April 9, 2020
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Carnivore Diet Day 12 – Teeth Hygiene, Sleep and Energy on Keto versus Carnivory

okay so it’s day 12 of Carnivore diet. I’ve managed 12 days – anyways they have been quite interesting especially the last couple of days. So the last time I was mentioning the toilet issues so I had those for two nights. yeah for two nights didn’t have it last night so I’m kind of hoping that I have passed through it no pun intended so yeah from what I’ve read I sort of went up to look on some of the forum boards and my understanding is that it’s pretty normal and it is expected when you completely cut out at the food groups and your your gut bacteria is thinking what’s going on what do we need to get rid of what do we need to reinforce so that’s that’s been right one thing that I did want to mention specifically has to do with oral hygiene and teeth on a carnivore diet so when you’re eating a lot of meat the muscle part of meat is got like these fibers that tend to get stuck between your teeth and this is more so for me because I do have some gaps in my teeth. When I was 17 years old I had a tooth taken out and by a rogue dentist because it turns out that his license had expired and he wasn’t supposed to even be practicing and I was quite lucky because other people got even more seriously damaged but he took out a tooth. And what has happened over the conveniing years is that my teeth have sort of shifted especially on my lower jaw so I’ve got gaps so they shifted to cover the gap that was there and widened gaps in between so whenever I eat meat I do get the meat strands stuck which we might take and that has been so problematic I’ve been doing carnivore like constantly having to be using my interdental brushes my two different types of floss and my dental wands and when you’re having meat or even if it’s just the one meal a day or for lunch and dinner it was just so problematic to the point where I was like you know this has to be sorted but then my sister recommended a water flosser which i got yesterday so I went and I ordered it on Amazon Prime straight away and I ordered it and I have been using it every time after I’ve eaten and it has just been amazing I just had like a really good clean mouthfeel now so I really feel like you know that that was a big impediment for me enjoying the carnivore diet it was like I think oh great I’m gonna have to go into the whole flossing my teeth so yeah so so that’s been good of course this wouldn’t be a problem for you if you have got like perfect teeth you know don’t have any gaps in there so you can see my lower teeth is like quite a lot of gaps so so yeah so so that’s been that I see is there anything else to report. yeah just I’ve gotta move past the point where I’m tired of the same texture of meat now I’m sort of at that point where I have a stoic acceptance off the carnivore diet and by that I mean that I’ve managed twelve days already so even the day before yesterday when I had like a really really bad bowell movement and I was just thinking why am I doing this to myself I’m gonna I’m gonna stop the carnivore diet but then I was like you’ve already made it for ten days you know you’re gonna waste that progress you know just so it’s sort of like a gotten to the point where I feel like my skin is in the game because I feel as if some of the changes that are happening within my body are beginning to happen now and if I were to quit on it I’m gonna miss out and seeing what the potential could be. Energy levels where my energy levels better on keto or on Carnivore diet? and I have to say so far right now my energy levels were better on keto I don’t know whether that’s because I’m still adjusting or whatever it is but I kind of feel like my energy levels were higher on keto than they are on carnivore so I find that I’m tired for bed for by around 9 o’clock at night I’m just like I’m bushed I’m just gonna go to bed but my sleep – my sleep is so much better on Carnival than on keto so I’m kind of I’m finding that I’m doing what I have envied my husband for so many years. So my husband he just puts his head on the pillow and he’s out like a light and I’m the one that’s like chatting you know trying to talk and keep him up and that has been happening to me since I have gone kind of I just literally I’m just like I’m bushed just getting to bed put my head on the pillow consequently my reading has suffered I tended to read a lot on my Kindle because I wouldn’t fall asleep so quickly I would need the kindle to help me to fall asleep so in terms of points energy levels keto :1 CARNIVORE: 0 sleep quality KETO: 0 Carnivore: 1 so we’re gonna have to see anyway thanks so much for watching remember to subscribe for more keto and carnivore stuff bye

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  1. Hila's Keto Kitchn Posted on February 13, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    Hello keto kitchnrs! Which is more important energy levels or better quality sleep?