get it started with you all right
look he’s how we’re gonna start it we’re gonna cut the end off this cabbage right
here I guess I should throw this lead away
but I don’t see any reason to me right let’s just use them if I don’t waste any
cabbage I can eat twice right if I make like
eight of these that’s three and these ain’t very real big cabbage leaves or you know I ain’t gonna waste no food that fry this tomorrow do you want five
caption I love fried cabbage Walters why you lose my computer she likes fried
cabbage I love it I didn’t like I say I love all right now if y’all if y’all
ever what listen to her moto blogs and if you’re not subscribed to your motive
beloved you should just going over and subscribe to her mother blogs every once
in a while you hear her go excuse me I don’t know why she’s going excuse me cuz
I can’t hear anything maybe she’s fun I don’t think so what do
you think Perry Perry you should have some of this here
at home have mom make you something think he’d like this I think that’s enough I don’t even know what you make it I do
know that you get a rate cut my counter uh-huh I’m gonna eat this I can’t help
you guys I have to eat this part of the cabbage because I love it
and you know there was like 19 of us kids when I was little this is the one
thing I could be assured that I would get and nobody would cut into it was the
center of the cabbage damnit girl a little bit hard I’ll get back to y’all
when the water boss it ain’t Glenn ball with y’all watching I watched pot never
boils she was right I’ve got to show y’all
this this is just terrible this is what I had to put up with these dogs that
don’t act like dogs they act like her I just want to lay around all right fellas
you might need a pair of tongs this or you might not use dick beaters I don’t
care but these are going to be awesome that’s right these what these
your dick meters now that she gets me so confused what does she do there anyway
it’s gonna be hot right then anyway what we got going on right now is our water
gets boiler yeah I’ll have a look at the boiling water I’ve heard say that some
people cannot boil water I think that anyone can well water anyway let’s craft
these puppies I don’t see no reason to be be oh I didn’t this ain’t my mom this
is it my food creation I stole it off of youtube arrived and they they put the
leaves in here all gentle like just uh throw me in there all right
BAM get done I shouldn’t take them but just a few minutes I think it’s called
blanching them right we just cooking them up to get
soft a little bit okay let’s make sure they get some hot water all over let’s
shake it around and then we’ll get back to you in just a minute I’m gonna be put
them in this here thing whatever it is what’s this thing
thank you fish I’m gonna call it a casserole dish all right Cass go bitch
yeah bigger we don’t fit in our convention it anyway I’m gonna both legs
up put them in here and then we’re gonna cook them in the oven 350 degrees until
I think they’re done I don’t know how long I’m supposed to cook them
I might have to google that yeah I don’t know right it’s pork yeah why are you
sitting around waiting eat some walnuts your superfood I’ll get back with you
shortly all right guys it was quick it was easy
I mean I didn’t even break a sweat but here’s what we got
see how the cabbage is is limp now and leafy all right I even washed my hands
to do this video guys all right look I’m taking the leaf and I’m throwing it over
here in the skillet not in the baking dish right and it’s hot so at this point
y’all should Pike tell me don’t burn yourself
eat another walnut all right all right here’s the sausage right you know y’all
know I can’t do anything right so I’m just gonna dig the sausage out that
looks like a pretty good amount let’s use a little more just gonna live
it yeah alright now I’m glad I put the sausage
we turn it down here this way alright you wanna see what’s going on over here
alright now I got the sausage in here stick that back in there now you’re
supposed to yeah let’s put some more in there I’m gonna be hungry wait alright
yeah according to the video you fold this in and roll these in and turn it
over Barris was pretty mine’s ugly it’s still
dinner right it don’t matter I just know it’s gonna
be keto friendly let’s get it good good good I’m outta here you know the girls
hungry too she’s got that flow thing going on
oMG and you know they’re always hungry when they got the flu dere don’t that
look great Oh guys I wish y’all was here for dinner
well you kind of are here for dinner aren’t you put that in there I still
don’t know how long to cook this for but it’s pork so I know I got to get it to
100 to 80 80 degrees to kill the nastiness in the pork right I don’t
think the pork has a nasties much anymore but every once in a while you
still get something trichinosis or pickle osis or something like that
happen let’s see how many I got left one two three I think I got enough to to
make about six of these there’s four all right this is the last one that I’m
a rolling up it’s gonna be a fatty bull reserve the fatty for the girl right one
two three four five six seven eight I’ve got eight I’m like Jeff roboting
and I can cipher real good all right come on get in there dump it in there
stay all right now what are we gonna do we’re gonna wash our hands you know it’s
important right take it then germs off of there remember kids stay in school
don’t do drugs now we don’t want to leave any soap residue on her fingers
either because that might make us sick too
can you get those poisons by so I think you something yeah
today now we’re going to go up here to the oven how’d I do this a power power
power oh you come and do it show me microwave make the other work
convection 350 okay 350 for let’s say 40 minutes or
something oh my gosh I got the bug like sing oh my goodness guys she doesn’t
know how to do it I’m gonna have to put you away for a minute they’re 315 352 safe forty minutes maybe
I think you put it in there and then once it gets up to time then you started
all right let’s load the other here you put it in the oven don’t trust me like
that I don’t care how you put it let’s put a little lower I’m coming okay with that all right I’ll do I’ll set a timer on my
phone all right got it when it it’s not gonna ding and say it’s
ready but I’ll know when it’s ready and I’ll get back with you then now for all you guys there at home
cooking this up for your for your sweetie or whatever you want to call her
for the day she might have kept names that we don’t know about anyway you
should do the dishes because what’s the best way to get to a woman’s heart do
the dishes and do them wrong all right always do the dishes wrong here I always
do wrong but I try I can feel up water right here so it’s okay if I waste water
today anyway I get back that I’m using soap though you should just be happy normally I wouldn’t even want to use so
it’s just true I have some some weirdness right it’s
like people say oh this is out of date no they make me ten years low thank the
k-9s well it’s still good a little food poisoning
why kill you again it might not oh yeah so you’re cleaning up for me I’m gonna
reuse these I washed that so you can you all cannot say that I don’t do dishes
all right sheshe might say it no you know it’s not true now we do it one
instead we need to go check this out where’s it
at get the address we’ll make a run for the turkeys I mean
you don’t run off your motorcycle why not get hit by turkey right all right
guys we’ll get it back with you all right
guys for some reason the Go Pro I think say that word the thing does not like me
today so I can’t even see if I’m 40 I think I am I’m not if you say those
words it’ll do all kinds of crazy stuff but I don’t have any hot bags to get my
thing out of the oven with I want to see what it looks like let’s go and over the
sea all right hope that looks good I’m hoping it’ll
get me some brownie points anyway let’s get it out I don’t know the
best way to get it out though I’m just gonna break the whole thing yeah
I hope it’s done it’s cooked for 35 minutes I believe you’ll see I used my
head of the pot holder all right I do things like that
she’s much weirder than I am see what it looks like it’s good and Gracie wait you know we
wanted to be a little bit crazy I think we should look inside and see what
it looks like all right let’s look all right looks
cooked it looks cooked to me guys I’m gonna get some major brownie points here
all right look I don’t want to make a mess I’ll
lose all my brownie points if I make a mess for some reason we only have one
plate in the house today where’s the plate that girl well we’ll
just share a plate how about that well that’s what you’re getting tonight look
up we’re losing all that good grease all right do you think you need a knife for
this particular meal maybe let’s bring one just in case
come on let’s go over here alright let’s try it out don’t plug though anything let’s try it out I’m pretty sure it’s
over there these are a little bit
please maybe I should have might brush some
butter on him or something these dark green leaves are a little bit
tough but I’m gonna eat an eater interlace give it a track
maybe she gets a better result a little better insulting
if you know the alright I’m back so maybe a little bit messy yes we liberal amounts of salt but
anyway guys did I get correct that regularly I know not by him no that’s
the meal of the day even if you want don’t eat it if you if you did whatever
to do whatever you want to do but have a good day
my girl my girl

Randall Smitham



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    Hello guys hope all is well

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    Good morning

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    Sour cream maybe? Butter and salt makes everything taste good 🙂 Happy Trails.

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    I'm trying this recipe

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    You sound like my Mom "you WARSHED that" there is not an R in wash…LOL it's ok I made fun of Mom too!

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    Looks pretty tasty too me

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    You guys have a great channel I can’t wait to get a sleeper like yours. If you don’t mind me asking what are the little things you would change on the sleeper if you could? And what do you do to keep from freezing the water tanks up in the winter?

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