April 2, 2020
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Carnivore Diet | Day 9 – TOILET ISSUES they don’t tell you about on the carnivore diet.

Okay its Day 9 of the Carnivore diet so I’ve managed 9 fulle food days of eating only meat after having been keto for almost two years. so it’s been quite interesting okay so yesterday was a really bad day I started off fine feeling okay but then by the end of the day I was like that’s it I’m done I’m gonna quit. I’m not gonna do this anymore but then I was like okay from tomorrow onwards I’m not gonna be on carnivore diet then I woke up this morning I was fine it’s just because I’m getting meat fatigue I’m just really tired of eating the same sort of texture of meat I mean I was looking at a lettuce leaf and I was like mmm also yesterday more widely I’m gonna talk toilet stuff here um got some really bad diarrhea like jet-propulsion level diarrhea and that’s the first time that has happened to me on tcarnivore. so for my husband he said it happened to him a couple of days ago and then it stabilized and then it was fine but for me day 8 was the day my digestive system basically decided to evacuate a lot of the bacteria that is responsible for digesting dairy I imagine because I’ve cut out dairy so yes that was interesting but it just it happened it was right by boom, boom boom and then an hour later I was fine it was gone and there was this incredible sensation off you know as if my belly had been spring cleaned so yeah if you know if you’re ever on a carnival diet and you get to a point where that’s happening is perfectly normal I think from what I have read so isn’t something to worry too much about it’s your gut getting used to the new things that are going on the new things that you’re putting in to the body so yeah the other thing that I’ve also realizes I’ve just stopped liking eggs so before I did start off with eating eggs but I’ve actually realized that for the last three four days I haven’t been eating any eggs I just had no desire to eat any eggs I don’t know what that’s about even when I thought let me just have mistake with eggs I just I haven’t been interested I did a weigh-in because it was exactly one week since I started on carnivore so I weighed myself on the first and I measured myself my bust, waist and hip measurement. I’ve lost the most amount of measurement on my waist said lost about two inches on my waist I’ve gone down from 28 inches to 26 inches and I’ve lost half an inch of my bust and I’ve lost half an inch around my hip area and I’ve also lost some weight as well but I check measurements more I don’t normally weigh myself but I’m weighing myself to see what the difference is from being on carnivore or on keto that are very stable weight of about 50 I was at a stable weight of 58 kilograms and that’s just what I was at and by this time when I weighed myself I was weighing about 56 about 56 kilograms so I’ve lost 2 kgs from being on the carnivore diet we’re in I am freely eating as much fat and as much meat as I want until I’m full and just eating when I’m hungry so that’s quite interesting how that mechanism happens and also my husband he’s he’s had some drastic weight lost especially around his torsos just like the fat is just melting away from his torso but I’ll get him to do a video where he talks about that and again my skin is looking on point this is what my skin looks like I haven’t got any makeup on yet I just washed it this morning and I put a moisturizer on it and then I’ve got some lipstick on but my skin has just been the most amazing thing out of all of this yeah but about from getting sick and tired of the taste of meat which I just need to kind of get used to psychologically you know it’s a this going quite quite well .Got pork chops on the menu for dinner tonight yeah thank you so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it if you like stuff about keto and carnivore diet and that sort of stuff then please to subscribe I’ll be putting out videos very regularly about my carnivore journey and somebody whohas been living the ketogenic lifestyle. My name is Hila I’m also a mother of five young children who I still make food for even though they are not doing the keto .So you know if you would like to find out what it’s like to beketo whilst your family isn’t keto. till then also do subscribe I will be putting out content.Tthank you so much for watching bye

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