April 5, 2020
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Hi guys welcome back to EmileeFit! Today’s video is gonna be about staying keto on a trip to Disneyland I just kind of woke up so ignore my entire being… So this video is gonna be a little bit different than my normal videos. It’s a little bit more vlogy and Yeah, so let’s get into it. Let’s let past Emilee take it away from here Alright last week I talked about how to stay ketogenic while on vacation and I’m gonna show you that you can stay ketogenic while at, Disneyland. So I just got here, I have my ears on it’s raining, and we’re gonna do a ketogenic diet at Disneyland So guys in last week’s video I gave you three ways that you can Handle a diet while you’re out of town One of them was to stay on your diet 100%, but I said that you can only do this in certain circumstances like when I go to my mom’s that I can cook I wanted to show you guys that it’s totally possible to stay on a diet, to stay keto at Disneyland Now if you can stay on a diet at Disneyland you can do it anywhere. I gave myself three rules one I had to eat at least three times Two I had to stay keto the entire time Three I had to get food from Disneyland and California Adventure. The first meal was the most obvious choice a turkey leg all right for the first meal at Disneyland I figured what better way to start off then a turkey leg Its meat, it’s keto It’s food, and I’m starving. All right an hour into the trip at Disneyland We are still in a ketogenic diet We are doing good I’ve eaten a turkey like so far drink some water doesn’t get more keto than that meat and water We’re gonna go ride some rides, and I will see you guys next time I get something to eat Meal number two done. We had Bengal barbecue. It’s an adventure land across from The Jungle Cruise, hello Meal Number two Bengal Barbecue got a chicken get out, got a chicken skewer And a veggie skewer still keto halfway through the day Bye, I think it was upside-down. Somebody’s screaming at Disneyland upset at the happiest place on earth Gonna get coffee. Oh yeah meal 2.5. That lines long do you want to get it in downtown Disney do they have coffee at downtown Disney? Yeah. We’re in downtown Disney. This is Main Street. I don’t know where we’re at. Main Street What do you think? I’m happy to be at Disneyland It’s Raining so hard now. Stupid. It’s raining so hard I almost ran into a tree. We’re going to get coffee Walking through downtown Disney, it’s raining I bet you people are leaving now. It’s raining so hard at Disneyland. Watching people vlog is my favorite Coffee number two it’s really cold out so I got some more coffee. I also switched my ears out for a nice hat Time to go win Toy Story Time to win Toy Story time to win Toy Story oh, she’s not gonna win anything. I’ll tell you that right now just So we’re clear we’re walking up Paradise Pier, and I smell soup Just want some soup Three keto meals Nope, meal three keto. As a reminder this is the Mickey and Friends tram. Serving the parking structure and the Pinocchio parking area Thank you. We will begin our trip shortly. It’s over. Disneyland’s over Happiness ends here. So that being said that’s all I have for you guys today Thank you so much for watching make sure you like and subscribe You can watch last week’s video by clicking the link. That’s gonna pop up somewhere and Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next week!

Randall Smitham