February 25, 2020
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Can You Have Dairy On The Keto Diet? Dr Berry Explains.

it’s both friends and patience I wanted
to take a few minutes out of my lunch break today to talk to you about
something that’s very important I counsel patients about it all the time
it’s dairy milk dairy products the ones you should you should not ingest drink
and eat and why and so I hope that there’s not too much ambient noise we’re
having a lot of construction in Camden on the court square right now so if you
hear something that sounds suspiciously like a jackhammer it probably is so just
ignore that and I’m gonna try to teach you just a thing or two of my lunch
break today so dairy we’re talking about milk we’re
talking about cheese’s we’re talking about cream and everything in between I
want to go through why I believe things certain dairy products are bad why I
think that certain dairy products are medium or less bad and then why I think
some are pretty good so let’s start out with what is in milk and why is it bad
so the number one constituent in milk that I really want you to avoid is sugar
milk has a lactose which is a milk sugar it when you drink milk of any kind if
it’s a liquid form of milk then it has milk sugar in it this is going to raise
your blood sugar which is in turn going to raise your insulin level which will
ultimately cause you to gain weight so when you’re a young infant a young
mammal a cow or a pig or a cute little puppy or a cute little baby you want to
gain weight as quickly as you possibly can and that’s why mammals like your mom
gave you milk was so that you would gain weight and grow and develop as quickly
as possible so if you want to gain weight as quickly as possible then you
should drink more milk and I tell patients that all the time and they’re
looking at me like I don’t I don’t want to gain weight well then stop drinking
milk because that’s what it’s made for and so that’s the first concept I want
you to get the second concept is that drinking the milk from another mammal
it’s never really been studied scientifically to see if it causes any
long-term problems or not that’s an issue with me I worry about that I mean
I know we’ve drank milk for hundreds and of years from cows and goats and other
mammals but it’s never been really rigorously scientifically studied to see
if it causes long-term harm now obviously we know it’s not a an acute
poison you don’t die immediately from drinking milk but there are many things
in our environment that turn out to be a long-term slow poison and I believe that
some versions of dairy are just that so let’s talk about the spectrum of dairy I
talk to patients about this all the time if you can imagine a spectrum with this
being the absolute worst and this being pretty good maybe even good so the worst
possible dairy that you could consume is skim milk all the fat’s been removed and
always left is the milk sugar and the milk protein for most people the protein
in milk is very inflammatory and causes problems either short term or long term
if you look at the world as a whole over half of the population of the entire
earth can’t drink milk or they have immediate stomach upset and distress so
that should tell you something that over half of the human beings on the planet
can’t drink cow’s milk without having gastrointestinal problems what does that
say to you so even the people who can who don’t have the enzyme to break down
that protein then that’s not okay that’s still a problem because we’ve developed
a little bit but we haven’t developed all the way so skim milk being the
absolute worst half percent a little less bad 1% a little less bad 2% a
little less bad whole milk is actually four percent milk fat that’s even a
little less bad then you have half-and-half right which is much more
milk fat left in there and then you have heavy cream or whipping cream which is
just about my favorite dairy in the world which is almost all the sugar and
protein have been removed not all but almost all and so even people who are
lactose intolerant can enjoy a heavy cream and whipping cream without many
side effects and that tells me that that’s probably safer for all humans not
just the ones who can digest lactose then we have the hard cheeses in here
somewhere we have yogurts we have Key fairs we
other semi-solid dairy products then we have the the very hard cheeses Parmesan
we have Swiss we have cheddar and so I think those are over on the end of being
probably not very bad for you at all or maybe even really good for you okay but
skim milk is the absolute worst never drink that unless you’re trying to gain
weight as quickly as you possibly can or have gastrointestinal problems and then
we move it along the spectrum to the very very fatty dairy products which I
don’t have a problem with I eat heavy real cheese all the time and if it says
American cheese food product on the package
that ain’t cheese honey okay that’s not cheese that’s that’s a factory product
that came and they’re trying to make money off that that’s not an actual food
so if it says food product I would recommend you avoid that now let’s break
down milk into its three categories and let’s talk about wine Scootie why it’s
bad and how come the heavy stuff the the heavy cream in the heart cheese’s why
are they suddenly okay they’re still dairy right right okay but we’ll get
there so first of all let’s talk about the sugar in dairy the sugar in dairy is
there’s nothing magical about lactose it is sugar your body immediately
recognizes it as sugar it absorbs it as sugar and it does with it what it does
with sugar so if you’re drinking a lot of skim milk every day thinking you’re
doing yourself a health favor you’re not because you’re raising your your blood
sugar levels your liver is trying to store that as fat within the liver which
is a very very bad thing we’ll probably talk about that on another go live the
anytime you eat sugar of any kind you are going to make yourself gain either a
little or a lot of weight and I don’t think that’s the goal for most of us
back in the 40s I found an old old medical journal article years ago that
actually counseled skinny athletes who could not gain weight to drink copious
amounts of skim milk to gain weight that’s anecdotal proof number one and
that’s that’s no medical or scientific proof but it does tend to give you an
idea the other any total story I have for you is when I was a teenage boy I
really wanted to be a tight end and a defensive end playing
football and free of those who don’t follow football you have to be really
thick and heavy and big to be defensive and or to be linebacker or to be tied in
and so I would I I wouldn’t got heavy cream whipping
cream from the store I’d have my grandmother buy me some and I would
drink like a pint or a quart every day and I did that for months on end just
knowing that all the fat in there would make me gain weights
guess what after about a year of that I had gained exactly 0 pounds now if I’d
had a smart old doctor who said you know you should get some skim milk and start
drinking it I may have had a different outcome I don’t know but that’s why the
first constituent of milk which is lactose which is a sugar there’s no way
around that there’s nothing magical about milk sugar it is sugar
okay the next constituent is protein now the reason that many people have
terrible trouble when they drink any kind of dairy is because they’re
allergic to the milk protein or they have an inflammatory response in their
gut to the milk protein and trust me that’s not good you don’t want that you
can have gas bloating constipation diarrhea all these different problems
and then many many people are now starting to think that perhaps long-term
inflammatory and even autoimmune conditions are coming from these
proteins that our body really wasn’t made to break down in large quantities
so the the proteins in liquid milk are designed especially for baby cows that’s
what it’s for and their body knows exactly what to do
with the proteins in milk in cow milk and then it does that just fine they
have no problem and you’ve probably seen a baby calf and then seen that calf two
months later how much bigger it had become and that’s because it was
drinking milk as much as it could get on a daily basis
the last constituent of milk is fat right and this is the the constituent of
milk that’s been demonized for about the last 50 or 60 years that’s why we want
skim milk and we want low fat this that or the other because we think the fats
bad because that’s what we’ve been taught by the federal government
perhaps by our doctor and by a nutritionist and by a nurse is that the
fat is the bad part and you want to get that out and so you never see a cheese
or a dairy product in the store that says protein free you never see that
because we’re not really afraid of that because we haven’t been trained to be
the fat in milk is not the bad part okay that’s why I love the fat in heavy cream
and in cheese’s is because that’s not bad for me we were taught for years that
it was but even the federal government has come out and said that fat is not a
macromolecule is concern there’s no maximum amount you should eat or drink
every day of fat they’re not worried about fats and you watch over the next
five years that’s going to trickle down to the to the doctors and to the
hospitals and all of a sudden we’ll all just magically know that that’s no big
deal and we shouldn’t even worry about that I’m a little ahead of the curve
there but I promise you if you do your googling and you research this like a
good patient and a good person should you’re going to find out that what I’m
saying is correct so the fat in dairy is not the problem that’s the least bad of
all three so if you’re if you want to put heavy cream in your coffee I do that
every morning okay and my cholesterol is 145 I’ve been steadily losing weight
while I’ve been doing that some of my patients may have noticed yeah I think
he is slimming up a little bit that’s because I’ve been eating and drinking
way more fat in my diet lately so don’t be afraid of the fat so let’s talk about
cheese because that’s kind of confusing to some people cheese is dairy so then
how come cheese is not bad so let’s talk about what happens when you make cheese
or when you make yogurt or when you make any semi solid or solid dairy products
you expose the milk the liquid milk to a microbe of some sort okay it’s either a
fungus or a bacteria or some combination of the two and they eat up almost all
the sugar so there’s your sugar gone that’s good
that’s problem number one solved but then they actually act on the protein in
the dairy and they bend it and contort it and they change the molecular shape
of the protein that’s what makes cheese a solid instead of a
liquid that’s what the microbe does to it the microbes don’t eat the fat
because that’s not what bacteria and stuff like that like they like the sugar
and so they leave all the fat and they leave the bent and contorted protein
molecule that’s what cheese is now some companies will try to take the fat out
of the cheese leaving just the protein and but they usually have to add
chemicals which I’m not so happy about back into the cheese to make it a viable
tasty cheese food products but what you want to get is real cheese it’s real
dairy that’s been acted on by a microbe the the sugar is virtually gone the
protein has been messed with by the molecule that to make it way less
inflammatory for your body and then all the fat is left which is the good part
that’s not going to hurt you at all so that’s why I recommend to my patients
you can eat real cheddar you can eat real swiss real parmesan there’s no
problem with any of these cheeses what you want to avoid is the black vita that
you know sort of pseudo cheese don’t eat that that’s probably not good for you
and then anything that says cheese food product mm-hmm no that’s probably from
the factory that’s probably a product not a real food so I would highly
recommend that you do not eat that so again the spectrum skim milk is the
absolutely worst heavy cream and the real cheese’s are either the least bad
or good for you and the spectrum is anywhere in between so if you change
your diet and get rid of the skim milk and get 2% instead that’s all the less
bad okay I recommend most adults don’t drink any liquid milk at all because
we’re grown we don’t need to gain weight as quickly as possible so if you’ve
enjoyed this or if you have questions about this I want you to leave a comment
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day guys

Randall Smitham