March 31, 2020
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Can Grilled Meat Cause CANCER? Dr Berry Explains.

hey this is dr. Barry let’s discuss for
just a few minutes about the topic of will grilled meat give you cancer
if you grill your meat on the over and open flame will that increase your risk
of developing cancer we hear this all the time in mainstream media and before
you throw that next steak on the grill we need to discuss this so that you can
have an educated informed opinion about whether this is in fact true or whether
this is one of those myths or lies that you can safely and happily ignore now if
you know anyone who’s afraid to grill meat who’s afraid to char grill or get
the char on their meat or veggies on the grill please share this video with them
and help them understand as well now let’s talk about this the man the
National Cancer Institute says that if you grill meat over a Hut open flame and
develop any char on the meat at all then your meat is gonna be full of
heterocyclic amines it’s gonna be full of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and
it’s gonna be full of acrylamide all of which have been shown in animal studies
to increase your risk of cancer now there is a tiny element of truth to this
and that’s why I want you to watch on because I’m gonna get to this and
explain this in detail so you can stop worrying about this okay you hear news
reports about this all the time right and so the news loves to talk about
dangerous and inflammatory things they don’t like to talk about Oh guess what
this is not dangerous there don’t have a good day because that’s not that is it
that’s not clickbait that doesn’t help them get more views it doesn’t help them
get higher advertising rates so you never hear that kind of news story and
that’s why they only report on things that scare you or worry you or things
that you’ll be like oh my god I’ve got to stop this that or the other that’s
that’s how news is made these days and it’s unfortunate but it’s true and so so
many of the news outlets have picked up on this story and they just parrot it
without any kind of scientific rigor they don’t have a science editor who
goes and looks at the studies and said does this really apply to me and you in
our backyard grilling on a Saturday is it really relevant and then so many
experts in the paleo primal ketogenic community have just kind of picked this
up and started parry parroting it as well without really thinking about it
and so all the leaders in these fields they really need to think this through
and do the research before they just blindly say oh you better be careful
about grilling your meat it could cause cancer so let’s talk about this I don’t
think that grilling your meat is in any way dangerous to you or your family or
your young children or even your your babies who are just starting to cut
their teeth and eat a little bit of table food that you give them I don’t
think there’s any research that’s compelling in any way so let’s go over
the the common sense of this first and foremost and I think in this case it
almost wins the day but then we’re going to go over the research as well so I’m
gonna give you a 5 kind of nuggets of knowledge that you can chew on and
actually you can grill grill and charm on the grill and then chew on them so
number one let’s start let’s talk about the common sense of this now we have
archaeological and anthropological evidence that human beings have been
cooking meat at high temperatures over open flames for a million years and so a
wise man once said anytime science or modern thinking says oh you know that
thing we’ve been doing for a million years
oh it’s dangerous that makes no sense if what we had been doing for a million
years caused cancer we’d be extinct right but actually we’ve we flourish
tanned we now run the planet so it all just on its face the common sense
thought about this it just it’s a silly thing to say
it’s like saying oldest son it causes cancer and if you think that’s true then
you should check out some of my other videos and my book lies my doctor told
me because the research is also not there for that
so the common sense we’ve always grilled meat over an open flame there’s
archaeological evidence and and evolutionary evidence that that’s why we
have such big capable brains is that we started to cook our food and we started
to cook over an open flame you couldn’t grow it you couldn’t braze
or poach you know 800,000 years ago you put your meat on a stick and you held it
over the fire and if you’ve ever tried to do that you know there’s no way to
cook that meat without getting char on there that’s just that’s just how it’s
done so number one this is just silly on its face there there is no common sense
behind this myth whatsoever now let’s talk about the actual scientific
research and I really want to put air quotes around the scientific research
part so first and foremost are there any randomized control trials in humans that
show that the heterocyclic amines the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the
acrylamide that are produced when you grill your meat do they increase the
risk of cancer in humans so I hesitated making this video and I’ve been studying
this for a few months because I thought man I must be missing something right
there’s got to be a study somewhere yeah there’s not a single randomized control
trial that in in humans that shows this at all zero none there’s none okay so if
you find one please overnight it to me email it to me immediately because I
will retract this video and make the new one but I can’t find the randomized
control trial in humans and so now there are rat studies and mouse studies that
show that these three things that are produced when you grill meat over an
open flame that they do increase the risk of certain kinds of cancers but
here’s the problem with that there’s several problems number one rats and
mice are different from us rats and mice never in in their entire life eat cooked
meat rats and mice in the wild right they never eat that secondly never in
their evolutionary history did they eat grilled meat ever so that’d be that’s
like no saying oh I’m gonna feed these rabbits grilled meat and oh look they
got cancer that’s number one so it’s not even their natural ancestral food number
two they gave the mice and the rats thousands of times the dose that you
would get just from grilling your food on the your grill on a Saturday
afternoon so yeah probably you should avoid eating a thousand
chargrilled hamburgers that might increase your risk of cancer if you eat
about thousand hamburgers in one city mm-hmm probably if you eat 500 grilled
charred rib eyes in one setting that might get increase your risk of cancer
yeah that’s true I totally agree you shouldn’t do any one of those things but
do you see this is silliness the to the insight to feed something that doesn’t
eat grilled meat a thousand times the dose that we would eat and then say oh
look that proves it no it doesn’t prove anything okay now let’s talk about the
studies that have been done in humans these are all perspective
epidemiological studies and if you’ve seen any of my other videos you know
we’ve talked about this at length those are terrible studies they prove nothing
all they do is give the researchers an idea that they can maybe design a
randomized controlled trial around they don’t prove anything they don’t prove
causation they might show association but when you look at the actual studies
the the relative risk and the the causal part of this is just it’s anemic it’s
pitiful it’s terrible and so all of these studies and then also these
studies are done using the infamous food frequency questionnaire which asks
questions like how many cups of ribs have you eaten in the last year who can
answer that question so that’s the silliness that when you see that news
article oh mounting research suggests that grilling your meat increases your
risk of cancer and so if you do a stupid study that proves nothing and what if
you have a hundred studies like that is that mounting evidence what if you have
a thousand studies that don’t show any causation whatsoever and have a very
very weak relative risk does that prove anything is that mounting research I
don’t think so I think that’s silliness that people who don’t want you to eat
meat and don’t want you to eat grilled meat like we’ve been doing for the last
million years I think they’re trying to use that to sway your opinion but
there’s no scientific rigor in any of that okay now the next thing I want you
to know is that there are hundreds of times more of like the there
right that’s one of the things that they say is in grill meat that is dangerous
for you I want you to understand that there are hundreds of times the amount
of acrylamide in fried or grilled veggies then there are in fried meat or
in grilled meat okay a cocoa powder has more acrylamide than your rib eye that
you just grilled on the on the grill okay crackers including graham crackers
have hundreds of times the amount of acrylamide than your hamburger that you
just say that you had a flare-up right and you got a little crispy on the edges
graham crackers have more acrylamide than that Starbucks Coffee has
acrylamide Zinn it from where they roast the beans that’s just normal okay
now let me tell you why you really shouldn’t feel this at all the other
primates all the primates have a of detoxifying things that they’ve eaten
and it’s called the cyp3a4 pathway and that’s how we that’s how we detoxify the
things that we’ve eaten so humans have a special cyp3a4 pathway that’s twice as
strong and actually completely different than any other primates it’s almost as
if we’ve evolved over the last million years to really be able to detoxify any
of this stuff in our grilled meat and so we can just use the grilled meat as
nutrition in that funny how as over the last million years we’ve kind of
developed a special system that you know and so unless you’re eating a thousand
grilled hamburgers and you have the cyp3a4 pathway of another primate you’re
probably pretty darn safe to get some good char on the edge of that t-bone
steak okay so what one thing I would caution you about when you’re grilling
and Nisha brought this up that’s my wife Nisha solace berry you can follow her
stuff on me she loves it just google that but she said you know we really do
need to be careful about if we use match light charcoal or if we use lighter
fluid to heat up the grill and I totally agree because our ancestors a million
years ago didn’t have that stuff and so if I think it’s fine to use match light
charcoal I think it’s fine to use lighter fluid but you need to make sure
that all of that has burned off and all you have
left is the superheated gray ashy charcoal because that’s just like our
ancestors cooked on a million years ago right but don’t be don’t be jumping the
gun and throwing your meat on there while there’s still those hydrocarbons
burning off that probably will increase your risk of cancer now if you enjoyed
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Randall Smitham