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Can Too Much Protein Cause Constipation?

Hi there. Eric Bakker. Thanks for checking out this video. Once again, I really appreciate all you people
out there, and especially the subscribers. The question today is, “Can eating too much
protein cause constipation?” It certainly can. In fact, many diets, high protein diets, if
we look at the South Beach Diet, and especially the Atkins Diet … the Atkins Induction Phase,
which is really a pre-runner or forerunner to the paleo kind of diets that we’ve got
today … if you look at this high protein diet approach … and Dr. Atkins, when he
recommended people in the Induction Phase to take out lots of different starchy foods
… you know, potatoes and bread, and carrots, and all sorts of things were taken out … things
that help to bulk up the stool and give people a bit of energy. People got put onto vegetables, and fruits,
and lots of meats … any kind of meat, like bacon. Atkins even allowed two or three tablespoons
of heavy cream per day. When you plunge a person into a high protein
approach, especially for the first few weeks of a diet change, it makes it quite hard on
the digestive system. Many people are not used to eating that level
of protein. That’s what blocks the body up. I used to see so many patients on these high
protein diets come to me that started developing major constipation in the first two or three
weeks of their induction. In fact, if you look in the Atkins book, Atkins
actually recommends all those patients to take Metamucil, because he knew that it was
a constipating diet. Of course, the Metamucil, now contains Splenda,
and aspartame, and all these artificial sugars. I don’t know why you’d want to take that kind
of stuff. Atkins, unfortunately, passed away weighing
260 pounds … 129 kilos, he was, at 6 foot. So, he was actually in the obese category. I believe that the doctor who proposed the
South Beach Diet also died of heart disease. I think it was Dr. Agatston or Dr. Stillwell,
one of those doctors. But, he also had a high cholesterol and heart
disease. I’m not a big fan, at all, of high protein
diets. If you look at the diets I propose, they contain
protein, but I always recommend to eat lots and lots of vegetables, and nuts and seeds,
and other kind of foods that are in this world … not just to focus purely on protein in
the diet. High protein diets can lead to kidney disease. You can lead to heart disease. You can have a high cholesterol problem … constipation. There are many illnesses associated with high
protein. So, please make sure that you balance protein
with sufficient vegetables and have a good balance in your diet there of good high fiber
diet, because meats don’t contain fibers. Their passage through the gut is quite slow. There’s something to be said about vegetarian
diets, which I’m quite a fan of. I’m not a huge fan of vegan diets, but, I’m
a big fan of incorporating a lower meat diet in people’s lifestyles. It’s something I do myself. I regularly eat meals that contain no meat
at all. I like eating lentil dishes, for example. I don’t think it’s really good to eat meat
every single day of the week. It just doesn’t make sense. So, yeah, there you have it. Too much protein can cause constipation. And a way, again, to mitigate this, is put
some digestive enzymes into the diet. Cut back on the protein. Also, change the type of proteins that you
eat. Fish protein is easier to digest, for example,
than beef. Beef’s quite hard on the body. Harder meats, even, to digest to that would
be pork with a high fat content. The fat, don’t forget, of the animal is where
the toxins are stored. So, the more meat you eat, the more likely
where you’re have a lot of toxic buildup inside the body as well. Another reason not to eat a lot of meat in
your diet. In countries like England, now, they recommend
not to eat any more than 250 grams of red meat in a week. That’s a half a pound of beef in a week. Many people would eat that, easily, once or
twice a week. So, think about it. Eat less red meat. Eat more white meat … maybe eggs, chicken
or fish. Eat more fiber. I’ve talked about fiber. So, eat a high fiber content diet, and cut
back on the proteins, and look for a leaner, whiter protein. It’s cleaner and easier to digest. That’s surely going to help your constipation
quite a lot. Thanks for tuning in.

Randall Smitham



  1. Legende m Posted on July 16, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    Well its not true tbh , but you are right to not focus too much at protein only .. nuts can cause constipation too .. just depends on person..