April 5, 2020
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I F*CKEN LOVE LAMB CHOPS! Hey! take another picture! I got milk! Are you the kind of people who steals all the 4H kids? You want our number? Trump 2020! Love you baby! Ah that stuff looks delicious! a good burger everyday I eat pig.. beef.. ..whatever meat ..I eat every egg (undercover cameraman) I’ll film with this then I’ll take one [sample] yeah I try to eat healthy.. but.. it’s hard. yeah.. it is when products like this exist yeah! in November 5th um elk hunting and black tail deer and I’ll probably bring back like 50 pounds of meat my sister’s a hunter too.. but she doesn’t like talking to me about it because it makes her upset when I tell her that it’s like .. killing is a sport. it’s not bad if you like… bring it home from (????) sure. that looks delicious! Okay, bottom line it doesn’t matter Boom great faux meat! Can I ask you a question? Yes, ma’am. Would you be okay if you were just in your home and someone came in and killed you to eat you No they couldn’t do that because I actually have a bunch of guns so… um.. In a theoretical scenario where you were vulnerable.. Yes, where I’m vulnerable It would kinda suck right? that would suck. Your entire life is gone.. just so someone can eat you? Yes, but I…I’m like part of the group that thinks that like uh I mean.. human beings, have uh, special Sure. it’s a different chemistry I think we’re way smarter, than.. But I just don’t think level of intelligence No… I mean, I grew up on a farm so it’s like, just one of those things yes, I agree I completely agree I just oh sorry, I just don’t think level of intelligence determines whether somebody should be
oppressed or eaten No, I agree.. I mean.. we used to think women were
dumber then men, and like couldn’t even vote the companies I work for are run by women sure! exactly see I don’t necessarily agree with that yeah. But I am a carnivore and I’m a hunter so it’s like… You’re a carnivore you say? huh? You’re a carnivore you say? Yeah.. definitely. Biologically? Or by behavior? biologically? uh yeah, I mean as far as like carnivore diet goes.. like… I mean..I know keto stuff like that.. but I also know people who are super healthy off of only… so, by carnivore you mean you have specially
adapted some way to thrive on a meat-based diet? I think with our our level of intellignce as far as human beings go, so that we are.. not necessarily adapted to eating
whatever we want but …we uh.. we… we, we… we have that level of uh.. (lady) it’s vegan. Beyond meat sausage Beyond meat sausage? it’s good.. I’ve already tried a couple. I think from.. from homo sapien from cavemen From caveman til now I feel like.. human race was meant to eat meat meant to eat meat? yeah so like.. I mean, for example we we could process meat we could not process meat I mean.. there’s plenty of people that are vegetarian there’s plenty of people that uh, eat meat. that’s a whole other sorta thing but like as far as species goes we are, that special that we could eat meat.. or not eat meat. Do you think that… If we we’re meant to eat meat for any reason.. that it would cause us heart disease? If we we’re meant to eat meat? it would cause us to get heart disease? Do you think if we were meant to eat meat.. it would cause us heart disease? Obligate carnivores do not develop heart disease from consuming animal products No, I would feel like.. uh.. if you’re eating pure.. and it’s like a hunt and kill scenario, then you would not get heart disease Are you basing that off the fact that… you don’t think that cholesterol and saturated fat No, I’m not a big cholesterol believer There’s nothing to believe the science is there and shows direct correlation between the consumption of cholesterol ..in regards to heart disease. uh, that’s like… uh.. about like 3 years ago.. when they said like you shouldn’t eat eggs because its bad cholesterol there’s no bad cholesterol or good cholesterol They’re both bad.. there’s no such thing as good cholesterol one is slightly worse than the other but saying the other is good, is complete misconception. No We have conflicting information in the public sphere.. where the industry lies to us, to confuse us into believing that we want to give-in to our basic instincts Yes. it doesn’t mean what we’re putting out there is ture it’s confusion and misinformation. Okay so like, from 2000 on to 2005 my grandpa was a big uh.. egg eater sort of thing, like
back when he was still alive, it was a big uh, egg, cholesterol is bad. Yeah. Eggs have bad cholesterol all that sorta thing you don’t eat the yolk, you just eat the whites of them and then that was disproven… What was disproven? The fact that eggs have bad cholesterol cholesterol is not the thing now it’s carbs. You know, you can’t… You can’t even legally say an egg is healthy.. in this country. in marketing materials by the USDA it cannot be legally said that eggs are healthy or part of a healthy diet. they have, I think it’s 138
milligrams of cholesterol in one egg. That is more than But cholesterol is not the main cause of death.. that’s not the.. I urge you to look deeper into this
subject, I think you will find that you are not fully informed on this topic. It was great talking to you! no hard feelings. I eat pig beef whatever meat… I eat egg, every kind. Oh, you’re vegan. kay alright I really hope this goes viral can I sue you.. if you record me? can I sue you if you record me? you want me to flash my tits, too? I flash my tits, too if you want I eat beef.

Randall Smitham